Scene from a horror movie

I remember watching what I think was a horror film on TV roughly 8 to 10 years ago. The only thing I can remember is a sceme where the two bad people, who are a middle-aged couple, try to kidnap a girl outside of a restaurant/gas station parking lot. They struggle to get the girl in the car when her boyfriend, who looks like he might be some type of fighter (MMA or something) begins to run after their car. He catches up to the car and starts breaking the window with his fist to try to get inside. The bad couple in the car either knock him out or inject him with something and end up kidnapping both of them. Then the scene ends. I think they end up killing or torturing the guy but I can’t entirely remember. I have been trying to find this movie and scene for years the movie was in color and in English. Thanks for any responses.

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