OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP

When I was young (very young) everyday in the morning I would go down to the basement where my brother was sleeping and watch the tv he always left on.

One day I go down as he’s sleeping and he left the TV on. This movie came one that had me infatuated till the end. Unfortunately it was a movie that was only came one once in a thousand years I guess. I haven’t seen it since. Now I’m 18 and I finally after thinking about this all my years. I really wanna know what I was watching all those years ago.

-So I think it took place in another world or planet. It was like this tourist couple, I think they were married. They we’re your typical tourists and went around all these creatures and other worldly people (With cameras I think).

-I think the movie had some type of puppet mechanism or costuming to make things seem ‘alien’.

-They couple are wondering and some how I think he was a lord,prince or a king see’s the female women and decides he want’s her and to marry her. This guy looks human and not alien like

-Some little cute maid like creatures drag her away and get her dolled up for the ‘king’

-They try and dispose of the man to get him away from her so she can be with the ‘king’

-He defies all odds and plans to save her

-I can’t remember a lot but I THINK she was brainwashed (don’t trust me though) to forget and marry him.

-There was a wedding and she was walking down the aisle to get married and she looked different from when you meet her ‘dolled up’.

-Like any movie he hero did save her.

I CANT REMEMBER MUCH BUT IF ANYONE CAN HELP AND NAME SOME MOVIE TITLES THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!! I also can’t remember if it was sci-fi or fantasy. I leaning towards fantasy

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