Indie Film Boy and Girl in Motel

Okay, so this is going to be a far stretch. I cannot find this movie for the life of me. It’s an indie movie. I’m not sure if I watched it on Netflix or not. It probably came out in the last couple of years, but I think it was set to look like a 90s movie. It’s about a girl and a guy and they go to a hotel (I’m not sure if they ran away or what). There’s something about this hotel room, but I can’t remember what it is. I think they keep ending up at this hotel room every time they try to leave. Occasionally, a priest will pop up on the tv screen giving a sermon. The girl tells the boy one of her darkest secrets; she used to abuse her mentally handicap brother, but then she laughs and pretends like she’s kidding. I think she wakes up one day and the boy is vanished. She ends up meeting a priest, but he turns out to be the devil. It was a wild movie with a lot of twists and turns. When the movie ends, I believe someone was buried in the dirt. Please help.

Movie that starts with a bank robbery and then later all the robbers get hunted down

Okay this movie has to be very recent, cause all the special effects were really good. So I’d say 2015 – 2017 somewhere. It was an action movie and they all spoke english.

The movie starts with criminals robbing a bank and they all have super fancy sci-fi masks. As I recall correct something goes wrong and one guy shoots another guy.

Later a guy and a girl from the heist are in a hotel room and the guy is killed by some random intruders. The girl is hiding under the bed. These intruders are starting to hunt down the bank robbers for i don’t remember what reason.

I remember a quote from the movie too: while the bad guys were looking for the girl in the hotel all of a sudden a hotel guest shows up asking what’s wrong, one of the bad guys(a black guy) says “ebola outbreak, get back into your room”. (That made me laugh, that’s why i remember it)

I remember that there is a scene somewhere where the kid of one of the female characters from the heist accidentally reveals the address of the female’s house over the phone to the criminal (the criminal pretended to be from some sort of important company) and that’s how the bad guys get into her house and try to kill the son and the girl.

The entire movie is filled with suspense and there is a lot of shooting, running and hiding.

I know this is very vage, but please help me out.

foreign language (latin maybe) film featuring opening and closing scenes of a glowing devil

spanish speaking film that starts with an empty house in the early morning dark, with a glowing devil slowly and quietly walking through to sit down at a table and open a briefcase (I seem to recall). The actual body of the film includes a man and woman amd maybe a small child, living in a nice house. Where at one point they are leaving to go on a trip or something. They go but the man forgot something and went back, only to find friends of his robbing his house and carrying away his television into tall grass beneath a deck. One theif then draws a weapon and fires on the unarmed homeowner.


The film also ends with another contemplative shot if the glowimg red devil or demon but I cant recall anything else. I seem to remember the title was in spanish or italian or maybe portugese I dont know. I feel the word devil was somehow associated with it.

Earth to moon and the moon and the earth


I would greatly apriciate if anyone here would make my day by taking their time to help me out by guessing what movie im looking for.

{DETAILS- The main caracter is a boy. He lies alot)-(May not be)] he has to write an essay or a paper on some social project and he decides to make a video game. A man bumps into him with his car while he was riding his bike and the man sees the boys video game and invites him to join him in the car and get to get to school faster. The man works at a video game company. the boy lets the man analyze or look at the paper in the car. Later theres a video game that is gona come out but it was the boys idea. The boy travels to a city (THE MOVIE HAPPENS IN THE USA) to confront the man. The man claims it was his idea. THe boy is smart and proves that it was his idea and exposes the man. The boy is worried that he will go in summer school.

The movie is not black and white it is in color

it is a movie

Thanks guys if you will take your time and help me i apriciate it. and i relly do. Every time you guess the right movie your making someones day.

Wife gets death threats from husband’s ex-lover

I saw this in Summer 2001 in the UK and it left a huge impression on me. It was a mystery thriller and the main character was a married woman living in a big city (NYC, maybe). She kept receiving death threats from her husband’s ex-lover who was sending her letters and phone-calls using a very distinctive voice. On one occasion, the ex-lover even hit her on the head in a cemetery with a shovel which hospitalised her. The woman was then escorted by police who began to investigate this ex-lover using her name. An old detective working on this case found some trace on this woman’s name in a mental institution and was totally shell-shocked by what he discovered. He drove back to his office, not knowing that he was followed by this very same person. The next scene we saw this detective stabbed with the shaft of a vintage disc player. The story built towards a climax, namely the very date that the ex-lover swore that she would get to the woman and when the bell rang midnight, the woman, lying in bed with her husband, grew anxious. She heard noises from outside the bedroom and her husband went out to check. She then heard ruckus and went out to see. She found her husband wounded and bleeding. She then hugged him but then her husband whispered in her ear in that very distinctive voice, revealing that it was he all along pretending to be this ex-lover and it was his plot to murder her and claim the insurance money. Things were moving according to his plan until some physical fight ensued and the husband died. The woman survived and in the end all was revealed to her: while in mental institution, her husband adopted the name of that ex-lover whose details the old detective discovered which led to his death. The woman was safe after all and the film ended on a very sinister and ambiguous note.

This was one hell of a scary film but I really would like to find out what it was. It was in English- probably American given its style, tone and colour, though not certain. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Girl meets visiting priest at home who turns out to be her real father

I saw this movie in the UK in Summer 2001. It was already near the end when I started and it told of a teenage girl who is with her father at home. One day they receive a visit from a priest who tells them that he is from a former place of origin of the girl’s mother and that he is a former lover of hers. The mother is absent from home throughout this segment. The priest stays for a few days and they spend some time together. When the mother does not come back, the priest decides to leave. After he is gone, the girl confesses to her father that she likes the priest and that she felt a bit funny while talking to him, like he made her feel warm or she cannot explain it. The father then tells her that the priest is actually her real father and that when her mother came to him all those years ago, she was running away pregnant with her. Father and daughter get emotional but the daughter, crying, hugs her father and says that she still loves him as her father. The film ends with the mother coming back home and the family reunites in love and happiness.

There are several dialogues I remember from these scenes:

(after the priest arrives)

Father: When he (the priest) asks you how old you are, can you tell him that you are thirteen rather than fourteen? Your mother came to me fourteen years ago and I would not want him to feel bad about it.

(after the priest leaves)

Daughter: (washing up) I don’t know but meeting him (the priest) makes me feel a bit funny. I don’t know… I like him…

Father: (washing up too then abruptly turns round to her) sorry but I should tell you this. That man is your father. Your mother came to me pregnant with you… but I love you. I love you like a daughter…

Daughter: (in tears) no, no, you are my father. I love you too.

(final scene)

Daughter: (mother walking speedily and determinedly towards her family waiting outside the house) You don’t need to be ashamed! I know all about it!

(family hug and sun sets- FINIS)

I saw this film in the UK on TV (could have been a TV episode or TV series) in Summer 2001. It was in English (cannot remember whether British or American) and it looked quite old to me (like 70s/80s colour). Any clues as to what programme this might be would be hugely appreciated.

Documentary History Of Slavery Critical Of Democratic Party

I remember watching some documentary (I think on YouTube) to do with the history of slavery in America, and how the perception is completely wrong and that it was the fault of the democratic party and not the republicans- that they were the ones ultimately responsible for fighting and ending slavery.

There are a lot of graphics/artwork/drawings/animation shown to portray events in history, but if I remember correctly there’s also a lot of recordings of just people being interviewed documentary style (i.e. lawyers, historians, educators, etc.).

I think it looked pretty high quality. And I would say it was probably fairly recent/new- I would say 2010 and above.

Japanese Or Hong Kong Movie


I was wondering if anyone can help me out with the name of a movie title for a very weird fantasy/comedy that was either from Japan or Hong Kong and came out in the 70’s or 80’s.

I do not really remember the plot fully, but the intro involved a man dressed in a blue costume that looked like a bird with 4 legs and big teeth, and he was standing up on top of a building making noises. The film then moves to a young boy and girl, and their strange adventures, mostly involving the boy. In one scene, he accidentally strangles himself with a rope that is tied to a ferris wheel, but the bird man rescues him. In another, he bites down hard on a woman’s breast (which is clearly a balloon) and the woman starts making funny faces. Other strange things happen such as doll turning into humans and the boy and girl being taken to a restaurant or building with topless ladies. At the end, the bird man is seen kicking and tearing the ending credits.

My apologies for not being able to give more details, but I really would like to know what this film is. The copy I saw was on dvd (but no subtitles), so i am hoping maybe it might be on blu-ray even. I have tried looking it up on google and youtube and searching by description, and nothing comes up. Surely a film with such outrageous scenes would be known about somewhere.

Anyways, any help would be beyond amazing and thank you for taking the time to even read this!


Murder!.Finger chopping! Camping trip from.Hell

2016. A European horror film, the actors were Spanish,

2 families camp on the edge of a marshy lake. No one wants to be there but one of the fathers who fancies himself a woodsman.and bullies everyone to stay.

Food runs out, fish they catch are spoiled, they hear a girls voice in the marshes and now they can’t seem to find their way out.

There is gangrene finger chopping, wife knocked in the head and developing maggots and finally one of the sons kills the insane father and makes it back to civilization with a ghostly partner.

Surely somebody saw this beauty!

May have been Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Many thanks,


The Bobcat





A movie about a guys dad who was inlove with his own sister

I remember watching a movie about this guy and one day a women showed up and it turned out to be his cousin and he didnt know he had cousins

His dad told him that he didnt have a brother but it turned out he lied and he infact did have an uncle.

When he went to visit his uncle he invited his dad and it turned out that his dad and his uncle were both inlove with his sister and I think she died when they were teenagers.

Through out the movie he starts to fall inlove with his cousin and at the end of the movie he tells his girlfriend that he slept with his cousin and then she asked if he loved her and he said no. But I’m pretty sure he did fall inlove with her.

It’s a weird movie and I told my mom about it and now she wants to watch it but I cant remember what it’s called.


Old foreign film about lucid dreaming??

I don’t remember the exact date or year but years ago I remember watching this Asian film on sbs. it was in colour

•A woman had a crush on a guy who didn’t reciprocate and she went to some old woman who gave her some incense. Told her to use it while she sleeps and she ends up dreaming of the guy

•Every dream she has when there’s a knock on the dream door she wakes up

•She eventually becomes really obsessed with the guy and takes a whole bunch of sleeping pills while using the incense and the last scene is of someone knocking on the dream door and her finally opening it and not waking up

boy with mom issues

From what I remember, I think the movie started out with a little boy coming home from school with candy. He lives with his mom who struggles a lot. When the boy comes home he asks his mom to sign a permission slip and you can see she might have been dealing with bills. **fastfowarding** Now I’m not sure about this part but the mom loses it and almost hurts her son but he hides in his room and put a lock on it. The neighbors overheard the mom yelling at the boy and called the cops and she was taken away while the boy was sent to an orphanage. I think the mom got out however, she lost rights of her son. She eventually got into a car accident but didn’t die. The boy spent many years in an orphanage and around his last year of high school, a family adopted him. A mom, dad and a girl around his age(blonde). After he graduates, he visits his mom at the hospital who was in a coma for a while.

This movie probably came out in the early 2000s ish not sure I was pretty young. It was in color and I remember I watched it on youtube when most movies weren’t copyrighted there.

Love story

I’m looking for this movie when the events belong in around 1800s. A man stayed in a hotel on his way to study at an university. However he fell in love with a beautiful woman who was wife of the hotel’s boss old man and he stayed for 2 years in this hotel. He wanted to go with his beloved woman but old man claimed him to pay her all due including living cost, food and clothes. Finally, the woman decided to stay with old man and the man went to study at the university as doctor. At the end of the movie, the man who became a famous doctor recieved a letter. As mentioned in a letter, that beautiful woman waited him until she died. Then the man visited that hotel and he remembered the woman.

Could you please tell me name of this movie?

Amputated a man’s leg to see what was inside it

Saw this on TV in the late 1960’s, I think, on my grandparents’ small black & white TV, back when we kept having to adjust the rabbit-ears antenna to try to clear up the picture and sound enough to make out what was going on.  So I may not have even understood what was happening, but what I remember is a startled woman saying, “You think a boy . . . is hiding . . . inside his leg?!”  Then the doctor amputated the man’s leg (probably off-screen, but I had my hands over my eyes at that point and can’t be sure).  And then the man was using crutches to try to get to a podium to speak to an auditorium of people.  Everyone was silent, watching, and no one was helping him.  Very creepy scene.  It’s bothered me for 50 years, so I’d sure appreciate it if anyone out there happens to know about this one.

Caveman comdey film.

Sooo, this might be a weird one.

The movie is about cavemen who are after women, and the way they have sex with them is by knocking them out by hitting them on the head. So the protagonist of the film doesn’t like that and tries to change it, but I think he gets banished/runs away and finds a secret place with all hot females who are sick of being hit in the head and they know he’s different then the other guys so they like him. The movie is in color, I saw it on TV but I am sure it is a movie, I dont remember any of the actors. I don’t think there was much talk in the movie and if there was I don’t recall it being english, I think it was some sort of cavemen language.

What’s the name of this movie?

I’m looking for a movie where there are three sisters and they live with their parents but I think the dad is sexually abusing them/pimping them out (mainly the oldest one) The oldest one commits suicide, the cover of the movie shows that she had thrown herself off of something to kill herself. I believe it is somewhat recent (after 2010-2016) and I think it’s an english speaking movie but not american but it might be spoken in some european language.

what was this movie trailer i saw on tv???

i could have seen this trailer around 2010 maybe but anyways all i can remember is that it looked like a teen rom com movie and this girl walked down the stairs and said the phone wasnt working or something and that she hadnt had phone sex in a few weeks? i thought it was the house bunny because it looked like it was a sorority house so i watched that but i was wrong, please help lol!!

Movie with haunted doll

Dearchig for a thriller/horror movie I saw on television in the 1970s.  I believe it was late 196os or early 70s and was in color.

– Film was in English and color – I watched it around 1977.

– main actress had long straight blonde hair, was quite slight and pale – was in late teens, 16, 17, 18.

– She was in a rowboat wearing a straw boating hat, blue and white dress and a young man kissed her – made romantic overtures to which she was open

– a following scene showed her alone in a bedroom with a Victorian china doll. The girl was bothered by a threatening and angry woman’s voice in her head scolding her for allowing a man to touch her.  The voice was the dolls.

– after being scolded by the doll,  I recall the girl murdered the young man who had been in the boat with her. I think she stabbed him to death.

– at the end of the film, a woman is narrating as though someone is reading a letter she has written to them.  During the closing scen the blonde girl has become very distraught and run up to the attic of her house where she begins desperately shearing off her long hair with scissors.  As she completes cutting her hair, the narrator reads that the mother  of this ‘girl’ had actually given birth to a boy.

– I thought for a long time that the girl/boy was played by Sissy Spasek.  Unfortunately, I cannot find such a film in her filmography.

thank you for helping me with this 🙂