Scene: guy’s brother in law comes to the door to offer him some money…

Approximate Date of Movie: I saw it within the last 10 years, and I’m pretty sure it was a current movie, so it’s from 2000 or more recent, for sure.

Language, Color or B&W: English, Color

On TV?: I don’t think so, I think it was a mainstream Hollywood type movie.


For context, I think the guy in question (I’ll call him Our Hero) has a terminally ill wife, or she may be legally dead.  He had been carrying on faithfully, but the situation had deteriorated to the point where it was clear she was never going to recover.

His brother in law in wealthy (very wealthy, if I recall) and Our Hero has been asking him to help with his wife’s medical costs.  The brother in law doesn’t like Our Hero, and has continuously refused to help financially.

Meanwhile, Our Hero has met a very nice woman, they begin falling in love, etc, but Our Hero doesn’t pursue it because, hey, he’s still married.

But, eventually, they end up hooking up, and she stays the night at his place.  It all seems good (’cause, hey, we like both of them).

The next morning, the brother in law arrives at Our Hero’s front door to say that he will after all give him a bunch of money to help with the medical costs for the legally dead wife/sister.

And just at that moment, the nice new lady comes down the stairs, surprising the 2 guys at the front door… and brother in law figures out what’s going on, puts his cheque book back in his pocket and leaves.

What movie was that scene from???

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