Foreign movie where horse bursts through walls

My friends were looking for the new baywatch on a streaming service, when instead of that movie a totally different movie came on. This movie was possibly in Russian or another language one of my friends said maybe Thai… anyway it opens on a war scene in what looks like ancient Mongolia or northern China. Men on horseback ride towards a stone fortress, as the first approach’s the wall he covers the horses eyes and then it cuts to the other side of the wall and the wall cracks revealing the horse and rider bursting through. The rider dismounts kills a guard after having a vision, and then walks through the door to steal a crystal from a old man who is painted gold. The rider is stabbed from behind  and dies looking into the old mans gold face. Cut to the future, 1980s -200s ish and blonde woman and white man are talking to each other in a car as they drive by Greek or Russian lettered signs. Sadly at this point my friends said they were bored and turned it off but I really want to finish it. Sooo please help?

Early 90s indie film

I saw this American drama film in the early 90s on one of the premium cable channels. I didn’t recognize any of the actors at the time, so either it was a deep indie film or maybe just pre-famous actors. The story seemed to revolve around a tall, lanky and goofy, dark-haired guy in prison. This guy keeps getting help from a shorter, possibly red-haired inmate and whenever the goofy guy says “thanks” for the help, the shorter inmate always replies with something like, “no problem” or “forget about it” and then, “Batten(?),” the name of a juvenile detention center or maybe a boys reform school where the two inmates had originally met. At some point later in the movie, the shorter guy ends up assaulting or possibly raping the tall, goofy guy.

This may not help at all, but I saw it on cable around the same time I first saw The Reflecting Skin. The two movies occupy the same time slice in my mnemonic chronology.

That “forget about it — Batten” line has been stuck in my head for almost 30 years. Help me solve this so I can get it out of there!!



Mumblecore/Older Indie Film/Guy Protagonist/Meets girl online/Penis Ballsack art at a party

Mumblecore Indie film in the late 90s or early 2000s. Might have been Canadian… not sure.

Caucasian male lead (possibly also the filmmaker/director)

Guy is pressured to do “penis art” at party, reluctant as he’s had a testicular cancer scare (or something else wrong with his testicles – can’t remember)

Girl he knows from online dating site comes to visit, ends up living with him but is noncommittal on her feelings about him and he ends up getting really annoyed that she won’t have sex with him.


Iconic Teacher Student Shakespeare Isolation Experiement

I do not remember if this was fiction or a documentary.  Iconic scene:  Teacher and students, I believe this was a foreign film.  Might have been subtitled.  Class is on a field trip inside of some ruins.  During the day, sunlight can be seen through the stone wall openings.  Kind of underground.  The class was conducting a psychological experiment.  A Shakespearean reading.  All students but for one would stand in a circle with their backs to the one student, who stood in the center of the space. She was of color and the only person who was reading.  She read her lines and was supposed to be ignored by the other “characters.”  At first she read her lines.  Then, as she started to feel how they all ignored her, as they were supposed to do, she slowly started to become the character.  She exponentially became distressed and started running from person to person trying to be heard.  Her voice grew in volume until she was sobbing and screaming to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be known.  I have been haunted by this scene and long to see it again.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Horror Movie with Weeping Woman

I remember this movie with a weeping woman who is actually a ghost, I think she killed herself after her son accidentally died, I think she was taking drugs and her son saw her and tried to take it from her and she pushed him away and he hit his head and died or something like that and she held on to him and was crying then she killed herself but her spirit is trapped in the house, A lady went to visit her ( don’t remember if it was one of her relative) and she heard crying but when she said hello noone would answer so she ran to the door to go outside and the door shut by itself and the ghost lady killed her, there was this teenage girl that went in the house too but wasn’t killed but the ghost lady followed her to the woods where she was camping with her friends, they all died but in the spirit, the girl healed the lady from her suffering, it ends with the girl putting her hands on her shoulder or head. There’s also a part in it where the girl parents tried to help her, (Its a 2000-2017 Horror Movie)

Movie with two guys and a girl running from police to help one of the guys

I saw this movie years ago and can only remember snippets – have searched everything I can think of but still haven’t got the name.

I remember there’s three main people, pretty sure they’re trying to get away from the police. They’re trying to get to one of the guys girlfriend so he can tell her something. There’s a scene where they snuck onto a train and during the journey the girl finds old clothes and puts on a dress and a mask then makes a video wearing the mask and posts it online. At the end of the movie the guy gets arrested once he gets to the girl and theres a helicopter with the news filming everything. Its on a long street with shops on each side and loads of people watching.

If anyone has a clue what I’m on about I would love to know what it is!

Thank you 🙂

Very vague memory

There’s this film (thriller) that involves a family and something happens to their car which makes them go to a police station. The area is very remote. At the station there is a man (?) and a woman who appear to be nice and helpful. But they end up holding the family hostage in the station and killing (shoot with guns) everyone inside it. Only a little girl escapes and is seen by the side of the road in a field of grass when the couple drive away. The Couple see the girl and the woman asks the man ‘What should we do about her?’ and the man replies something like ‘leave her’. And she says to him ‘ aw you’re so kind’ or something like that. I know this is so vague and unclear, but I would really appreciate anyone’s help. 🙂

What is this older movie?

So I remember seeing this movie a couple times and i’m not sure if its a dream or not. It starts off with a normal family of a young boy mom and dad, there might be a little sister too, but i’m not sure. They live in a small town and its called something that I don’t remember. In the story there are these weird creature things that are green and they start taking over the town. Also i’m almost 100% positive that in the movie the boy in the family finds out that these weird green creatures are actually what the towns’ name is spelled backwards. But anyway they end up defeating the creatures and at the end of the movie all is well. But, At the end of the movie the mother bites an apple that has toxic green goo in it. The green goo is  sign of the creatures.

60s/70s dark comedy — murder and afterlife

I’m trying to remember a dark comedy film I saw on late-night local TV in the early 80s. I seem to recall that it was a color, English-language movie, probably made between mid-60s and no later than early 70s.  The opening credits showed images of big mainframe computers and possibly computer punchcards, so possibly the main character (a man) is a programmer or something related.  I believe he commits a murder — can’t remember if it was his boss, a co-worker, or his wife.  In the end he dies — maybe caught and executed? — and reaches the afterlife.  He’s told that he’ll be reincarnated, but that his next life will be completely insignificant.

That’s all I can remember.  Sorry to be so vague, but this has just recently popped back into my memory and it is driving me crazy!

Movie with a comb transforming into a forest

In this movie there was a little girl and a young boy who helped her family at work. They became friends. One day the little girl starts undressing and he thinks about sex but she wanted to show him a long scarf on her chest from a heart surgery. Her parents think the worst and he needs to run away. Rhe little girl gives him 3 things to help like in a fairy tale. I remember obe was a comb that tranaformed into a forest to keep away the ones who chased him.

Romantic movie from 80s or 90s?


I am looking for this romantic movie that is about a woman that I think was new in town and a little mysterious but very beautiful. She had blonde and curly hair. A single dad from that town falls in love with her. During the movie you find out that she was running away from some kind of mafia or gangsters and they eventually find her in that town. The single dad eventually saves her.

I don’t really know what year the movie came out but it was around the 80s or 90s.

Small plugs, twist into a person, they explode.

As a kid in the 1970’s, I saw this movie which had the main characters involved in some sort of intrigue…  but what I remember is that they had these car-cigarette-lighter-sized things that they could jab into a person, twist it, and then the person would combust.  Seems the main characters were a middle-aged man, and a younger adult woman (his daughter??).  Not sure who they were running from, but I guess it was the “bad guys” – who had been using these things on other people.

Killer Movie???

Hello, I’m hoping you all can help me.

Back in the 90’s, my cousin and I watched a movie, about an entity that stole faces, and used them as disguises. I can only remember two scenes, out of the movie, one of which has a line that has stuck with me, to this day. I recently posted about this, and someone replied that it was “the clown at midnight”, but I just watched that one, and it wasn’t it. The two scenes I remember are as follows:

Scene I: Setting- circus, towards the beginning of the movie. The killer, unseen at the time, kills two clowns, and steals their faces. One of those, becomes the face you see, through most of the movie. It resembles the clown from “the clown at midnight”, very closely.

Scene II: Setting- warehouse; stairway. The killer is chasing the main couple, and traps the female lead, knocking her down a flight of stairs. He then pins her to the wall, and begins to cut her forehead, saying “now let’s see what’s behind that pretty face of yours”. He barely cuts anything, before the male lead hits him over the head, with a board, and the couple escape.

Please help, I have been searching for this movie, for years.

Crazy Horror Movie

Alright, I know this is very vague, but I’m trying to figure this out.

So there’s this guy in a hat, and I think (this could be wrong) that the house he’s in is on fire, and he’s basically terrorizing this girl. The girl is running around trying to escape him and she finally does, but she turns the corner and the guy is there and he says, “Boo!” and she is just running and screaming for her life.

I saw this in my parents’ room when I was very young, and I asked them. They thought it would either be one of the Jeepers Creepers or Nightmare on Elm Street movies. But I  can’t be sure. Thank you is advance for any help!

Science fiction-Space travel-

Probably released between 1998- 2008. I only remember the final act of the movie. it is about a sci fi space travel movie, where the main character (a woman) tries to complete her late father.(Im not sure whether he is missing or dead) research which is about worm hole creation with giant gyroscopic magnets. Government sanctions her project and spends a lump sum of money to construct the device which turn out to be a failure at the end of the movie. Interestingly, during the final act, the main character who is doing the experiment passes out in her capsule and meets her father in her dream. after waking up she thinks that she actually somehow traveled inter dimensional but everyone in the experiment is not believing. The last shot of movie shows her lovers belief about her statement about inter dimensional travel