Protagonist fights a conspiracy guy in his apartment, afterwards they have a beer and work together.

I don’t remember if this was a movie or a series but I don’t think it’s very old. We have our main actor, who might have been a detective or some sort of investigator and works for a corrupt department/corporation. (He doesn’t know they are corrupt.) The conspiracy guy works from his apartment and has an online blog or live stream. He writes about the true nature of the corporation and also some personal stuff about the main actor (of which he obviously isn’t too happy about).

So the main actor secretly tracks down the conspiracy guy and they have a clumsy fight inside the guy’s apartment, trashing some tables and bookshelves. After this fight the conspiracy guy convinces the main actor about his corporation’s corruption whilst they have a beer inside the trashed apartment. The main actor then carries on investigating some dead end trails the conspiracy guy hasn’t yet been able to uncover.

After a while, the corporation notices the conspiracy guy gets to close to the truth so they have him killed in his apartment. Later on, the main actor finds his new friend’s body on routine visit. This is where my memory of this scene fades, I’ve been trying to figure it out myself for a week now, any help is greatly appreciated!

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