Please help me find this Killer Bee movie!

I need to make sure I’m not going crazy because I remember vividly a scene from a killer bee movie I saw when I was younger. It really stuck with me just because of how strange it was. I remember the setting of this particular scene was in a desert of sorts. There was a very paranoid man who either wore a tin foil hat or dressed in tin foil, and he had what was either a dead and taxidermied iguana or it was a realistic looking toy iguana, which he too had dressed in foil. And I remembered he dragged it around on a harness/leash and talked to it. The scene was where he saw a swarm of bees coming at him so he ran to his trailer, on the way he lost the iguana. He was worried (because he talked to it like it was alive) but the bees end up in his trailer somehow and kill him. The movie was in English and I have no idea if it was an actual movie or TV show. It looked like it was made in the late 90s or early 2000s. Am I just going nuts or does this movie exist?!

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