Painter paints with blood

Okay, so I remember this movie I watched once but I can’t remember the title. I think the movie is made after 2000 (I think between 2010 and 2015) and they speak English. It’s kinda horror/drama-like, I believe. I’m 100% certain it’s not a TV episode.

This is what it’s about (with spoilers ofcourse):

A painter without inspiration gets inspired when he starts painting with his own blood. At a certain moment he gets a girlfriend who is his model but when she realises he uses his own blood she wants to help him by giving him her own blood for painting. When they realise they don’t have enough blood to stay healthy, they ask a homeless person for blood in exchange for money. Later the painter kills two people (I think one of them was his girlfriend’s home owner) and uses their bodies for his painting. The girlfriend recognizes their faces and after having an argument about the fact that it’s escalated and they are way too recognizable, she cuts out those parts of the canvas.

That’s all I remember.

Hopefully there’s somebody out there who knows the movie, thanks in advance!


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      1. Dear Will, thanks for your quick reply! It’s true that the plot from Color me Blood red similar, but I’ve checked the movie and it isn’t the one I saw in the past. The biggest difference is that the artist doesn’t kill the girl, but some other people.

        It might be some remake though, or probably a rip-off. Do you (or anybody else) know another movie with this plot (everything about the plot is 100% sure)

        Thanks in advance!
        Regards, Rutger

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