Romantic comedy, time loops

So this is a movie that I watched quite some time ago with my friends and for the life of us, we can’t seem to remember the name.

It features a woman who is proposed to by her doctor(?) of a boyfriend and they go this is family’s estate to have the wedding.

On the day she meets the family, she bumps into the brother (not knowing he was the brother) while running.

The sister (younger) has doubts about the relationship between the MC and the fiance because she feels as if none of them are actually in love with each other.

She goes through with the wedding anyway. They go to bed together (nothing happens) but the next day, she realises that the day is being repeated again and again and again.

She grows closer to the brother during this time loop (nobody is aware of it but her) and falls in love with him.

Then she chooses him and the time loop breaks.

The wedding is in the morning but she breaks up with the fiance, freeing him from the burden of unwanted marriage.

The mother is annoyed but the husband tells her to sit down (first time he’s being assertive) .

Something about “when you fall in love it should feel like getting into a warm bath” was said in Italian.

The ex-fiance’s family is Italian we believe.

We are really desperate to find out the name of this movie.

Thank you very much,

Amadia and friends

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  1. This post was already made by “Amadia Smith” on July 7th. I think the movie is from the Hallmark channel, “I do, I do, I do”(2015), but no reply was made on that post. Regards.

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