Red Lingerie-Black Stocking Woman Handcuffs in Bed Sexually Abused by Bare-chested Man

I’ve been looking this movie/tv show for years from short clip on youtube channel named BONDAGE TV.

Woman wears red lingerie-black stocking handcuffs in bed and gag by bare-chested man in closed room with red heart neon lamp on the ceilling. The woman feels disgraced & angry, trying to escape from cuffs, then kick down sleep lamp next to the bed. There is another woman laying down unconscious with massive blood stain in pink jumpsuit. Next, he wears latex mask, move the dying lady up to mattress, try to scares the lingerie woman, but she kicked down the unconscious woman back to floor. The man records the whole act and feel satisfied, even he laughing at camera, suddenly stumbling down from his chair to floor.


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