French movie from 2000’s (maybe 90’s but I don t think so)


From what I remember it s a french movie in which a family is held hostage in their own house,they get along pretty with no violence,at some scene they are all having dinner.Another thing I remember is a scene where a girl from the family (maybe the only one,I don t quite remember) I think falls in love with one of the burglars,maybe not fall in love but they have sex(this I remember clear).That ‘s all i remember I hope it helps.

Thank you!

1980s Maybe 90s Sci Fi/ Fantasy

Ok so this one has been driving me mad,

I know I somewhat recall a movie from when I was young that I would have seen on cable so it may have been a straight to tv back in the early-mid 90s


A kid, or kids, i believe they find a small machine in the attic that grants wishes.  He manages to get it working and all I have after that are off details.


He makes a wish for his parent or parents to disappear

The machine ends up broken, thrown down stairs after fight with parent I think

At some point I think two boys wish for an actress, swimsuit model ect to appear.

It worked and if I recall a very confused brunette woman appears

Ultimately the Grandfather or uncle Ect. ( Old white guy with a bushy mustache and some type of billed hat, cowboy or Savannah type.)

Only important because the uncle/grandfather or whatever had been in South Africa I believe mining gems, and the machine was made with a jewel he had sent the boys father and the old chap removes another gem from his hat to fix the machine.

In the end everything was better and happy, and most notably the grandfather was in a car about to leave and wished for the model/actress from earlier in the movie and she appears in the car with him, then they drive off…

Sorry but that’s all I have I really hope someone can help here.


I saw it probably after 2005, probably came out a bit before that. The first scene I remember is a man giving the boy who the  films centred around a cheque for however much he wants I think. He later goes home and sets it up to get the money on the computer. He enters his name as what the computer is called. Later in the film it shows him with like a castle and all this stuff he bought with the money.

Putting a title to a “mystery” movie

I vaguely remember watching a movie in primary school I watched it in p7 to be specific. so I would have been 11 meaning the movie would have been pre-2000. possibly pre-1990 but i would say not pre-1980. basing this on the special effects.

I know we watched two movies. One including the Bermuda triangle and plane crashing with a phantom magnetic force affecting the dials in the plane.

This movie however I feel had more of a sci-fi, mystery feel. the most notable part is the ending epilogue. The movie ends with a faded out scene while traversing through a dark room. to then the summary of a deep philosophical rhetorical question which has a “Meaning of life” feel. short but strong question, something like “What if?”. I am sure thats the wrong question but I feel it was structured similarly.

The author H.G Wells comes to mind as I feel i can remember the teacher had a fascination with H.G Wells and aliens. i am pretty sure the movie had aliens in it. similarly to war of the worlds but older than the 2005 movie with tom cruise. In fact for the two weeks I have been trying to identify this movie I keep convincing myself it had to of been War of the worlds as it has a similar feel to the movie i am thinking about. I keep going round in circles as I have vague memory of the movie the most memorable part is the ending of the movie fading out while traversing through a room almost like the camera is gliding through the room while text comes on the screen with the philosophical life rhetorical question, I remember taking a few minutes thinking about how profound the questions where. But for the life of me I can’t remember or track similar questions that would spark a memory.

Sorry about the big speech with lack of real movie tracking information. I am just hoping someone picks up on any info and pieces the puzzle for me as this has been baffling me for a while now. The teacher was a substitute so I really have no way of finding her.

Cheers in advance for any help I feel like at this stage I would pay money to find out this info. any offers welcome if correct title is found.


Movie/Show with vampire fang ring

So this ties in somewhat with the “not really a vampire” one I posted yesterday that turned out to be the 1977 “Dead of Night” (thanks Livinghead for the solution to that one!)

In my flawed memory I blended these two together.  But I vaguely recall a movie or TV show wherein someone had a ring (possibly a “two-finger” fused ring) that had metal hooks on it (like fangs) and they were using it to gouge people on the throat…  I *believe* it was to fake a vampire as in the other movie, but perhaps they really were vampires and just liked doing it this way.

My brother says there was an episode of Highlander with something like that, but I really think I saw this in a vampire/horror movie at some point in time.

This one hasn’t nagged me as much as Dead of Night did over the years, but since I shuffled the memories together I figured I’d take a shot at this one too.


Someone gets blind in a robbery, later finds the criminal

There was a robbery in a supermarket perhaps (with lots of shelves). Someone tried to hide but was caught by the assaulter and gets blind in the process. Many years later, in a certain context both the victim and the criminal are at the same room. The victim recognizes him by his voice and justice is made.

Either it was a tv movie or most probably a anthology television series (Hitchcock presents perhaps).

Early 80s, coloured.



thriller/horror from 2000s fueding neighbours with torture and bloody scenes


I watched a film probably around the mid 2000s which I have never been able to find again nor can I remember the title.

It starts with two neighbours chatting in there front gardens. One of the neighbours lives on his own the other with his wife and 2 children

Its apparent they don’t really get on but the family invite him over for a meal as a kind of peace offering. The single neighbour was bearded and grey haired

During the meal things get out of hand and the grey haired single neighbour ends up putting the family through numerous torturous incidents.

This included tying up all the family and even killing the children (one of them at least) in front of the parents. It was quite disturbing especially killing the children. I think everyone ended up slained but maybe not the single neighbour. He was a cold meticulous phsychopathic killer.

Low budget film but well put together which i’d love to find and watch again.





Suspense Movie (Possibly a season finale of a show)

I’m dying to remember the name and the rest of the details of what I’m thinking is a movie or very well acted tv show. One of the last scenes is a guy, after having murdered and supposedly getting away with said murder, is at a cabin with his girlfriend, an older friend of his and his friend’s girlfriend who is a cop. In this scene the cop and he are outside at night chatting. The man says something that tips off the cop and she has the “You’re the killer. There’s no way you would’ve known that if it you weren’t.” And then he tries to calm her down, meanwhile also slowly walking backwards. The camera eventually pans over to reveal that he had a gun (I think taped) hidden on a nearby tree. She pulls her gun and he then whips out this gun. You dont see anything, because it cuts to his sleeping girlfriend, where you can see and hear a few shots from the window beside her.


That’s all I can remember! I’ve had a bunch of people ask of this is and Investigation Discovery episode. It was way too well acted and produced. It also had Viola Davis level of acting, really good acting from what I remember.

Movie where a scientist uses a magic, space stone to turn an imaginary, probably ghostly-like woman into a real woman at the end

The movie looks old, possibly from the 1980’s, 90’s, or 2000’s, I’m not sure. It’s an American Sci-fi movie in English I saw on TV in color twice in my adolescence. I don’t know anything about the actors/actresses’ names.

In the movie, a scientist has a rival scientist whom he forces to cancel some sort of launch. At one point, the rival scientist was seen with his driver holding his enemy and his enemy’s friend at gunpoint unaware that it was all being recorded on camera. Then when the rival scientist is at the conference and after the good scientist and his friend escape with the help of his imaginary, ghost-like “girlfriend” and the driver has been dealt with by the good scientist, some reporters show the footage involving the gunpoint to everyone and they mention and claim at one point that he actually “discovered New Jersey.” instead of some new planet or something.

At the end, after the rival scientist has been arrested when trying to flee to no avail, the good scientist closes his eyes and uses a special somewhat magic, space stone he has in one hand in order to turn his beautiful, somewhat ghost-like, imaginary woman girlfriend whom he has been in love with since probably the beginning into a real woman at the end of the movie.

At one point in the movie, I remember the good scientist was playing chess with the imaginary, ghostly-like woman too.

Trying to remember a corny horror movie I saw on Netflix ages ago.

Three women are killed by some sort of negligence of others, and come back as zombies to get revenge.

There’s a scene where they’re driving…yes, driving zombie women…and they get into an accident, and get out of the wreckage.

I distinctly recall a scene where there’s an establishing shot of a pot of potatoes being fried in a pyrex dish, and one of the people responsible for the women being killed has their face shoved into the boiling oil.

There’s another scene near the end where the last person responsible gets seduced by the three zombie women, and they tie him to a chair, taunt him with a knife and kill him.

It is not a good movie by any measure, but it was definitely weird, so I’d like to watch it again.  I’m thinking maybe mid 70’s judging by the clothing styles and automobiles I remember.

Thanks in advance.


An old film shown, I think, on Sammy Terry’s Midnight Show set in a foreign country and featuring a travelling circus requested to perform at the castle of a baron, who turns out to be CountDracula, I think.  There was a dwarf in the retinue and a pretty girl (of course).  They know nothing of his activities but eventually are shown into a room in which everyone is dead, the Count having nailed their hats to their heads or something.  Christopher Lee was the Count I seem to remember

“Vampire” movie (or TV show) without a vampire?

For years I’ve been trying to remember something I would have seen on cable TV probably in the 80s.  I’m not sure if it was a scene from a movie or perhaps an anthology horror TV show.  From what little I remember it looked like it was set in England in the same period that a lot of Hammer horror was.  I don’t remember if there was a real vampire in the story at all or not, but I think not.  I basically just recall someone tricking a man into staking another man to death under the pretense that he was a vampire…

So I think the guy kills someone, then draws some blood from the neck with a syringe.  He then drugs or knocks out some other guy and ends up dumping him in a crate in the attic, and uses the syringe to leave trickles of blood from this guy’s mouth.  Then he goes and gets another person (an older superstitious man) and takes him up to the attic and is like “look!  a vampire!” so the other guy stakes him to death.

This has been a memory fragment of mine for a LONG time so I’d be very grateful for any help!  Thanks!

70s Doctor Who nudity?

I remember an episode that I have always associated with Doctor Who but I would tend to think not since I don’t believe that DW has ever had nudity. Its a color scene with English actors on a swampy planet inside an industrial facility that looks and it lit very similar to late 70s BBC Doctor Who scene design. I woman has been taken over or assimilated with something mechanical. She is topless from waist up but the bottom half looks very similar to a DW Dalek. She is either dead or in a zombie state and there is a man (or man and woman) that are with her but then escape out into the swampy planet surface. I would have seen this on late 70s or early 80s PBS. I remember thinking (and have always felt) the nudity seemed like an odd throw-in to an episode/movie that was otherwise a pretty straight forward sci-fi and contained no other scenes of that maturity. Though today I don’t really remember much else about it.

TV Show Called So You Think You Can Dance BUT IT ISN’T So You Think You Can Dance!?!??

So…a bit of a conundrum. And a tv show. Not a movie. One that’s been bothering be since I watched it as a kid. I would say I watched this probably sometime from ages 6-13 on TV (which is 2006 to 2011).

So, all this time I had always remembered watching an (American?) reality dance competition, and I was quite confident it was called “So You Think You Can Dance?”. Mostly because I specifically remember there being an opening/intro music that I particularly liked that would have the lyrics, #So You Think You Can Dance?#.

A year or two ago I tried finding that tv show, but to my confusion it seems like So You Think You Can Dance is a COUPLES dance competition, similar to Dancing With the Stars or Skating With the Stars (rather than American Idol for dancers). I am positive the TV show I watched was not a couples dance competition, it was a SOLO dance competition. The season I watched, the winner was a moderately tall, somewhat attractive White boy (in his mid to early 20’s?) whose style was more classical/jazz/contemporary (i.e. not breakdancing/hiphop/pop-n-lock, etc.). Imagine lot’s of clean spins (pirouettes?). I remember in the top 4 there also this talented (dark haired?) asian girl (also probably in her early to mid 20’s).

Anyway, I’ve tried to look at clips from So You Think You Can Dance (US), the couples dance competition, to see if I could recognize either that winner or that asian girl (or anyone else), but I could never recognize the contestants (nor judges) in the clips (I mostly looked at winners/winner announcements/and a few auditions clips). After that I looked at clips from seasons with male winners of other international (but English language) versions from the So You Think You Can Dance franchise (using the wiki:); i.e. NZ, Australia, UK, Canada. And I still haven’t found it.

So… I’m trying to look for a TV show that I believe is called “So You Think You Can Dance?” but I also don’t think it’s called “So You Think You Can Dance?” cause I haven’t found a season with the winner I remember seeing (or that asian girl)…

cartoon from 90s

now this one is quite difficult. I watched this Japanese cartoon on VHS when i was a small kid in 90s. It started with school kids wandering in a space craft (an exhibition or something like that) and for some unknown reason the engines take off and the kids are lost in the outer space. I remember some vague things about adults being extremely concerned and strange things happening to kids in space but that is it. Please help 🙂

Late 80s / early 90s American comedy about being a “Real man”

Movie I saw several times on HBO or Showtime circa 2000; ran repeatedly for about a month, then disappeared forever.  Main character was named Arnie or Artie – his father had died/disappeared when Arnie was very young, so Arnie had been raised exclusively by his mother and sisters.  As a result Arnie became inordinately attuned to women.

FF to Arnie as a very soft-spoken adult, managing an apartment complex owned by one of his sisters.  As a result of his upbringing, Arnie is a near-involuntary makeout artist – the apartment complex tenancy was almost 100% female, and they’d break things just so Arnie would come to fix them – and when the women would throw themselves at him, Arnie didn’t know how to say No.  When Arnie falls in love and gets engaged, though, his inability to turn women down gets him in hot water; his fiancée (a masseuse) leaves him, telling him to learn how to be a “real man”.  Arnie misunderstands and thinks she left because he’s not macho enough.  Very shortly after, meets a guy – a big red-haired pirate-looking guy who’s actually an accountant named Dennis – and Arnie asks Dennis to teach him how to be a real man.  Lessons in cigar smoking, belching and guy fart etiquette soon ensue.

This one’s been hounding me for over a decade.