True Story of wife ordering her hausbands murder movie

Hi, im looking for a movie its about this rich American man who meets this (i think blond American women, who is really nice they fall in love and then they get married. After they marry the wife hosts a party at their home and goes nuts because she wanted (i think ruby colored tulips not red)!!! Anyway she goes nuts in front of the guests and starts pulling them out from the garden… Husband stops her and she goes back to normal & one day they decide to adopt two russian children (brother & sister) since she cant have kids. Anyway they start fighting and she leaves or kicks him out and stays at a 5 star hotel and orders room service because her ex husband is paying for it all! Then she moves into this giant house and tells them to remove the flooring and replace it just to charge more her ex husband. Husband keeps giving her thousands because she is threatening that he will never see them again. She also tries to turn the kids against their father. Ending wife hires her lover to kill her ex husband. Movie is american time around 2000 – 2017 , Oh its a true story… please help ūüôā ūüôĀ

Only remember a love-making scene of this movie

I watched this movie about  10 years ago, but it was a lot older than that. It was quite similar to The Notebook in that I recall it having a lot of flashbacks to around the 50s.

The scene that I recall is one in which the woman surprises her boyfriend (who is working on a construction site for building a house). The woman goes upstairs and sits the boyfriend down on a chair and proceeds to take off her dress with her chest exposed. She then sits on him, facing towards him. I think that it then starts raining.

This mostly would have been an ‘appropriate’ movie as I would have been about 10 years old the first time I watched it.

Late-90’s HBO Late NIght Movie About Escaped Convicts who Invade a Home and Kill the Husband

It’s an HBO “Late Night” movie that I saw in the Late 90’s, I’m fairly sure; so I imagine that it was made in either the Mid 90’s or the Late 90’s (or it possibly could’ve been made in 2000 or 2001, but definitely no later than that).

2 or more escaped convicts invade a home during the day, (it’s a nice home, but not a huge mansion), and the husband & wife are home at that time. The wife is a beautiful young brunette woman, in her early-to-late 20’s; and the husband is a middle-aged, somewhat meek, but kind, shorter, bald man. You get the idea that she is a young, trophy wife, but the husband is kind to her and treats her well.

One of the convicts (the main one) is either the actor Steve Railsback, or an actor that looks just like him. (But please know that I went through Steve Railsback’s entire IMDB Filmography for this time-span and I didn’t find this movie.) Another hint is that this main convict always reminded me of the actor Eric Roberts, but I’m 99% sure that it’s not Eric Roberts.

Anyhow, fairly early on, this main convict shoots and kills the husband, leaving the wife alone with the convicts. Shortly thereafter, the main convict ends up seducing the wife and having sex with her, and she goes along with it because she basically has no other choice. They have sex in her bed, and she is topless for at least part of the scene.

I stopped watching the movie right after this scene, so I never got to find out what happened. Does anyone know the title of this movie? Any help is much appreciated, and thank you in advance for reading this!

Old Hollywood movie


I saw an old movie possible on the Turner Classic movies channel.

It was a black and white old movie. There was a group of young men who are petty thieves / gangsters. The protagonist is also one of them. He may possible be an Italian actor ( or playing an Italian character). There is a girl who runs a cafe / diner or works at one and she teaches them and gives them basic education. The main character also starts to learn and eventually they fall in love. It was a light hearted movie.

What’s the name of this alter-ego movie?

A married, unsuccessful timid art dealer realizes things in his house have been moved while they were sleeping. He’s tall, balding, middle age, He rigs a camera and to his horror he videotapes himself roaming the house, eating in the kitchen, seemingly fully awake. Eventually, he learns his alter is tired of failing and wants things to change. Alter is more aggressive, self-assured and strong. A complete opposite of his own timid self. Alter-Ego (AE) even has sex with his wife, to her surprise but total enjoyment. She has no clue. I don’t remember how but blood is spilled. Either a bothersome pet or person is hurt or killed by AE. These things happen only while the guy is sleeping. A key scene is the man chains himself up in his garage to prevent AE from doing anything else. AE has warned the guy (in the videotape) that if things don’t change, if the guy doesn’t stop being a wus and let others walk all over him, AE will take over his body. Despite the chains, AE gets free and I think kills someone who has wronged him (or something like that). Another key scene comes right at the very end. He visits a lesbian couple who used to taunt and belittle him and ends up having sex with one of them, causing the other to leave. The movie ends with the man becoming much more successful, respected, desirable, etc. AE has completely taken over.
I think this is an indie film…possibly Austrailian. Not sure. Color movie. The movie date is mid-2000’s. NOTE: The film is NOT “In My Sleep”. My search led me there and from the trailer, the plot appears similar. I’m almost positive it is an English speaking movie but it’s possible it may not be and is sub-titled. I saw the movie via one of the streaming services.
I’m a newbie at this and this is my first request. Please forgive my poor memory. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been searching for about 2 years and it’s driving me nuts…!!! Thank you.

A some sort of sci-fi, drama US movie

The movie was likely to come out around 2010-2014

There are a bunch of teenagers, young adults at a summer camp of some sort. Things start to get weird when some of them seem to meet their doppelganger, Like these doppelganger came from a parallel universe. At the end, there was a fight between these people and their doppelganger.

Indian children’s film-Supernova

I saw this Film/TV-film/Telefilm on Indian National TV (DD-1) probably between 1995-2000. I only have a vague memory of it. Those days there used to be films for children on TV during Saturday afternoon.

It was an adventure film, with 3-4-5 kids of about 12-14 years old together away from home. From their outfits, you can say that they belonged to urban modern Indian family of the 90s, and were also well educated.

Somehow they go inside a spooky looking bungalow. I don’t remember any bad ghosts in the bungalow, but a man appeared to them wearing a Tantric robe with embedded stones/gems and looked like a typical Psychic shown in movies. I think Nana Patekar played this man, but I am not entirely sure. This man could be a ghost but he was friendly and wanted to help the kids. He tells them that a star is going to fall (or already fell) on earth, and his way of speaking was similar to telling a legend/tale to the kids. He also tells them the location where it will fall (or fell).

I think they had a map with them and they reach the exact location where it fell, which was in the middle of a forest. There they suddenly find 1000s of shiny stones lying on the ground in a large area. Now, I don’t know how they knew it but they started talking about the Supernova explosion and the pieces of collapsed star which fell on earth. Perhaps, the Tantric man told them that it was Supernova. I think this was the end of the film, and they were all happy that they found the Supernova site.

And from here the title of the film came, the exact title as far as I remember was “Supernova-163” or some number attached to Supernova. I looked on the internet with no help. The Nana Patekar IMDb page also doesn’t have this film, but this could be because it was a Telefilm and not screened on cinemas.

A some sort of dark fantasy UK movie.


The movie was likely to come out around 2010-2014

There are 3 main characters: a veteran, a young man and a female artist. All suffered from some sort of mental disorders. The veteran wander around the street of London looking for vengeance upon a man who he thinks kill a little girl (his little sister). In his mind, he see himself as an atheist masked man wander around a steam-punk like city. The young man met a girl from his childhood but his mother told him that the girl was dead long ago. The artist attempt suicide multiple times but she call medial emergency beforehand.

Asian erotic thriller movie (link to scenes from the movie)

I saw pictures from an erotic Asian film(not porn), and it looked interesting. I have tried to look for just the actors, but no luck. (link shows scenes from the movie)

It looks like it’s from the 90’s, judging from the cloth, it looks like a boss and I thought it was Japanese¬†first, but I could be totally wrong.


the scene:

(office scene, possibly movie from the 90’s, Asian¬†film)

man: “by the way, you’re a masochist, right?”

female: “what?”

the man put’s fingers in her mouth, and she goes to her knees

man: “I knew it. do you wanna be my slave?”

female:¬†“yes, sir.”


link to pictures from scenes from the movie:

Female serial killer

Can’t remember the name. Below is what I remember

1. Made in Canada (after going through a lot of Canada movies in not sure if it was filmed there now)

2. Roughly around 2000 to 2010

3. About a woman who kills men she sleeps with (pretty sure)

4. Main role is played by a guy

5. Has a friend who is a female police officer who is jealous and doesn’t like his gf

6. Ends up dating the female serial killer

7. First scene I briefly remember was a bathtub or spa and the guy was paralyzed I think

8. Not a big title. Think it was low budget

9. Main woman he is dating is also a pathological liar

Please help

Thriller where a group of men in masks murders a young male prostitute…

So, I’m looking a 90’s TV movie.
I do not remember any of the actors (especially because for many years I thought it was another film that I could not remember the name of).
It could be American or British, since I am from Latin America and the movie was dubbed into Spanish, but Im pretty shure it was American.

I can not completely remember the argument since I was very young and my parents did not let me watch it for a long time.

I remember that the police enter the crime scene (an abandoned warehouse or something) where a young male prostitute is crucified. Somehow there is a video tape where they can see a group of men with black masks spinning around the young man when he was still alive as in a kind of ritual dance.
There was another young male prostitute who had escaped participating in this ritual and knew the dead young man or something like that, the police talked to him.
I do not know how watching the tape one of the protagonists – police – finds one of the men who was a dentist or pediatrician.
And from there I do not remember anymore.
I am looking for it for YEARS,  so if you can help me to find it I will thank you very much !!!

Sci-fi movie about a mining/harvesting team

When I was around 14years old my dad was watching a movie on TV that took place in space about a harvesting/mining team. It was not a made for TV movie. The most distinct part of this movie was that to enter hyperspace safely the team had to enter special pods. At some point there‚Äôs a man and woman fooling around when the captain tells them they are about to enter hyperspace and to get into the pods. This is where it gets fuzzy for me‚ÄĒ Either one of the pods malfunctions, or someone sabotages it, and the man cannot shut his pod. This causes his body to compress and liquify against the door. The puppetry and special effects of this part really made an impression on my young mind, but I have no idea what this movie is called!!! Please help me figure this one out!

Sci-fi dystopian movie


I saw this movie on HBO sometime around 2000’s. What I can say is that is was a sci-fi dystopian movie, with the action taking place in the future with city states, wars and so on. I’m not sure if it was animated or CGI.

There was a team consisting of soldiers and ‘witches’ that were women with some devices that granted them telekinetic abilities, like the ability to control some black energy hands that appeared from the ground and crushed their enemies.

Also at a certain point they had to cross through a tunnel in a passage underground, and they had to do it during nighttime, because during the day it would get incandescent. And I think one of the team didn’t make it.


What is the name of this movie? ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† There’s this other movie where a group of friends went into the woods and they saw some men and they thought that they were going to kill them and one of them fell in a wood chopper while another fell and hit his head etc