Small plugs, twist into a person, they explode.

As a kid in the 1970’s, I saw this movie which had the main characters involved in some sort of intrigue…  but what I remember is that they had these car-cigarette-lighter-sized things that they could jab into a person, twist it, and then the person would combust.  Seems the main characters were a middle-aged man, and a younger adult woman (his daughter??).  Not sure who they were running from, but I guess it was the “bad guys” – who had been using these things on other people.

3 thoughts on “Small plugs, twist into a person, they explode.

  1. “The Love War” (1970 TV movie)?

    You can watch the entire thing on YouTube, but in 5 different parts each running about 15 min. long. You can see the plug scene and the combustion at 13:52 of the video below.

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