Some help with this one please

So I first saw this movie around the late 90’s early 2000, at first I thought it was a Jeremy irons movie but after much googling and IMDb searching I don’t think it is (gutted!)

I think the film was released maybe late 80’s early 90’s.

I’m sure it was a movie even though I saw it on tv (maybe channel 5 uk).

Memory is sketchy because I was flicking between two movies at the time of watching because I was switching during adverts.

Movie was colour.

About a writer/artist who is holed up in an apartment and going kinda stir crazy and paints gold Japanese writing all over the walls.

There is nudity, at one point he is nude with nothing but a kimono style item of clothing on.

There is drug use – leading to his crazy over eccentric behaviour.

There are sex scenes with a young oriental/exotic/Asian lady (maybe a prostitue?) he did drugs with her.

He was having a male visitor who was possible pressuring him to finish his work (maybe why I think he is an artist/writer.

I think the main character shoots the guy who visits, maybe?

I’ve been trying to find this movie for a good few years but with no luck, maybe you could help?

Not sure if I posted this already and not sure if I did it right.


3 thoughts on “Some help with this one please

  1. I thought it might have been that but will have to watch (I think I started watching it about 5 months ago and thought nope not this one)

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