Rental Store Hypnotizes Town to Have Sex

I saw this porn on TV back in the early 2000’s, was English and in color. The basic plot was there was this video rental store that rented out a movie to everyone in town, and eveyone kept coming back and renting it again and again. A curious guy rents the movie, but misses a flash of light on the screen in the beginning so he doesn’t get hypnotized, but the girl he’s with does. All he sees on the screen is a family’s home movie, but the girl sees an erotic porn. She can’t help but crave sex.

There are a number of other scenes in the movie where people watch the video and when the screen flashes white the viewer immediately start having sex with each other. The guy who didn’t get hypnotized investigates and finds a secret room at the video rental store where they make the hypnotizing movies. I think they were aliens or something, I can’t remember. I’ve been trying to find this movie forever, hope someone knows what movie this is.


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