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Hi guys, I remembered short scenes of a movie and I really don’t know what the whole movie is about. Also coz I was quite young when that movie is shown on tv and being Asian (Malay) our parents don’t like us watching girls with skimpy clothes, kissing scenes etc. So I kinda watch some scenes before changing channels lol
Anyway the scenes I saw in the movie are:
1. Dad asked teenage daughter to change clothes at a petrol station. Daughter decides not to wear bra and got scolded by her dad. Dad says “what are you wearing?” Daughter smiles and said, “erm.. nothing?” dad ask her to put on her bra.

Scene looks like single dad with 2 or 3 kids. The eldest a teenage girl, the other a boy/ 2 boys? Can’t remember.

2. They reached a motel? Apartment? Where girl made friends with a blonde lady. The lady sort of taught her how to be a woman by removing “moustache” and other facial hair.

3. Girl went to laundry room and met a boy. And everyday they met at the laundry room. One day they kissed each other. Boy try to touch her but she stop him as she never had a boy touch her before. In the end she let him.

4. Girl tell blonde lady about the kiss. If I’m not wrong her father was around. So she ask blonde lady if she speak gibberish. They talk in gibberish about the whole thing

Saw this around year 2000-2004 but probably the movie was older.

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