Old horror mystery where little girl finds her dead relative buried under a house

I saw this movie in the late 1988-1992. It was in color, English language, movie seen on TV.


This little girl has premonitions of a dead little girl family member. She was insistent on finding out what happens to her but it is a family mystery of this girl that disappeared.  She goes to spend a summer with some family members and discovers a skeleton of a little girl under the house. They say that she can now Rest In Peace  because she was found.

what is this movie? please!

I remember only a little bit of this movie. I saw it when i was a lot younger and i watched it around the time i watched the movie “13 ghost” which is from 2001. I’m guessing this movie is round that time period and it was in color. The only things i remember is that a crew of people go somewhere on a train and they are being chased my other people who are trying to kill them. The killers are maybe zombies or cannibals and the main killer which is the “king” of the others has long hair and has his face painted black and white. I also remember that he would cut the heads of the people he killed and would stick them on the ground on a stick. Another scene i remember is when the crew is trying to get away the main one screams and all the other people chase the train and get on top of it trying to get in.

Banquet where men and women forced to strip and tied together, woman kidnapped, falls in love with one of thieves- comedy?

I saw this movie at a friend’s house in approximately 1985-86.

It had some slapstick elements but seemed to be more of a romance later on.  I think the lead actress had dark curly hair.  The lady was at some fancy banquet (maybe a fundraiser?) when a band of robbers shows up.  The people are forced to strip and give up valuables.  The robbers are tying men and women together at each hand and foot.  (Could you possibly come up with something that could take longer to accomplish?). I don’t think there was any nudity.  The lead hides behind a table stacked with food and grabs this napkin the size of a towel to wrap herself in.  She gets tied to someone she really doesn’t get along with.

Somehow she is chosen to be taken as a hostage.  She ends up falling in love with (or at least sleeping with) one of the thieves.

I have been wondering what my friends’ parents made us watch for 30 years.  Help me confirm it wasn’t porn.

Alien movie

All i can remember is this scene. its about a Women and man in this trance because they were attacked by an alien. the women is a painter and she has severe depression. she recently got a divorce and is trying to leave. and the man has dreams. they come together to figure out that they must kill themselves in order to get out of the trance. once they finally get out of the trance they realize that there team had them in there to keep them alive because of am alien attack. Can someone please help me with this movie ?If im correct its this giant Alien that kinda looks like an octopus its in the big glass. when the alien touched them they needed to be put in the dream world in order to survive.in the movie in her painting she has hints and the man has dreams

Obscure German(?) movie about parents hiring a teacher for their son

Hey, I think this movie is fairly recent, from around 2015/2016. I saw a trailer for it in late 2016. I think the language was German and the storyline was about parents living in a house and looking for a teacher/carer for their son who is made out to be a little child, 8 or so years old. The teacher arrives and gets to meet the son. It’s revealed that the son is indeed an older man (around 30 or older) who wears childrens clothes and is treated as child by his parents.


Thanks to anyone who can solve this

Indie Film Set in the Pacific Northwest (Washington? Vancouver Island?)

So in this film, there was a guy who I think lost his job or something and decided to go on a “reflect on myself and purpose” trip to his family’s cabin in the Pacific Northwest. But when he gets there, expecting to be alone, there’s this lesbian that’s living there? I can’t remember who she is or why. But anyways they have a lot of deep conversations etc. etc. and then they have sex but the lesbian wants to have a baby so she pokes holes into the condoms that they use and basically uses the guy for his sperm lol. Then her girlfriend comes and the three of them are hanging out in the cabin but there’s a cliffhanger and we never actually find out if the lesbian got pregnant or not. It was a WEIRD movie with a small budget I believe, might have been a TV movie. I didn’t actually care for the movie but it’s bothering me that I can’t remember what it’s called.

Summer Camp Movie! 80s maybe 90s

Okay, so I used to watch this movie CONSTANTLY when I was around 5 (I’m 19 now) I’ve been trying to figure out what the title of this damn movie is for as long as I can remember.

I remember that I would watch it on TV. I had Videotron and it was on the free movie channel which was either 900 or 999 and they had a free children’s movie selection and thats where I would watch it.

So, this movie I believe was in English but there is a high possibility it was in French and probably came out in the 90s I’m really not sure what the release date. What I remember is that it was two camps or two different vacation spots and they would rival. They were also kids, but it may not have been a camp because I clearly remember the rivals were two groups of kids and they would go home to their parents. And the “leaders” of these two camps or whatever fell in love and would sneak out late at night to spend time together. I remember one scene where he kissed the other team leader and he mentioned she tasted funny and she said it was because she was wearing bug spray.

Another scene that I remember was when they were at “war” and they were sling shooting mud at each other, but one guy put a rock in the mud and it hit the girl in the face so they had to forfeit.

Also they were all fighting in one scene but they stopped to help a drowning bee in a barrel.

Early 90s US Romantic Spy Comedy About Russian/German Female Solder Defecting With American Male Soldier

From what I remember, this is a story about a low level, bumbling, down on his luck male American Soldier who is stationed near a Communist country controlled by the Soviets. I think it was West Germany, and I think he had black hair. His duty might have been as a desk clerk or even a janitor. I think I remember him mopping something, thought it may have been punishment for bumbling, or maybe he just tripped or was pushed over a mop bucket. Or, maybe he worked in the motor pool at a desk signing out vehicles.

I’m not at all sure about this part, but I think the plot is that he has to do a routine chore for his Commander that involves going into Communist territory and delivering paperwork. I think the chore is something he has done a lot of times, though it could be the first time and he is nervous about it. The chore itself is routine at least, I think. And it might be that he is going into East Germany. I’m pretty sure it involves going though a checkpoint in a car, where a white bar across the road needs to be lifted up. While there, he either delivers some spy stuff unknowingly, or the Communists think he did, perhaps even mistaking him for someone else who actually is a spy. Either way he is delayed in leaving, though he doesn’t know why really.

He meets a Soviet or East German female soldier who’s job is more important than his, I think, but is still just a clerical job. It might have to do with codes, but she isn’t a codebreaker or anything super important. Maybe it is her rank that is higher than his, not sure. She wears an olive green soldier dress uniform with a skirt, black heels, and I think she has red shoulder marks. She has short blonde hair in a bob haircut. She has a super kind personality, even more so than the American soldier, which doesn’t fit in with her fellow Russian soldiers. She’s not violent or masculine at all. She falls in love with the American solder.

He figures out eventually that he is in trouble and needs to escape back to his base. The female solider decides she wants to go with him and defect. The rest of the film is them trying to escape the Communists and reach the American held area. I think along the way they accidentally solve the spy plot he got caught up in, I can’t remember what it was, but it is a win for the Free World.

I’m pretty sure this film was shown a huge number of times on HBO in the very late 80s or very early 90s, probably in the summer during the day, as the VHS tape I saw it on was made for the purpose of recording such films back then.

i saw it as a commercial before the actual movie was going to play??

okay so this was somewhere between 5-10 years ago, 10 being really pushing it. i dont remember what movie i was watching (even though part of me wants to say it was “who is cletis tout”), but as with most vhs movies, there were a handful of previews before it got to what you wanted.
anyway, i cant recall all that much, but i remember it was showing a man and woman fighting kind of? it was like he had kidnapped her. im pretty sure he chained or tied her to a table at one point. the color red was really really prominent in the preview as well. it had significant stockholm-y vibes, like there was some romantic involvement between the two? i remember the girl being a really pretty brunette, and for some reason i wanna say the man was ben kingsley, but i checked his list of movies and none of them seemed to fit. i dont think there was any speaking in the preview but im not sure, it was very artsy haha. thanks in advance.

Help me!!!

Okay so it’s about a girl who get abducted by a guy who stalks her from her school, he had her hiding in like a junk yard underneath a door in the ground. It looked like the desert and I think it was in Arizona but her mother eventually finds out that the boy took her and she find her daughter at the end. Sounds like a lifetime or lmn movie

Late 80s , 90s movie

I can remember several parts of the movie so this could be all over the place.

A man and what’s seems like a younger woman are in a bedroom and he asks her to strip down and proceeds to take photos of her and lays her down on the bed and they have sex.

Theres another scene where she is heavily pregnant and shows him the photo from the scene above.

There seemed to be some level of abuse, whether emotional or physical as he seemed to be taken advantage of her. From this, after having a few kids with him, she hired someone to kill him but it didn’t end well and she was arrested for his murder.

pleas help

Obscure SE Asian Movie

I remain intermittently haunted throughout the years by the memory of an obscure SE Asian movie I saw at a festival once as a teenager about a lonely bike courier who falls in unrequited love with a streetwalker, and eventually abducts her corpse after she is murdered for doublecrossing her pimp, then takes said corpse home and lives with it.

This scene of him sitting at his kitchen table with her blank-eyed flyblown corpse, saying: “Those other men; they don’t love you. But *I* love you. I’ll always love you.”

1996-1998; it was southeast asian; best guess Vietnamese; it was undoubtedly a movie; I saw it at the Canberra Film Festival; I ushered the screening of it; it was relatively new at the time; it was in colour

If I never find out the name of this movie it will plague me to my grave

Car antenna ending

So i have a vivid memory of an end of a movie. It had something to do with youth taking over some kind of establishment from adults. The end scene i remember is of an adult couple arguing in a car. They are not paying attention and drive into a wet asphalt, unfinished portion of the road and sink the car stuck inside. It cuts to next day. You see the antenna of the car sticking up through the now hardened road. The camera pulls out as cars drive over it. End.   Anyone know if this is a thing? Did i make this up? Thanks for the help.

Skinemax Movie 90s/early 00s

The movie was a softcore movie on Cinemax late at night. It started off with an orgy on a boat.  The plot was that this guy is a techie/computer programmer who has a girlfriend and then he starts working for this big tech company.  His boss is the owner of the company and has him do corporate espionage where he pretends to date this short haired blonde woman, and they go on a date with this couple where the husband works for a competing company.  The other guy has a threesome with the blonde woman and his wife while the main character steals some tech secrets.  Later the main character has sex with his boss’s wife after a meeting with the boss, and later starts having an affair with the friend of the boss’s wife.  It might have been dubbed?  I can’t find this movie anywhere and it’s driving me crazy!