pbs color drama 1990s

color drama last seen on pbs television in bronx new york circa 1990’s.

a shy naive young filipino woman attempts to escape poverty
by marriage to an abusive blue collar australian man.
they live in a poor trailer park in australia.

she struggles to fit in with his friends and the neighborhood people,
many who dislike her because she is non white, filipino.

in one scene, while paying for groceries,
a racist woman cashier refuses her money (or credit card).

a militant filipino woman friend criticizes and encourages
her to leave her racist husband and to be a stronger filipino;
to stop her foolish attempts to fit into the racist austrailian community.

the sweet filipino wife then hosts a dinner for her husband’s
co- workers and their wives.
she alone arranges a bar b que-like dinner
served outside their tiny trailer home.
the wives and some male co-workers compliment her.

shortly after the guests leave, she is left alone to clean up.
one of her husband’s male friend /co- workers
lingers, attacks her in the trailer.
the home is destroyed as she tries to escape
before he savagely rapes her.

the husband returns, finds the trailer completely ruined
and yells for her, demanding she clean up the mess.

he then discovers her beaten unconscious body
and cries over her…

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  1. saturday 13 june 2015

    7:40 pm

    dear robinsparkles,

    thank you so much for swiftly posting here at “i remember this movie…”

    the name to the pbs drama i have searched for unsuccessfully for many years.

    have a beautiful evening.

    sincerely yours,


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