I have been trying to find out what this movie is called for years now, I’m starting to think I may have just had a dream about it. I ask people all the time and no ones seen it before.

I must have watched this about 8 years ago or longer and I can only remember parts of it.

There are about 3/4 main characters and one of them is a girl, they are watching fire works and someone break into a museum (I think to steal something) they are then caught and chased into a bar where somehow they go down a shoot(or though a door) and find them self’s in a different land (this movie is based on magic I believe)  there is a main bad guy trying to catch them through out the movie and he has a female assistant (with 3 boobs I think)

One of the main (good) male character near to the end of the movie is killed by bad guy as he sinks into a carpet in a castle.  At the end of the movie the remaining good characters make a grave stone for the one that dies and they walk of happily ever after.


The main bad guy is bald and quite tall

The good guy that dies is more of the doopy type, the girl is smart and there is a good looking one aswell.

Please let me know of anyone has heard of this movie or if I’m just beingcrazy.

Thank you for reading, please help x



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