Hey all, So I was in Spain recently on a family holiday and I see this movie. The hotel had basic T.V’s so I couldn’t gather titles but I saw two scenes and information.

There was a mother and a minimum of 3 brothers, they spoke about doing a  robbery earlier on but I never actually saw it. They were currently in someone’s house hence the kidnap part. I definitely remember a scene were the mother walked up to her son, I thought it was a ‘hostage’ at the time and says something like “But you….I don’t trust you” and so two men grab that man and break his hand using a pool/snooker ball on a pool/snooker table.

I also vividly remember one of the brothers taking a hostage out with everyone’s credit cards, they arrive at an ATM and one thing leads to another and the brother forces two female onlookers onto their knees and then throws a knife at the ground in front of them and makes them fight for survival. One girl does use the knife against the other girl and tries to run away but get shot by the brother using a pistol.

Also I remember one of the brothers being called by the name ‘Adley’, not too sure if thats a first name, last name or nickname. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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