Short animation tv series that showing children’s dreams

In late 90s or early 2000s I saw, in a children’s television channel, a series of shorts that show dreams of childrens in 2D animation. The voice of a child telling the dream and the animation show you what you heard. Each episode lasted little, maybe two minutes, and I think the series consisted for very few episodes. The viewers never saw the children that were telling the dream, only the animation.

The episode that I most remember was one in which a little girl said she had dreamed she was a rabbit. she found a giant carrot, she sat on it and began to fly as if the carrot was a rocket. When she was at high altitude began to eat pieces of the carrot. Eventually she ate it all and fell. After this the girl said she had woken and therefore the episode ended.

I’m pretty sure the show was european, probably british, although, of course, I can not assure this.

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