Shower head stabs woman through throat while showering, and mad doctor removes larynx of live woman (two different films, possibly same clip show)

Second of many scattered childhood memories I’m trying to figure out.

This was seen on a horror clip show shown on TV around 1990-91, similar to Fear In The Dark (1991) and the likes (yes, I’ve tried finding the clip show before). It featured clips from many different horror movies through the years, with a host introducing each clip.

There are two clips that stuck in my mind. The first is of a woman showering, and the shower head suddenly lunges at her throat, penetrates it, and kills her in a gory wet blood bath.

The second has a doctor (mad scientist type) keeping a woman captive, strapped to an operating table, and is operating on her while she’s still alive. The scene I remember has him narrating his own surgical procedures, to what appears to be either an imaginary audience, or possibly a voice recorder, in the way a doctor might narrate a surgery. He comments on how the woman is attempting to scream (I believe she’s gagged), and explains how this must be solved by removal of the larynx, which he then proceeds to carry out.

It is possible the clip show also featured a clip from Society (1989), the infamous scene from near the end of the movie where, at one of the high society parties, a guy rips another guy’s spine out through his mouth. Don’t trust this fully though, as I remember there were horror clip shows on regularly around the time I watched all this, and I would devour them all, so that may have been from a different one.

I’m interested in the name of either film, and/or the clip show that featured them both.

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  1. Many, many thanks to you! I won’t know for sure until I watch them, but you sound certain (and knowledgeable) enough that I’m willing to take this at face value, and consider this solved.

    Re This Is Horror, would that be this title?

    Thanks for giving me a chance to relive the traumas of my childhood! =)

    1. you are very welcome, HeiZahn. I assure you that these are the sources of the two clips (and clip show) that you remember seeing when you were younger, but you can confirm at the time points i provided below.

      and watching the full hour may turn you on to some other fun films. strange selection. Blood Nasty was barely even released, IIRC 🙂

  2. Dr. Butcher @ 00:20:15
    WitchTrap @ 00:54:13

    i think the footage from the full This is Horror program was parceled out among several packaged programs. Shadow Theater was USA’s edit.

  3. interesting note: the shower death in WitchTrap was actually trimmed by several seconds of gore in all worldwide home-video releases, and wasn’t viewable uncut until Vinegar Syndrome’s 2017 BD of the film.

  4. This is all excellent trivia! And I now came across this, which I can’t believe in all these years I haven’t seen before:
    Had I ever seen that quote, it would’ve instantly put me on the right track.

    I bought the Cannibal Holocaust Grindhouse DVD back when it first came out, but for some reason never got around to watching Zombi Holocaust – a title I’ve heard innumerable times, but which so far has remained a gap in my viewing history. That’s no doubt about to change now!

    I see there was also a Dutch DVD release of This Is Horror all the way back in 2002 ( ), which appears reasonably complete, bar a few cuts here and there. Fat chance of getting a physical copy of that now I guess (at least at a price worth paying), but I’ve already managed to find a DVDR on a specialist site, so at least I’ll be able to watch it in its entirety. Bring out the popcorn!

    I’ll make sure to watch the Vinegar Syndrome version of Witchtrap, but would you recommend I watch Witchboard first? Or is it more like Troll and Troll 2?

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