Man about to have lunch is recruited for a search – and can’t eat!

The movie is a comedy filmed in black and white I saw in the seventies (1976 or before), but it is older, probably from the thirties.

It starts when our hero is about to have lunch. A person or several come and after a brief exchange they all go out looking for someone else. The movie unfolds in a similar fashion: they go to several houses, always looking for this person, and at each house there’s something to eat. Alas, our here can never indulge. He becomes increasingly desperate to eat as the movie goes.

Finally they find who they were looking for at a big smart party where there’s a banquet ready. A foodfight ensues, and our hero finally gets to eat something. The final scene is of him digging into a something (chicken leg?) sitting at the bottom of the water-filled swimming pool.

Aminated movie about a female assassin/ninja

Hopefully someone will recognise this as its been 20+ years since i saw it.

So things I remember;

  • It was old style amine (think Thundercats style of animation)
  • It was about a female operative on a mission
  • She was incredibly stealthy
  • There was a scene where she wiped out a number of generic guards and moved on but the movie stayed on scene for a little with one injured guard weeping for the death of her colleague (this struck me as very novel at the time).
  • She fails the mission in a stupid way such as tripping up or similar and being killed.
  • The second she is killed it switches back to her apartment where a massive flamethrower pops out of the ceiling light fitting and torches her entire place to wipe out any trace of her.

Hopefully I have remembered these correctly and someone will be able to help.


A Controlling CEO Hires His Daughter’s Boyfriend To Work For Him Then Sleeps With An Asian Woman

My dad was watching a movie, and I saw bits of it and I really want to watch it.  I remember the antagonist was a really controlling CEO, and the hero was the boyfriend of the CEO’s daughter.  So the CEO flies the boyfriend to Singapore (I think) and then the CEO sleeps with an Asian woman (that maybe the daughter’s boyfriend was also sleeping with) and when the daughter’s boyfriend walks in on the Asian woman and the CEO in bed, the CEO tells him, “In feudal times, a feudal lord had the right to his vassals’ property, women, etc., so I needed to do this, it’s the only way I can trust you.”  The daughter’s boyfriend then attacks the CEO for sleeping with the Asian woman, and the CEO’s guards come in to the room and beat up the man.  I don’t know what happens after!  This movie looks like it may have been an 80’s movie, the outfits were very 80’s-like, business outfits.  The boyfriend was a very handsome business guy (white), classical features, long-ish, light hair, but business-style long, not rocker-long.  The girlfriend was also a white girl.  In one scene, the boyfriend and girlfriend are driving in a convertible and the boyfriend just met the CEO father and comments about how he’s all right, and the girlfriend makes a negative comment about how the CEO is not all right.  Help me find the name of the movie!

A weird movie with monkeys

I have seen this movie a loooong looong time ago but I have been searching for it for a long time, anyway this is all I can remember from it :


  •  the movie talks about apes that are separated in two different parts of the forest, the upper part where the “wild” apes live and the bottom part where  the “smart” apes live.
  • the apes that live on the upper part consider the down part of the forest equal with death and whoever falls there never comes back
  •  the down part apes live like humans dress like them and even have events and stuff like that
  • one of the upper part apes, falls down and everybody considers him dead but actually he is alive and fine and the other apes start to dress him and I even remember a part when he is playing in a labyrinth and he finds his way very quickly so the smart apes start teaching him numbers and stuff
  • I remember that the down apes have a king or something and the apes that falls has a thing with his daughter.
  • I also remember that his king is killed by a tiger or something.

That’s all I remember and hope this helps :/

2 brothers that were seperated by birth but are looking for the same treasure and find each other

I saw this movie somewhere in 2005-2008 but i forgot almost everything about it! the only things i know are :

  • the brothers are seperated as babies
  • 1 brother has blue eyes which are seen as a miscarriage. Or in any case something not good because people with blue eyes hide them
  • it has, if im correct, 7 hidden keys to the main treasure and the last scene was when the 2 brothers were seeing each other for the first time since years and needed to choose a door. 1 which led to eternal darkness and the other one to happiness (something like that)

i hope that this is enough information

Romantic ending with socks

Do you know the one about a girl that’s redecorating her boyfriends apartment while he’s away on buisness and she meets this guy who lives in the apartments I believe and then they fall inlove and it ends with her taking a bus to a restaurant where she meets the guy for dinner and he’s wearing socks that like they had talked about earlier in the movie?? This is a bad description but I also remember the girl had short red/orange hair with bangs

Kids monster movie

I rented this movie at blockbuster maybe 8 years ago. It was about this boy who found a movie reel and he played it. But then three monsters came out of it and like went through the town. There was a mannequin man who would take people so that he could replace his mannequin parts with human parts, like his arm. I also think there was a werewolf or maybe it was a wererat?  I don’t remember what the other monster was.

doctor try to cure coma

i saw the movie when i was a kid(maybe 2006) on tv it was colored and i dont remember any actors

there was a doctor that is trying to  cure a group of people that were in coma since they were little kids and most of them now are old people and after many tries he succeeded in doing so and it was weird seeing them acting like children  but turns out the medication works for one day only and if they take it again after that  it will not do anything anymore

mental illness

One scene that i remember:

The boy with the mental illness brings a girl to his home to use her in an art piece. He steps out of the room for a minute, and she goes through his old sketches. When we walks in and catches her snooping, we flips out and i believe he kills her.

The only other scene i remember(which may or may not be the same movie):

There was a male sitting on a couch or a bed, when the boy enters the room. He sits on top his lap and begins to squeeze his nose while holding his mouth to suffocate him. When the guy stops breathing and becomes unconscious, the boy panics and gives him cpr to bring him back.

Woman kills her daughter

i remember watching a movie as a kid about a black woman killing her daughter because she believe some white man was coming to get them or kill them then years goes by and the daughter reappears as adult dressing all black (i think she is a ghost)  not remembering a lot of the plot but the daughter likes to eat only candies and i think she seduces her step father sorry not sure. it was a early 2000s movie….

Ending scene, he gets shot by police

Is an 80’s movie, police are chasing him and he is running he gets to an alley and knowing there is no escape he puts he’s hands up makes some move with his hand turns around and is killed. If I recall correctly we aren’t shown the shooting. The actor resembles Richard Gere but I can’t find it under his films, there is also a steamy scene in a pool between him and a girl, this is driving me crazy you are my only hope to recall the name and see it again thanks.

Seaweed monster men?

ok think this is a 70s film maybe 60s but unsure but it was in colour and saw it when i was a kid on tv in the 90s.

from what i remember it was some sort of adventure monsters movie a team of people were on a small boat run into trouble and near an island and land on the beach then these humanoid monsters that looked like walking seaweed rise up from piles of seaweed on the beach and from the water and start to attack the people and i just remember them fighting on the beach and the monsters were humanoid shaped and draped heavily in real seaweed and kind of greenish colour. Hope you guys can help

Not much to go on but here goes

Really need help to find out what this movie was i saw it as a young kid in the early 90s it was a movie on tv so heres what i remember:

Large cave and think it was a woman or two woman who had wronged a king or leader and he spoke to them and then they were placed inside the cave as punishment and the cave entrance was bricked up and sealed while the back of the cave was open and very high up so like a cliff edge at the back of the cave and the front entrance was bricked up and sealed.  I assume the prisoners were meant to suffer and starve and eventually jump to their deaths but im unsure as cannot remember anything else but it has bugged me since i was a kid. Think it might have been sort of swords and sorcery type of film but unsure.

Really hope someone can help

A movie about father and son reunion

Son comes to his father whom he hasn’t seen for a long time. The father lives somewhere in Great Britain or Ireland in a stone cottage. He lives alone, drives Land Rover Defender and does fishing. Father treats his son with fish and potato. If I remember correctly the father had a stroke while fishing. And he was having some kind of disease. The son came either from France or someplace alike. Step-by-step son’в been forgiving his father for abandoning him for so long.

Wrong Kind of Party

This movie is in color, English, USA made.
It is likely from 5-10 years ago. Maybe a comedy or romcom.

The scene I remember:
A young woman shows up to a party to which she had been invited. Someone is with her–a date or a friend. The party-goers enter through the front door. The party is in an expensive modern house, or maybe a large apartment. It’s a dancing type of party. Like a fancy nightclub. The woman has brought something with her–maybe cookies on a plate covered in tinfoil or a casserole in a glass pan. She brought the food because her mother told her never to show up to a party empty-handed. (I don’t know when this was talked about–maybe it was repeated during the movie.) The party hostess is a bit surprised/confused, but very polite and takes the dish and welcomes the friends.
The woman arriving at the party might be Anne Hathaway, but I haven’t tracked down the movie/scene yet, so I could be wrong–maybe way off on that.
Thank you for anyone who can help!


I’m trying to find the name of a foreign film that I watched years ago. Possibly Spanish. It was about a man on vacation with his wife and kid(s). They were at a beach hotel. The guys happens to run into old high school or college friends and the guy sneaks out of the hotel room to hang out with his friends. They end up having a night on the town which includes getting a prostitute. I think the prostitute ends of dying but can’t remember for sure. Please help…

What movie has a girl pretend to be a guy so she can play basketball?

Ok so there was this movie i saw part of when i was in school. The basic plot i can remember is that it was an 80s-ish movie and the girl disguising herself as a boy so she could play basketball on the boys team. I think her dad knew and was ok with it, and I know one of the guys found out around the middle of the movie when he saw a picture of her in her prom dress. While I think the movie was from the 80s i think it took place in a time period a little earlier, but i could be wrong. Please someone help me find this because it is driving me crazy!