Red lollipops, time travel, and a button you’re not supposed to push

Action/Sci-Fi, english language, color movie.

Probably a low budget B movie. I remember renting it on DVD from Blockbuster around 2004, so I figure it must’ve come out between 1990ish and then.

I don’t remember any of the actors, but the main guy, who would narrate throughout the movie, was always sucking on a lollipop. I think it was always a red one, and he would refer to it as he narrated. I think he had red hair, too. I remember he would always call it a lollipop, rather than a sucker or a piece of candy. And it was never called by its flavor, but always just a red lollipop. He may have even abbreviated it “lolli.”

The movie had something to do with time travel, time warp, worm holes, or somehow getting from one place to another by sci-fi means…and I think lightning or a bright flash of light would always accompany such an event. The other main thing in the movie was a button (I think it was red, too) that was never to be pushed, or only pushed under certain circumstances, or if certain criteria was met. Pushing the button may have activated the aforementioned time warp.

At one point in the movie I think the main character was attached to a ball and chain by his ankle, and he was on the beach, or otherwise in some sort of expanse of sand…probably with a red lollipop in his mouth. I think that scene was toward the end, and someone may have pushed the button to activate the time warp to get him back to wherever he started, thereby saving the day.

The DVD front cover mentioned Quentin Tarantino, but not that he helped in any way. It was something of a comparison of movie styles, so as to get the potential viewer to clue in to what genre of movie it was, since the director of this movie wasn’t well known. It mentioned Quentin Tarantino and another director/producer’s name that I don’t remember. It said something like, “A non-stop action ride! It’s as if Quentin Tarantino and ______ got together to make a movie!”

Any help in identifying this movie, (which now sounds even weirder as I type out the details I remember), would be appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Red lollipops, time travel, and a button you’re not supposed to push

  1. @lemorgan

    Looked at Looper and that’s not it, plus it’s too recent anyway.


    Stargate is the right era, but that’s not it either.

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