Science fiction-Space travel-

Probably released between 1998- 2008. I only remember the final act of the movie. it is about a sci fi space travel movie, where the main character (a woman) tries to complete her late father.(Im not sure whether he is missing or dead) research which is about worm hole creation with giant gyroscopic magnets. Government sanctions her project and spends a lump sum of money to construct the device which turn out to be a failure at the end of the movie. Interestingly, during the final act, the main character who is doing the experiment passes out in her capsule and meets her father in her dream. after waking up she thinks that she actually somehow traveled inter dimensional but everyone in the experiment is not believing. The last shot of movie shows her lovers belief about her statement about inter dimensional travel

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  1. The name of the movie is “Contact” with Jodie Foster as the main actress and is from 1997. You`re welcome šŸ˜‰

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