possibly drama or horror movie

I don’t remember much to be honest but there was this one scene in it that is very vivid in my mind. I saw it on Tv so it could have been part of a series but I don’t think so. It was in Colorado and featured flash backs. This is the scene that I remember.
A man, the main protagonist, has another man tied up to a tree with rope. The rope I know overlaps his neck and the end is attached to a horse. I believe the man converses with the tied one and forces him to sing a lullaby that is I think is somewhat important to the plot. As the tied man is singing the protagonist leads the horse away and the rope continues to tighten around the other man’s throat until he is eventually dead.
I believe the tied up man may have killed his sister who is shown as a little sweet girl possible five maybe? I think she has Blonde hair but I’m not sure. She is the adult protagonist sister I think. He has dark hair and possibly a beard. But I think he might have been young when he lost her but I’m not sure. I don’t think the lullaby might not have been.in English. It could have possibly been German but I dont know.

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  1. LOL How do you know its in “Colorado” but not know If the protagonist has a beard or not? And yes aside from Colorado this is Hannibal Rising. God damn it memories are weird.

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