Removed Netflix Romance Movie, Not very popular. Read below.

Right, so I watched this movie in 2014 or 2015. I can’t remember the year, but it seemed newer. Maybe 2010-2015 it was made?

It was kind of a romance, drama (slightly adventure) movie and I want to say this blonde haired teenager goes somewhere for the summer, I think it was a school break kind of thing, or maybe there was something else to it. But I’m pretty sure it was a relative who lived in a house either by the beach or really close it.

Her younger brother might have been with her, I think I remember there being a little kid. But she meets this boy around the same age and they start hanging out.

I can remember a scene, maybe a couple where they’re just hanging out together on a beach alone, or in the town that she’s visiting.

but I guess they end up  having some kind of break up because the summer was near end but she ends up going to him at the end and making up just like most romance movies.

I think there was a scene in a bowling alley during this movie but all events are faded to me.  HELP. I saw this movie on netflix, canceled netflix for a few years and I can’t find it on there when I looked last.

4 thoughts on “Removed Netflix Romance Movie, Not very popular. Read below.

  1. This one isn’t it. It had no actor I recognized. (Unlike Steve Carrel in this trailer.) I don’t think it was too popular of a movie on Netflix back then. I appreciate you trying though!

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