A former race team mechanic tries his luck as a pilot in a team with a recent casualty. There is a big rivalry with his team mate until he…

…gives up and helps him to win the race.

It is a 80’s or 90’s movie, probably direct to video. There is a fatal accident in a sort of Indy racing team during a test run. In order to substitute the pilot, the team hires a former genius mechanic that wants to try his luck on the wheel. His teammate immediately challenges him creating a big rivalry amongst them. The former mechanic is not really that good an often commits mistakes while switching gears, which lead to no great results on the track. I don’t remember much more, but in the end the mechanic prefers to stand down as a pilot and help his team mate by acting as a mechanic (he finds out a different mixture in the fuel can give him 10+ hp), which helps him win the race against a French pilot from another team.

i think a korean, but not totally sure tv show

so basically i saw the show on Netflix like 2-4 years ago and it was like a Korean or Asian tv show. The plot consisted of this little girl being taken and than the story line shows how her moms has to like figure out where she is and it keeps jumping like time frames i remember the title being something like “10 days to find sibera” or something along the lines of that. the girl ends up getting saved and stuff but this one guy dies in it to sacrifice himself for the little girl i think but i cant seem to remember. also this might not be any help but the episodes were all like 40-45 mins long. if anyone could help that would be great!

90s – early 2000s film set in the ‘wild west’

I’m trying to find the name of a film I saw as a kid. I remember the following points from the film.

  • 12-14 year-old boy lives on a farm with his mother and older brother.
  • He is best friends with a native american boy whose mother works on the farm.
  • The protagonist is rebellious and in a scene recklessly drives a wagon (for some reason) around. His friend does gets in the way to save him and is killed.
  • Feeling guilty, the main character runs from home and ends up captured by a native american tribe.
  • They often call him ‘crier’ and he can speak some of their language because his friend taught him.
  • At the end of the movie he finds his way back home a few years later when he’s around 17-19.
  • His older brother at first threatens hims, but soon recognises him.
  • When the main character is older, around 30, he returns to the tribe to visit the grave of an old woman who took care of him.

Black and orange fog

Ok, so there’s this horror movie I’m looking for. I remember barely anything from it. I’d say it was from between 2010-2014 and I AM NOT SURE but I think it happenned in a foreign country (but is an american movie). I saw this movie in french in my Canadian movie theatre so it means it got an international release. The only thing I remember about it is that the main vilain is a kind of black fog with orange electrecity in it. It kills people. The main characters are a group of adults. There is a scene where they all are outside and the black thing kills a dog near a bridge. I am not sure but I also think this movie is found footage! The movie is not Chernobyl Diaries. Thank you for your help!

70s/80s animated film, kid chokes frog

The movie I am looking for was an animated film (or maybe short film/tv show), possibly a christian/bible movie (not sure why, just seemed like one from my memory), and all I remember is two scenes
-the troublesome kid or younger brother gets jealous when his fried or older brother gets attention because he his finger got hurt(?), so he bites his lip so hard it starts bleeding so he would get attention
-he chokes a frog to death

Thats all I can remember, I recall alot of orange sand colors, abd I feel like there was a shepard type character at one point. Please let me know of any leads!

Cheesy 80s monster horror movie

There was an old 80s monster movie where the monster would attack women when they were nude (80s had a lot more nudity than today’s horror movies). One girl was exercising nude, another was taking a shower, etc. The monster was like a big black blob. It was a very low budget B movie, definitely not a popular one at all. Just curious if anyone remembers it and what it was called?

animated political short

2010+- I watched an animated political short film on YouTube. The heading was very foreboding “warning what you are about to see will change the way you see everything, TRUTH REVEALED” it was very “conspiracy theory” titled. The cartoon was similar to Steve Cutts shorts but this one showed how the ruling class all throughout history (peasants/kings to oligarchs/factory workers) it showed how the rich controllers gave the poor the vote and a two party political system so they argued with themselves instead of the real culprits. It depicted a line of poor walking into the factories, in line to vote, arguing over politics and the rich over on top somewhere laughing looking down at them. Thank you so much for this site.

Woman wears killer ring

Okay.  So I am almost 40. I watched this show when I was younger than 10. Could be a movie. Could be a t. V.  Movie.

All I remember is a woman with an onyx ring she wears on her finger.  She seduces men to kiss her.  When they do, she turns the ring on her finger to the bottom side and a spike pops out.  She grabs the men by the back of the neck impaling the spike into the spinal cord..thus killing them.

I have searched for this movie for 2 decades.  Please help me.

Sexy Alien Movie on Xfinity

I saw this movie around 2006 on On Demand in the free movie section.  It is a space movie where the crew awakes from Hypersleep and an alien has gotten on board.  The alien is sexy and fulfills the crew’s fantasies.   Soon, the alien pits one crew member against the other and they slowly kill each other off.  I also remember a really long fight scene where two friends beat the hell out of each other for what seems like 20 minutes.  Cut to the ending, one of the crew escapes only to realize the evil sexy alien woman is onboard.  I wouldn’t say it was a softcore porn, but, close.

can someone please help me find the title of this scifi action movie?

there was this movie I watched when I was younger… -+ 10 years ago. it was an American movie about soldiers fighting humanlike robots (on an island I don’t know). I remember a scene where 1 guy got impaled by a wooden spear and the pain was too excruciating he ended up shooting himself. and this one scene where the last two survivors (man and woman) were kissing and all of a sudden they both got impaled by a wooden spear killing the dude but the woman survived due to the fact that she was hit in the shoulder. she successfully defeated the killerrobot and towards the end she fought this giant robot and ended up destroying it…. I cant find the title of this movie. can someone please help me?

A flying skeleton bat monster

So in the early or mid 2000s I remember seeing this movie (in English I believe)  where a boy or young child opened up like a closet or something into a huge black empty void or something and then a giant like skeleton demon or bat thing started flying towards him, I believe he managed to get out before it caught him but I might be wrong, if someone could please tell me the name of this movie I would be so grateful, I’ve been wondering this for so many years!

Technicolor love story prebirth

this was a number of years ago, but I don’t remember if it was tv or movie. All I remember is a scene in a Parthenon or gazebo type building in technicolor clouds. Definitely pre 2000s show, possibly as early as the 50s or 60s. There were a bunch of teenagers there dressed in Greek style togas, and two of them were in love. The girl had to go on a boat and be born though, so they were forced to tearfully separate, with both wondering how,  but promising they would meet again in the “real world” and would still love each other, no matter their ages.

Possible Zombie Movie?

So maybe about 15 or so years ago I saw this movie at my grandparents house. They had the TV playing, and this movie freaked me out. I only remember bits and pieces. It was definitely in English and in color. So the first scene I remember is this woman lives in this house alone and she opens her freezer/fridge and there’s blood in it. I don’t remember if there were body parts, but definitely something to make her not happy. And then this man shows up, and I keep remembering him as a zombie? But maybe he was just weird/possessed or something. But he keeps trying to seduce her. There’s a weird bathtub scene or something. And then the movie ends with this man dancing in the flames of this woman’s house as its burning down. Unsure if hes dancing with this woman, or if his zombie lover came back to him, but the house is completely engulfed and they are slow dancing. And that’s all I remember. I’ve been looking for this movie for a while, so any help would be super appreciated!

Old sci fi movie

Back in the 90’s I saw a movie on late night TV. Sci fi, a  base in the side of a red mountain. The people inside were doing experiments, then needed to get out. The AI I think or another person turned on them and would t let them leave. I remember one guy climbing a ladder and red lasers being shot at him.

I also remember a room of plants and them talking about the irrigation.

I did find it about 10 years ago, almost certain it had a year as the title. But it hasn’t helped me find it again so I maybe wrong.

80s/90s animated short

Hi Guys and Gals.

Theres an animation that traumatised me when I was younger and I was hoping someone would remember it and be able to name it so I could confront it in adulthood.

The story revolves around a young man and has several different settings. One of the most memorable for me was a scene where the guy is on dodgems (bumper cars) at a fair and the car develops machine guns and his friends sprout wings and become demons.

The final scene shows that the guy is actually on a ward in a hospital. The camera shows the doors to the ward as the burst open and a doctors comes flying out backwards landing on his back. The doctor is then attacked and killed by the guys demon and the guy walks out of the ward over the doctors body with a smirk on his face as his hallucinations follow him.

i believe this was supposed to represent ptsd and the guy was an ex soldier. I also think there was live action footage of soldiers on lsd attached to the end of the animation.

please help, I’ve been searching for years.