Scary movie girls watching trees “walking” down the side of hill.

I saw this movie in the 1970’s on TV. Not sure if it was a made for TV movie but I think it might have been. The movie was a period costume piece taking place in the 1800’s.

The scene I remember was of a group of girls, some were sisters, walking along railroad tracks. They look further down the tracks and see trees moving down the hill. The girls talk about the trees walking down the hill. The scene also seemed to take place in winter because the trees had no leaves on them.

The movie was in color and in English. It was a horror/scary movie. The movie may also have been based on true events but I’m not completely sure if that is actually right.

One thought on “Scary movie girls watching trees “walking” down the side of hill.

  1. Railway Children? there’s a few versions been made but I’m sure ‘the trees are walking down the hill’ is what the kids say when they see a landslide block the railway tracks. Not a horror film but bits might have been scarey for a kid.

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