Life story of a 17th century prostitute

The movie started with a young girl without parents, that was taken somewhere in a carriage by a kind older black man.

He basically told her the story of her mother – a woman who was forced to become a prostitute/courtesan, later lovingly married an artist who dies of illness (pest?) while she was pregnant – finally she delivered the child on her own, with a mirror placed in front of her bed.

The black guy (a good friend of her) and she used some kind of ruse to live in comfort in the end – and invite the little girl to live with them.

Movie about a female CIA whistleblower and a male reporter

The movie came out a couple of years ago, not more than ten years. The movie starts of with the male reporter parking his car at a gas station and goes inside. When he comes back he is startled to find the female CIA agent in his back seat. They drive out to some desert/plains area where they stand and talk about secret stuff. The reporter tells a story about flowers that is somehow connected to his childhood i think.

In one scene the woman gets spooked because she sees a black truck parked. The male reporter goes over to inspect and does not find anyone inside the car. When they drive off you can see that black truck starting to follow them. Another scene is when they are being chased by the truck in a high speed car chase through a field which has these huge wind turbines. The CIA agent orders the reporter to throw out a flash drive she has given to him from the car. He fakes throwing it and throws a lighter instead. The duo is captured by the guys in the black truck. They are taken to some old abandoned building where the two men lead the reporter out into the fields. During this the female agent tries to escape from the back of the car, but is discovered by one of the other guys.

They lead her out into the field and she sees two graves and the dead reporter lying in one of them. The movie cuts to the two killers as they are driving. One of them is telling a story about a turtle. They separate and one of the guys gets spooked and goes back to the field. He finds out that the woman has survived and escaped. The movie ends with him flying of in a small plane, probably a Cessna. The movie is directed by two brothers i think.

What movie has an Asian girl reporter killed by a meteor hitting a restaurant, and everyone is happy because she is a bitch?

I am trying to remember where I saw this scene on my computer.  (Not in a theater).   An obnoxious Asian girl tv reporter goes into a restaurant or other such business and the cameraman stays outside.  Then, the building blows up, either from a meteor or other catastrophic cause. Viewers enjoy it because the character was such a bitch. I thought it was in “Breaking Bad”, but don’t think so.

Could have been a Netflix movie or tv series on Netflix.

can’t remember much but it was a movie about adolescent teens

hey, i can’t remember much about this movie, but i remember it was mostly about teenagers coming of age, and in one part of the movie, there are teen girls walking somewhere and talking together, and one teenage girl says something along the lines like that she thought kissing was the final aspect of love, because she didn’t know about sex until very recently.

anyone know what movie i’m talking about?

Older movie – no idea what

I dont remember much at all about this movie, was something i caught on TV once (definitely a movie). Maybe made in the 70s or 80s.

All i remember is one scene where a girl is wearing just yellow bikini bottoms and standing on a pier or dock or something similar talking to an older guy. Theres an older larger lady in the water at points learning to swim (badly).

Long shot but hopefulky it rings some bells

A Family Drama About Children and Divorced Parents?

I remember watching this movie around 90s-00s. It’s a family drama about a battle of custody I think? The mother left her husband and 2 children (a little son and a daughter). And now years later when she’s in a much better condition she wanted her son to live with her and her new husband. The father had already remarried and the stepmother had a great relationship with the children.

I remember a scene where at night the mom sneaked around the backyard of the new house to try and peek inside how her children look now. And she touched a high jump pole (her son is into high jump) and it fell and people in the house woke up so she had to left immediately.

There’s also a scene where her daughter (now around college age), told the mom how she remembered, as a child she spilled a carton of orange juice and the mom who was cooking got angry/frustrated and that’s when she left and never came back, and the now adult daughter said “I’m sorry about the orange juice back then” and the mom sobs out of guilt and told the daughter she was sorry and it wasn’t the daughter’s fault that she left.

The movie’s ending was bittersweet. I think in the end the children refused to go with their biological mom and are content with their new family. But the daughter kinda promise she’ll see the biological mom time to time.

all girls school with strict nun headmistress – either Spanish-language, or Italian film

I’m in my late 20’s now; watched this as a teen. I’ve been searching online but couldn’t find this one, I get crazy whenever I think about it for years now. I just scoured the internet for hours before deciding to finally post it here. Here are the only things I remember about this movie:

  1. A drama movie, possibly set in early-mid 1900s

  2. All girls boarding school with a strict nun headmistress

  3. A woman comes to teach in that school and I think she became close with the students

  4. There’s a scene where the headmistress was talking with that woman in her office, and she squeezed her pet bird to death

  5. There’s a scene where one of the girls meet up with her bf and make out inside a stable with haystacks

  6. One of the girl’s name could be either Nicolette, or Nicoleta

Thank you very much for helping me out!

Detective/Searching for clues movie

Hi, everyone

I am looking for I movie I saw in 2017 or 2018. I am pretty sure it is an American movie, and a movie in English language for sure, but unfortunately I cannot remember any actors. The movie itself is in color for sure, and I believe it is from this century ( 2000 onwards) and not older. It is for sure not a TV show! The only scene I remember was when this detective/investigator/researcher had some sort of a case to solve, so he asked for help of his students that he teached, or maybe junior detectives…There was like a group of 10 people in total trying to solve the case. They divided the work, some of them reading,researching various books. And they spent the whole time in that house while researching, as far as I can remember. Sometimes when they found some important clues/news they would kinda gather in the main room, trying to brainstorm about the clue, and go again. I don’t watch indie movies, or like from movie festivals which are less known, so this one is for sure a proper budget movie, and I can bet that the main actor(s) are famous, I just cannot recall him/her/them.


Man and women are  driving alone on a empty route and after some time of kissing while driving they almost crash into a flipped over car and find a surviver.He is so hurt and he is unrecognizable.They take him.After some bloody events hapening because of the surviver,the man driving the car is again in a car but a different one.He is pursuit by the police and then he escapes from them,but crashes,flipping the car over.Then the same car which he was in with the other people almost hits him and then its him.Early the same night.Its a movie about some loop.(Sorry for bad english)

“Aliens” or “gods” that look like regular men, tells a tied man in car park that humans have no free will

A man is tied up in a car park, while bunch of regular looking men tells him that they are sort of gods or aliens, and their job is to control whatever goes on earth and that humans have no free will.  Then the tied man asks them why won’t them “step aside” and let humans exist without them, and one of the “gods” answer that they tried it for some time, but when humans had free will they caused world war one and two, so the “gods” took their free will again.

I think that the movie premiered somewhen between 2004-2012, and definitely was in English.

Any ideas anyone?

Boy running from two mountain-folk type men in the mountains.

Saw it today. Didn’t see very beginning.  Power outage interrupted and when it came on I switched to watch news and didn’t even catch which channel it was on. Was in color, English, and seemed like a young-adult movie.

Kidnappers had this boy (age about 12 to 14) in car.  Later talked about throwing him in a hole and thought he was dead.  Boy hides in mountains and trees.  One of the men is really dumb. Boy is hiding behind a log that a raccoon is sitting on.  Dumb man throws a knife at it.  When he goes to get the knife it is gone and tells other man that the raccoon stole his knife.  Dumb man falls trying to cross using a rope across rushing water.  Other man is still after the boy to kill him.  Boy climbs a rock mountain.  Boy reaches top.  Boy even warns man where rattlesnake is while he is still climbing up to kill him. (no idea why he warned this).  Man almost slips and needs help.  Boy helps him.  (no idea why).  Boy can’t reach so uses handcuffs for man to grab onto.  While boy is holding on the man pulls knife to stab boy but falls to his death.  Next scene, boy has climbed down and is looking at dead mountain man.  Don’t know if other man drowned or what.  Power went off right then.  (Please can you help and tell me the name of this movie…lol…ty ty)

movie scene been with me for years

Stumbled upon this website, not sure if anyone can help solve this. Internet searches turn up nothing. I think this was a movie, not a tv show or miniseries (please correct me if I’m wrong). It was in American English, definitely in color. Probably made in the 80s (because of the hair, the woman I will describe later had what looked to be vaguely 80s hair, but not overly so. Am open to it possibly being late 70s), but I saw it on tv when I was in elementary school. It may have been circa 1992-1994 when I saw it. I remember watching scenes of Child’s Play during the same year on tv.

What I remember is a woman is walking around what looks like an office building, could also be a warehouse or some large storage space. I think I remember filing cabinets and stacks of paper. She has no weapon or gear. Just an ordinary woman. Anyway, she apparently wasn’t supposed to be there because all of a sudden she’s surrounded by a bunch of men (also other ordinary looking men, not dressed in any uniform, but t shirts and jeans) and she tries to run away from them, but since there are too many of them, she is eventually caught and they put a piece of tape (for some reason I distinctly remember a bandaid, but let’s go with tape) over her mouth. I’m not sure if they restrain her in some other way, but she’s overpowered and they take her away. No fade to black, it goes to the next scene right away, like a jump cut, I think.

This next scene is weird, but I’ll describe it as best as I can. There is what looks to be fabric of some sort so that it takes up the whole screen, I think it may have been the woman’s underwear while she was still wearing it, which makes the next part of the scene even weirder. Someone takes a red wax crayon and either marks a big V or X over the center of the fabric (that’s on the screen) and then the same hand then takes scissors and starts cutting through the fabric. There’s no pan out to see what’s going on, just this close up on this fabric and the hand that’s doing whatever it is doing.

I don’t remember anything after that. It’s the weirdest scene that still sticks with me about two decades later and I still haven’t the vaguest clue what movie it was. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to see such a movie at my age at that time but obviously as a kid you don’t know that. I just want to know what these scenes were from because this will come up in my head every now and then and drive me crazy. If it’s a tv show or something else that’s not a movie, please correct me. I don’t have any hopes of this being solved, but would appreciate any legitimate suggestions. Thanks.

Trying to find name of movie with man in coffin still aging

I’m trying to find a movie that’s been in mind, don’t know what it’s about, but the one scene I remember, a blonde man, younger man, in a coffin on a hill, it’s a colored scene so it’s not that old I don’t think, anyway, the young man is still growing his hair and nails in the coffin, the audience gets a scene of that, the time changes too as the sky and the hill on which he’s buried shifts too.

Anyway, that’s all I remember, sorry

The E__________

I saw it a several years ago on either TBN or Daystar.  It starts with The E________________ .  Don’t know the name?  It’s about people walking in the woods and coming upon this house.  The is a man that guides them – he is the E_____________.   If they’re ready, they can go into this room and be raised into heaven.  Otherwise they go into this other smaller house and it’s not that good – maybe like punishment.  I taped it because it was so different, but we got a new tv and I didn’t realize it for a while, but I lost it.  🙁  I was surprised to see it on TBN or Daystar because it really didn’t seem to be a “Christian” movie.  I would love to see this movie again.  Please help me find it !!!!!  Thank you.


A skeleton bar

I walked into the room as this scene was playing when I was a kid, and I’ve never been able to track it down. It was released before 1997, probably filmed after 1970.

There’s a mostly empty bar/saloon, with a cowboy playing cards. As the scene continues, the cowboys turn into skeletons, and then those skeletons begin to turn into white powder or dust in the wind. I remember it as a mostly ambient scene, perhaps a dream sequence. I don’t think it was a horror movie. It was probably set in the present, because I recall the scene cutting to some kind of black car afterward.

I live in Canada, although my wife’s American mom recalls the scene but can’t remember the movie either. It could also be a television show, or a made-for-tv movie. That’s all I’ve got. :

A movie about a wife’s mental state

I saw this movie last year online it’s in English and I don’t know the title.The movie is about a wife’s mental breakdowns and how the husband is making it seem like she’s crazy.The husband is trying to but her in a mental hospital so he can sign off on her inheritance.The wife realizes it’s the medicine her husband is giving her that makes her have meltdowns.She finds out and in the end she makes it seem like the husband is crazy and puts him in the hospital…