Scary/ thriller movie can’t remember name

So I remember quite a few years back, I was quite young but not too young, maybe around like 8 or 9 (I’m 20 now) and it was late at night watching what I assume was a movie. What I can remember is a couple (man and a woman) go to Australia (I think it was Australia) possibly on their honeymoon. Anyway, they’re driving at night time and a man driving a truck sort of vehicle with a big storage part in the back that is covered starts tailing them and signalling them to pull over. He says something is wrong with his tyre or something so the man (assuming the husband) gets out and goes round the back of the truck to help while the woman stays in the car. Then there is either a gunshot or a loud noise or something, but basically the husband is killed. The woman then runs out into the countryside (again, assuming its Australia, the outback) and hides behind a tree or a bush, and the man is coming looking for her, I think he has a dog too. And she’s covering her mouth trying not to make a noise. It’s really intense and the music is building up and stuff, but my mum came in at this point and turned it off. Basically it’s just been annoying me for years cause I can never think what the movie or show is lmao and I really want to watch it now and see if it actually is scary at all.

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