sci fi 80s movie???

I’ve been searching for the title of a movie I saw in the 80s or early 90s. It takes place on a desert planet with humans and humanoid looking robots. The robots all have the same face and wear helmets like the character too many faces from HeMan. These robots act like the police on the bases of this planet and I believe they’re controlled by evil humans. A few scenes have the point of view shots through the robots eyes like in terminator. One of these robots is not controlled like the others but free and is the sidekick to the male hero. He has the same face and helmet as the others but wears different clothes. One scene takes place in a bar where a bunch of these robots end up shooting everyone inside while the human controller laughs from his control room. I believe that another scene has the hero and good robot trapped in some sort of sand storm or space hanger. The pov of the good robot and bad robots may or may not be in different colours blue and or red. Sorry for the vagueness. HELP.

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