Please help identify this movie!!!

I saw this movie like 15-20 years ago, and have been going crazy trying to remember the title ever since. The little information I can recall is this;

there was this woman, dirty blond I believe, who was kidnapped and handcuffed in a basement to a bed, I believe she was pregnant, and there was something to do with him wanting to take her baby or something? She also swallowed the handcuff key and threw it back up to escape.

Any suggestions are appreciated, as I haven’t found a single movie in google searches remotely similar… I know it’s not much info to work with… but like I said it was so long ago, I was very young. 80’s-90’s movie I think.

Gory anime from early 2000’s or 90’s

I remember quite vividly an anime or cartoon that was incredibly gory. I was super young at the time, somewhere between the age of 5 and 7 (so approximately 2000-2002), having a sleepover with some cousins. They had both gone to sleep when I turned on the cartoon network channel, thinking I could watch Tom and Jerry or something. After a commercial, the show/movie that was on showed these soldiers getting pulled out of their mech suits and being examined by robots or something. While they were being examined I remember them being cut in half from their heads down to their asscheeks, where you could see the bones and how the blood was still being pumped through their bodies (the soldiers were still alive, but groaning). The robot/camera thing was just examining them. This shit is still so vivid to me, and after extensive searching on the web, I can’t find anything that remotely sounds like it. This show gave me nightmares and scared the living hell out of me and I can still vividly remember this scene from 15-16 years ago.


I know this is a weird situation, but I’d appreciate any help in figuring out what this show was.


a vampire movie where the woman acts like a pick up girl, after getting pick she breaks a bottle of liquor and stab her victim on the neck before sucking its blood. when daylight breaks she enters a huge water tank where she stays until the sun has set down. and theres this vampire man who is looking for a victim she picked up a girl from the street hoping to feed on that woman, when suddenly the woman who supposed to be the victim bit the man on his neck and fed on him, after that the man fell inlove with the vampire woman and took her to his home to meet his family.

Movie title help please

80’s comedy movie where a man turns into a werewolf and a gold chain with a razor blade appears around his neck. He also sees a nurse where he says he has a raging hard on that won’t quit no matter how times he does it a she responds with I’ll give you 50 dollars and my wedding ring.

Heaven/Hell doctor movie

I’m trying to identify this movie, basically it goes-

a doctor arrives to hell, after a while tries to help everybody there, and then because of this he is transferred to heaven.

Then he speaks to someone or asks questions or something like that, and each time he is fed a spoonful of soup.

If I remember correctly everybody there are breatherians, and they have a choise of reincarnation.

no idea what year the movie was made.

Spy caper?

Saw film in late 70’s on TVs so likely made in sixties.  Was in colour.  Key scene I remember was an object (blueprints/phot) was passed along a street scene with each give being killed in a comic way by the receiver.  All receivers odd characters – a frogman coming up a manhole, an icecream vendor, an organ grinder with monkey.  Each receiver also used an item relevant to their role to photograph the object.  E.g. A tub of ice cream

about ghost car that causes dreams

This is a newish one, from mid 2010’s.  I saw a preview on YouTube, two different previews actually.  In the first, which made me want to see it, a little girl is taking flowers from a pond in a forest and placing them next to her mother, who appears to be sleeping.  Eventually she stirs and the camera reveals she is dead, and some giant carnivorous worm is chewing on the back of her head, but the sequence is revealed to be a dream.  In the next preview, it just shows a badly washed out dark muscle car driving with tinted windows, and the film’s creators talk about a car with the ability to cause dreams, and say the movie isn’t really a horror film.  Not sure if it ever even got released.

Finding a B-movie horror film!!!!

Hey guys,

so i’ve been searching to find this movie for YEARS. It is a modern B-movie i saw about 6 years ago at a local film store which shut down soon after so  I couldn’t find the movie again. It was a horror movie about a serial killer family which kidnapped two younger women, who were the main characters. One of the scenes I remember very clearly was when one of the main characters, one of the girls, gets killed by the family. The other main character girl watches in horror as the family, including children, cut the woman up into pieces. There was a very horrifying scene where the father, a fatter, balding man with glasses, cuts out the womans bloody vagina and has sex with it while the girl watches. That same girl manages to escape. Again, this was a modern film, and it wasn’t very popular because it was a B-movie, but I remember it being one of the scariest movies I have ever seen! if anyone has any ideas please let me know! Thank you!

Bad Witch / Little Girl Scary Children’s Movie

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid in some time around late 80’s – early 90’s. I watched it on color TV.

It was a magical, mysterious, scary kids movie or a short movie may be? not sure.

There is a bad woman character, like a witch or something, and there’s this little girl somehow got caught in her hands. This woman/witch, gives the little girl very delicious little heart shaped chocolates, wrapped in nice shiny papers. Inside each heart chocolate, there is a pretty ring which a little girl can put on her finger. The girl loves those rings and eats more or those heart chocolates in order to get more rings. But there’s something wrong/bad about those chocolate and/or rings. The more she eats them, the more rings she get, and the more she is affected by the witch’s spell.

It was something like that. The original language of the movie must be english I guess but I’m not sure.

Can we find this movie? Anyone remembers it?

60’s? British? Period movie

I thought it was Tom Jones, but after reading the wikipedia article on that movie, it does not appear to be the one I am trying to remember.

What I do remember is the main character using a little person as a way to break through the ceiling to the room full of women above them. The main character was also a thief perhaps or just a general scallywag type.

I think they were all in jail (??) with the women on the upper floor. I believe it was a period movie set a couple of hundred years ago, possibly in jolly old England or area.

There seemed to be a lot of sex in this movie. I saw it as a kid, and of course I should not have.


horror maybe?

There was a movie played on cable tv in the 90s. it was set in america most likely. a teenage girl is paid money to strip by a group of teenage boys. when she removes her shirt she is wearing a bra with nipples drawn on it. the boys then tell her she needs to take off the bra since they paid. she was about to do this when something happens (scary perhaps?) that causes them all to leave. i remember she was like a rebel type of girl perhaps a runaway

Girl with magic powers abused by father

I remember this movie scene where a little girl, I think with dark hair, has magic powers of some sort, and she uses them to close a cabinet or something, but her father catches her and gets angry. Her parents know about her powers and her abusive father tries to stop her from using them by hurting her. Her mother tries to protect her. They lived in a small house or cabin of some sort, and I think I remember the scene being dimly lit/dark. I think she may have also run away out of the house after that scene? I guess it could have been a tv show, but was more likely a movie. I’ve tried everything I can think of to track it down because that scene has stuck with me for years. Just hoping someone recognizes it and can tell me anything about it. It could have been on tv or a rented dvd, it was in color, and most likely in English. It could have been anywhere from like 1999 to 2007.

Dirty man with long fingernails

I watched this movie, I believe in school, around 5th or 6th grade, in 1995 or so. It was in color and in English, although I don’t remember a lot of talking.

All I really remember is a man who I think was forced to live underground or may have been cursed for a certain number of years, and when he came out he was walking in front of a stone building, very dirty clothes and skin, with a long beard and really long fingernails. I doubt it was horror since I am pretty sure I watched it in school and I don’t have bad memories of it, just a lack of memory.

B movie 1960s demons and monsters chase teens thru the woods

Color movie seen on TV in early 1980s.  Group of teens walk thru woods with reptiles made to look like dinosaurs,  and demons (warded of if they wore a necklace with occult symbol).  One makes it out with a flying devil that warns he will die in one year.  As he gets onto a road to escape a car without a driver hits him.  Movie ends with him in a pyschiatric hospital screaming its been one year and they are coming to get him.  Last scene shoes one of the groups teens, possessed, entering the hospital.

Movie about a man with a gambling problem

Hey, Iam looking for a comedy movie with the main character being a bin man in the uk. This man frequently goes to the betting shop and bets on horses. The opening scene is him in a chip shop in the UK while his wife is giving birth to their son. The movie is a string of visits to the bet shop with mixed results for him.

Here are some specific scenes i remember:

He wins a bet and buys his son a playstation for his birthday

He sells his TV to a friend to bet

He spends his families savings to go to disneylands on betting on horses

He gets set up by his friend at the end of the film and loses all his money

Sewer monster and abominable snowman

Hi, I’m trying to remember two separate movies. I saw both of them as a kid in the early 90s. The first was on cinemax and all I remember is there was a monster in a sewer and a guy and a woman were trying to track it down. The guy had some kid of tracking device. It was similar to The Relic but a different movie.

The 2nd I also used to watch in the early 90’s but I’m not sure when the movie was made. It was about  a group of people hunting an abominable snowman. I remember they had a truck with a camper on the back of it.

Guy shoots other guy with tiny gun hidden in underwear

Ok, so all i remember from this movie is this one scene. A guy (possibly Brendan Gleeson, but since I’ve tried looking up his movies, I’m starting to doubt it’s him) wants to kill another guy. Since he knows he’s gonna get searched for weapons, he gets a very small gun and hides it in his underwear. He goes to see this guy then, and while they are sitting down and talking, he puts his hand down his pants. This guy looks at him funny (or asks him what he’s doing, i don’t remember exactly) and he just tells him he got an STD from a hooker or something like that. When he manages to adjust the gun properly he shoots the guy (don’t remember if he actually kills him).

Well that’s all i remember. I will be very grateful if someone can figure out which movie this is, it’s been killing me for weeks! Thanks in advance!