Spanish boyfriend gets beat up by white kids

Does anyone remember this movie?  I think it may have been one of those after school specials that used to come on ABC. So it was about a young high school couple a Spanish kid and his white girlfriend. The girl’s brother and group of friends follows him at night wanting to jump him. He sneaks into a house with an old couple and crouches down by the living room window as the group of kids surround  the house. The old man had come downstairs to get his wife’s (heart?) medication. So the kid see’s the old man shocked while his sick wife is on the stairs crying and needing her medicine. The wife is yelling “Abna” (the old man’s name). So the kids outside the house start mocking her and threatening the old man that he better send out the boy before they hurt him and his wife.  Hot to the next scene of the front door opening in the kid flying out. The group of kids end up beating him to death. There was a reporter who visited the old man to get his story, so the old man told the reporter how the kid disguised his voice as the old man’s voice,  and threw himself out. The Spanish kid didn’t want any trouble for the old couple so he pretended it was the old man who threw him out. Abna’s wife didn’t get her medicine in time and she died that night too:(   I think this aired on TV around 1990.

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