Scary woman with knife

Sorry, I have another one…there’s this scary movie I remember seeing and the ending is burnt into my memory because it cheeped me out so badly! A family movies into this big old house and I think the house it haunted…but at the end I remember this evil looking woman (I think it was the mother, and she went crazy from the house) and she’s bent over with a big knife stabbing the ground and staring into the camera. She has wild black hair and a white nightgown on. And then it just ends. I think it’s from the 80’s, but I can’t be sure. I saw it around 2000, but I know it was older at that point.

5 thoughts on “Scary woman with knife

  1. I don’t think that’s it, but when I was just checking this out I realized the woman I was thinking of was Karen Black. I was reminded of it because she’s also in the film you suggested. I think I may have mixed two films together again because once I realized it was Karen Black, I looked at her filmography on IMDb and realized I was thinking of Burnt Offerings, but I just checked the ending of Burnt Offerings on Youtube and that’s not it (though pretty scary still) so disregard the haunted house stuff, I’m pretty sure that part was Burnt Offerings I was thinking of. This other ending might not even be Karen Black, though either.

  2. happy to have helped, abscott, however indirectly. it’s funny, because there’s a scene at the end of Haunting Fear that is exactly as you describe. i wish i could post a screen cap. but i agree that your mystery film sounds like a mash-up of Burnt Offerings and the climax of the “He Who Kills” segment of Trilogy of Terror.

  3. Glad you found it abscott. Almost wish we had an “assist” statistic to give GG some credit for that.

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