Quirky Movie–only remember one scene

I vaguely remember a scene in which there was a slide-chute (thingy) and you could tell it what qualities you want in a child.  I think the first couple wanted a girl who was blonde and blue eyed, she may have had pig tails.  And she jumps into their arms and is super cheery.  And another couple gets a boy who is athletic.  The kids come out ages 8-14 if I remember correctly.  It’s in color and English, but I don’t remember when I saw it.  Possibly a musical, but don’t put too much faith into that.  I think while the parents were telling the machine what qualities they wanted as a kid there was a guy explaining to someone else either how the machine worked or the 3rd party was someone who was not used to this technology/culture and he was explaining how everything worked.

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