Sorry for the vague memory

All I remember about this movie (possibly because it could be a TV show) is that there was a Caucasian man and a black man in the middle of a field, the movies looked set in the 1800s. The Caucasian man said something and then suddenly started either cutting the black man with a sword or bull whipping him, and I remember a woman cleaning the wounds on the black mans back

2 thoughts on “Sorry for the vague memory

  1. Do you remember when you saw this film?
    It’s most likely a film about slavery, but there are so many films that would fall into that category it’s difficult to say without a few more details. My first thought was 12 Years a Slave, but that’s fairly recent and I’m not sure when you saw it. There is a scene in there where a woman gets whipped very badly and a scene afterwards where she’s laying on the table getting her wounds cleaned up, but it doesn’t completely fit your description.

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