Scary Movie Watched on TV (2000s)

So I’m having a hard time remembering this movie or if it even actually existed since I’m the only one who seems to vaguely remember it. It aired on TV sometime between 2008-2011 because I remember it well enough to have scared the living crap out of young me. I think it was on nickelodeon, Disney channel, or cartoon network because those were the only channels we had at the time, but I can’t find anything.

I remember a town being haunted by something and people were going missing, so these kids figured out what was happening and it turned out there were these alien-like creatures who were stealing people and wrapping them in a cocoon made out of goo. I think it like, slowly ate away at the person but I can’t remember.

I can vaguely remember a scene where they’re crawling through some type of piping system underground to find the creatures nest and they had to be super quiet, but the creaturest eventually noticed and took one of the kids, a boy a believe. The creatures were gooey with sharp teeth if I remember right too.

Sorry for the really long post, but this is going to bug me forever if I can’t find this movie!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Scary Movie Watched on TV (2000s)

  1. EDIT: I found the movie myself and it was The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It
    Ahaha an R.L. Stine film, no wonder it was so scary to 7 year old me.

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