Trying to find this asian movie?

I caught a glimpse of this but could never figure out what the movie was, if any one recognises it can you let me know please?

Basically, all I saw was one tiny quick scene, it looked like one of those “fake” sets with a swamp, reeds, there was a path, pink cherry blossom falling through the air, a man with sword(s) and a woman…not 100% sure about the woman tho, it may have been a small child? I think someone sas sitting in a carrying box (one of those with a porter at the front and back and long poles down the side), and there might have been guards?

It was a very visually beautiful scene, very stylised like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? I think the man with sword(s) attacked the traveling party on the path? And I think he was wearing black? He was quite young too, I think?

It’s been very frustrating trying to track this down with just this one quick scene to work from, and I could be remembering it completely wrong *facepalm*


Zombie/post apocalyptic

Not sure of the year but looked fairly new. Its in another country perhaps the I’m or Australia. It starts with a family in a cabin like house and someone comes screaming and banging and they let the person in. Only for a few minutes after zombies come. The dad leaves the mom behind hops in a boat leaving her to die by zombies. The dad is a scientist of some short I believe also. The kids end up coming back because they finally have safe zones but are told not to cross the bridge into danger areas. The Brother is scared he is forgetting what his mom looks like so they sneak off to find their old house to find a photo. Well the mom is a zombie and is in the house up in the attic and the kid runs. The troops show up to get he kids and get the mom. They tie the mom up in a room the dad goes to see her and eventually kisses her and he gets bit. Once a zombie he seeks out his son and tries to kill him. Eventually everyone starts turning into a zombie and they start killing people from the roof. It’s a mess of a story I can’t remember anything else

Chihua turns into dragon

My children rented a kid’s movie from Redbox sometime between 6-10ish years ago that we are all vaguely remembering. Young male maybe middle school age, has female best friend. He’s kidnapped by a blue troll/goblin who does some weird dance sequence in the sewers. We think we remember the blue creature never speaks.  Blue guy winds up being a good guy. Lots of potions in the film. A truth potion is taken by the boy at some point, too. So at the end, back at their school there is a chihuahua that belongs to an evil witch like lady who gives it a potion to drink and the chihuahua turns into its true form of a dragon type thing.

A scene with a giant ear hanging on a clothesline

I watched this scene from a movie (it could also be a TV series) on TV between 2000-2004, most likely on a Danish channel – however, I did not understand the language spoken in the movie, so it can’t have been Danish.

I only watched this one scene where a kid is home alone (or the only one up) and sees a giant ear hanging on the clothesline. The ear moves along the clothesline a little bit. Soon after, it is gone. The ear makes its way into the house and the kid grabs a baseball bat. In a hallway it crawls straight towards the kid and crawls under the rug the kid is standing on and continues into what I remember as a bedroom. Here, the kid swings the bat and manages to hit the ear, which is subsequently launched into the bedroom wall. The ear then transforms into the face of a toddler and starts talking to kid. I recall the lighting in the bedroom being blue.

As it has been a long time since I was this scene, some of the details may not be totally accurate. I can’t tell you what the genre of the movie is, although it was pretty scary when I watched it as a child.

i found a new earth….should I tell?

I believe I saw this short scifi film on Youtube, specifically DUST. Others think they saw it on FB.  Plot – earth is  about to die; last ditch effort many, many ships are sent out to search for a new planet where humanity can live; the last viable ship finds one just as his supplies are about to run out; it’s perfect, earth like before humanity screwed it up; he has a signaling device to inform earth; he is by a stream; he thinks about the paradise he’s found; he thinks about what humanity did to earth; he does not tell earth saving paradise and condeming humanity to its fate on earth.  I really want to find this film.  Any help?

I can’t find the name of the movie anywhere else, please help

hyperlink movie where there are many connected stories, there is a young man who has allergy and always carry antidote in his pocket ,looking for his girl who has a tattoo and driving a truck ,and there’s a specific sign they used to do wiping their finger on their nose

their road almost cross but they don’t meet

he eventually use the antidote for a man who has allergy so when a bee stings the young man he tries to find the antidote but then remembers he used it already

so he takes a photo for him with the nose sign so that his girl sees it later

there are many other stories in it which at some point they all connect together

it’s an old movie

anyone who has an idea what the movie’s title cause I’ve been searching helplessly everywhere


Movie about a transexual and a kidnapper on the run

I remember watching a movie about 5 or 6 years ago. I think it started with a guy being held hostage by a group of people, maybe kidnapped. He was then guarded by only one person, and the 2 of them would start a discussion about the hostage’s girlfriend. He asked the guard to find her at a bar and buy her a margarita, her favorite drink. I think the hostage somehow manages to break out, he starts running through some woods, the guard is chasing behind, aiming at him with a gun but refuses to shoot him in the back. The hostage on the run eventually reaches a road and gets hit by a military truck (i think it was), dying. The guard is then shown visiting the bar that the hostage mentioned his girlfriend to be hanging around in, buys her a margarita and is soon about to have sex with her, but realizes she’s actually a transexual, and throws up. I don’t remember much after that, but I think that later in the movie, the former guard is trying to help him/her while being chased by the cops or something like that. The transexual girlfriend eventually dresses more like a male, the former guard gives her a gun and asks her to run off. That’s all i can recall. I think I’d watched it on tv, not black and white.

Marble lion bathtub

Ok, I’m not entirely sure if this was some dream I conjured or if it was from a movie or something my mother had watched on TV when I was younger, but here we go. All I remember is a completely white (marble kind of like greek) room, and there was this woman in a tub in the middle that was sort of built into the room like the size of a jacuzzi or hot tub and there was this lion head tap (keep in mind this is all marble) and I cant remember if the mouth opened to let out water or if it just was stationary in an open state. Anyway, I’m not entirely sure if water came out first and then blood or if it was just all blood pouring out and this woman was bathing in it and I’m pretty sure shortly after she died… sound familiar?

Two girls fall in love

I don’t remember much about the movie. I actually only saw a preview. It’s about a man who is living his life as a woman .. or just dresses like one and he is in love with another woman. I remember one scene when he was on a train and some guys were making fun of him bc of the way he dressed .. he then proceeded to get off the train and saw the woman he was in love with. The movie trailer showed how it was very hard for him because of how he was choosing to live his life. That’s really all I remember unfortunately.

Feel Good Middle/High School Movie

The movie is about a middle school girl who broke up with her boyfriend after the opening scene (they were still together in the opening scene).  I believe she goes to a new school and at some point dyes her hair white after viewing an ad for Nicki Minaj hair dye (I think she thought it was blonde hair dye and wanted to be seen as more attractive. Her hair later reverts back to its natural color). Later on she encounters a boy with whom she plays shadow puppets with.

I watched it in either 2009 or 2010 in my classroom (definitely a movie), and I think it came out around when Nicki Minaj was becoming popular (hence the hair dye ad). It was in also in English and in color.

Need Movie Title, About Gang Torture

Need help remembering the title of this movie. Here’s what I know/remember:

-The movie is probably from the early 2000s-2010ish

-The movie is framed around a white mob boss(?) interrogating his black subordinate about what happened to his the mob boss’ son (among other things). The story is told through the subordinate’s perspective

– One of the main themes of the movie is that people lie during torture to tell you what you want to hear.

– The main character (black gang member) was working with a big white gang member named Rocco or Rocky

-At one point, the two gang members were torturing the mob boss’ son by holding him upside down in a barrel of water. They held him there too long and he ended up dying

-At the end, the mob boss points out that most of what he has been told is a lie (fitting with the theme)

I have tried searching far and wide online, but haven’t been able to figure this one out. I’m guessing it is a lower budget movie overall. Can you help me find this movie please? It’s been haunting me for years!


A movie from my child hood

The movie has a brother and sister , the brother is wearing a grey jacket or wind breaker and the older sister is wearing a yellow one , they find there grandpa’s amulet or something and it transports them to a different place and are trying to get back home and are traveling with a muppet creature but not the actual muppets and I believe they have to wake up a giant that’s sleeping in order to get back home . This movie i remember seeing back in the early 90s , it was in color but it felt like a movie with sesame street quality if that makes sense. Please if you can find this movie and let me know it would mean the world to me !

Woman cheats on her husband with neighbours childeren and kills her husband

A movie that i saw on TV 3 or 4 years ago with english language and story of this movie is about a boy that stalks neighbours and slept with neighbour’s wife and this wife kills her husband to get his fortune and blame this boy also boy get rid of going to jail but then this woman who killed his wife get caught. Im not sure but this woman also lesbian.

60’s or 70’s execution of woman

I saw the end of a movie when I was about 10 in which a female prisoner with a baby in her arms was taken out and shot in front of a brick wall. I think there were a couple of other prisoners too.  They took the baby from her arms and shot her and then it showed them hiding away the blood.  I remember holes in the white brick walls.  It showed her crumple and the baby crying and the blood being washed away.  That was the end.

I always assumed it was WWII but recently I got to thinking maybe it was the Spanish civil war? It is definitely set in the mid-twentieth century and would have been on TV in the late 1970’s.  I think she was maybe a spy or part of the resistance.  I believe she was wearing a dark grey dress and kerchief which were probably a prison uniform?  And she had dark hair.

It was such a shocking thing to flick past while changing the channel and I just wonder what war I walked in on.  Thanks!

Horror movie of a family who lives surrounded by a junkyard?

Hey guys as the title says…

I cant remember this Horror movie of a family who lives surrounded by some kind of a junkyard? Can someone please help me remember?

Things I remember:
– It was in English
– I saw it in the 90’s (so it must be a 90’s movie or maybe late 80’s)
– This family apparently caught people on their mansion who was surrounded by some kind of junkyard and the mansion was filled with traps to no let guests out.
– It was in color.
– I remember the family has perhaps some family members disfigured or some kind of creepy members?
– I remember the main character of the movie like getting to the mansion or getting caught in one of the traps using like a big slide

Man it was a long time ago… somebody has to remember it please help me 🙁

Woman gets boarded up in a house

I watched the movie in late 1990s. We rented a bunch of movies from Blockbuster, as most people did. It was in color and english speaking. All I can really remember about the movie was a woman getting boarded up in a basement(?) of a house. I think it was her own house and possibly her husband or boyfriend was the person who trapped her. I think maybe she was drugged or was pushed down and hit her head. But she comes to and the guy is taking boards and basically boarding her up under the floor. So if anyone would come to the house it would sorta look normal. But shes trapped below the floor and he gives her food, etc from time to time. I really dont remember anything else about the movie. Such as who was in it or such. I think the woman was blond. And one scene I remember she was trying to get out and was running along the different boards(he made a sort of maze I think) and she reached the top of the stairs, but the door gets slammed shut on her.

English boy bullied at school, kicked out from home ends up in jail

Hope someone can help me with this movie. I saw it on TV in the late 90’s. It’s a tragic story of a teenage boy in the UK who is bullied at School, eventually kicked out from home from a non-caring family, moves into a Council flat and is a assigned a crappy job (selling Magazines or newspapers i think). He also might have had a social worker assigned to him. If my memory is correct, the bullies from School visits him and want Money, stealing metal pipes from from his flat. (one of the bullies had a father who crushed his hand With a hammer we’re told.) In the end the boy is sent to jail (i cant remember why), and is trying to hang himself in his cell while other prisoners look on cheering him on.