Please Help

I don’t remember much about the plot of this movie. The one thing I remember is that there was a female photographer that only had one shot left in her camera. Near the end of the movie she and the man she was with were seeing a bunch of unbelievable things but she kept saving the last shot thinking something even crazier would come along. At the end of the movie she takes the last photo of the man she was with only to realize that the camera shutter was closed. Thank you in advance this has been driving me crazy.

4 thoughts on “Please Help

      1. Glad to help! I remember the scene vividly. Jude Law keeps trying to tell her something as she’s preparing to snap the photo but she won’t let him talk, keeps interrupting him. After she snaps the photo he sheepishly says “lens cap” to indicate she’s forgotten to remove it. Thanks for letting us know you saw the solve. 🙂

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