asian movie, women chased by wolves

I was scrolling through facebook today, and a movie clip popped up. It was in Chinese or Japanese, I believe. I had gotten no more than 20 seconds into the clip when my phone died, and I couldn’t find it again! The scene entailed a group of women dressed all in white being hunted by wolves and shot with arrows by the onlooking (long haired) asian men. It seemed to be for sport, or could have been some sort of sacrificial ceremony judging by the all white dresses. (almost like nightgowns) I would be so grateful for the title, as Google has failed me yet again. Thank you in advance!!

An infamous horror/demonic movie about some kind of paranormal/weird story

I dont really remember much of details about the movie, it was absolutely a movie that i watched it on TV.

It was about a beautiful redhead girl who was like 21-24 years old, who has had an interest in demonic stuff, so she went to a library when weird kind of gothic people at the library, showed her some books that she read… but i dont really understand the movie even when i watched it… because all the people who read some book just subconsciously jumped off the roof, and she finally at the end of the movie did the same..

i remember them chasing her for a reason i guess asking her to return the book or something like this..

i dont remember the actual time watching this movie, but its like maybe before 2012 i guess

some hints of the movie : many of the scenes were in the library. that redhead woman live alone at an apartment/house…

maybe some sort of creepy events happened to her that pushed her to go to that library to find out about whats going on with these creepy stuff..

Scifi movie about aliens with hypnotic abilities and a levitating creature that covered the victims head like a shroud and killed them.

I saw the movie on TV in the early 60’s.  It was black and white.  The villains were, I think, aliens who could hypnotize by removing their shades and looking you in the eye.  They had some type of creature that they could summon for the purpose of killing people.  The creature looked to me (as a pre-schooler) to resemble a black umbrella.  It could levitate (or fly) and would sneak up from behind, settling over the persons head and blood could be seen flowing from beneath it.  I don’t know if possibly I’m combining more than one movie but I seem to recall towards the end that people who were taken by the villains (aliens?) were at one point alive but caught up in some type of webbing almost like a spider web but I don’t recall any spiders.  Anyone know of this movie?

Mystery Demon Baby

I was living in the Philippines in 1976 and my family’s house girl was watching the tv and I remember a reveal of a baby that was actually a demon.  It scared the shit out of me for years.  I vaguely recall that it may have been by the tall grasses along a river.  The movie could have been American, but was most likely not, possibly Filipino or from somewhere else in southeast Asia.  Sorry to be so vague.  It was a long time ago.  Does this ring a bell for anyone?

WW2 Dance Contest Chase

I think it was Donald O’Connor who plays a sailor (WW2) being chased by the Shore Patrol in this scene.  He runs into a dance contest and runs up at least 2 walls doing back-flips over the shore patrol who run into the walls.  The contest judges are highly impressed!  This may be part of the opening scene.  This scene takes place in a major city, possibly New York or L.A.  I think he was with a buddy when the Shore Patrol starts chasing them.

This film was most likely made somewhere between 1939 and 1950.  It may have had Gene Kelly in it too.  It is NOT Dancing’ in the Rain.



Surreal, dream-like movie

I saw a movie years ago (early 2000’s-ish?). Definitely in color, possibly in English. It was a very surreal, dream-like movie and the only scene I can remember is someone (maybe female) walking through a room with a live horse in it. As the person walks past the horse, it’s suddenly sliced vertically into several sections. The sections separate from each other, staying in place in the air. It reminded me of an anatomy book diagram showing you where the organs are in relation to the body. The horse is still alive and doesn’t seem to have noticed what’s happened to it. In one of the sections you can see it’s still-beating heart.

That’s really all I can remember. To this day I’m still not certain if this was a real movie or simply a fragment of a dream I had years ago.

Name of the movie

Hi everyone, several years ago I watched a movie but now I can’t remember the name of it, it was a medieval & fantasy movie, a group of men were chased by some creatures which they could find the group of men by smelling, in a scene two men of the group were running in a plain and they saw (a fox or a wolf) one of the two men betrayed the other one by cutting his friends leg and leave him for the wolf to eat him, so the other one could survive, and in another scene they group of men were eating the food inside a deer’s gut, that’s all I can remember, thanks in advance.
Sorry for my bad english

Movie about girl in 1920s summer mansion in England

Please help! I’m searching for the title of a movie filmed in the late 90s or 2000s. It takes place around the 1920s or ww1 and in England in a large country manor house. The main character is a teenage girl. She is tomboyish and I believe is the youngest of her siblings who are brothers. It’s a coming of age movie. Her family is very liberal and have bohemian parties at the big old house. I think the girl is narrating the film from an older perspective. At the end of the movie the family leaves the country estate and the girl is about to go to university or boarding school and it symbolizes the end of her childhood. The last scene is her driving away with her family and is looking at the house as she leaves. It was a wonderful movie and am desperate to find it. Thank you so much for any help!

Can’t remember movie need help!!

Hi so I have  been trying to find out the name of this movie I can’t seem to remember a lot only bits and pieces but what I remember is somehow a girl is like walking down the street and like all the young girls are jump rope and  all the boys are dribbling the ball and they all wear the same clothes and this girl has to defeat a bad guy to stop other people from being under his control and she also like has to save her dad who has  been missing and she like walks down a hallway with like rooms and she finds her dad but he’s only like a dream or like a hologram or something. That’s all I can remember

Strange Black and White movie

i must’ve watched this 10+ years ago on late night movie channels. I have vague memories of it but it has haunted me since. I remember that the bulk of the film was shot for lack of better terms like a side scrolling video game where you’re stepped back from the set and you’re sort of looking inward at it. There was a strange mouse man, I believe they went to hell at some point, a lot of underground tunnels and such. I also have a blackboard in my head. I know none of this makes sense but as a kid I was totally entranced by this and I felt like the movie dragged on for hours.


Hi so i have been trying to find this movie for so long and it’s driving me crazy. I saw it for the first time on TV around 6 years ago. I remember that it was about two girls one of whom is blonde and married to this older man but she is having and affair. the man she is having and affair with shows up to her home one day and threatens to expose her to her husband unless she pays him. apparently it was her friend who had put him up to this. but her husband is already suspicious of his wife so he hires a private investigator to follow her. the twist to the movie ends up being that the two women had planned the whole thing from the start. they planned to set up the other man for the murder of the husband and the friend ends up killing the husband naked with this horn things he kept on his desk. later in the movie things end up going to shit and the girls end up killing the private investigator. and they end up turning on eachother so the blonde girl kills her friend. then the movie ends with the blonde girl handcuffing the poor guy they get up and leading him into the woods to kill him since he figured out their plan. but he gets out of the handcuffs there’s a struggle and he ends up dead but during the struggle he hand managed to get one of the cuffs on the girls wrist so she is stuck in the middle of the woods handcuffed to a dead body. the final scene in the movie is there two skeletons still handcuffed together.

Now even through i can remember so much of this movie i have had no luck finding it! i hope someone can help.

western/frontier movie heart pounding scene

rough description – native americans raid american raildroad and for some reason they are forced to sign a treaty, the treaty get broken by a US colonel, the native americans raise up a US flag as a sign so the colonel would tell his men to stop shooting but the colonel ignored it and at the end of the battle, there was one native left and the whole cavalry regiment beat him to death (very familiar to the scene in THE LAST SAMURAI)

not all about this description may be 100 percent right but if anyone can figure out this movie, YOU ARE MY HERO because i just randomly start remember this scene from childhood and now i cant stop thinking about it

Drowned boy, mystery solved years later

Google has failed me…

Year – late 80s

My grandparents were watching some movie or tv show after they thought I was asleep for the night. I must have stood in the hallway for a long time watching without them realizing. My grandparents were fairly “proper” people, so I expected this to be an episode of Masterpiece Mystery or Poirot, but I can’t find it. Anyway…

In English, possibly black and white, maybe only black and white to signify flashback?

An adult male – maybe priest? – drowns a young boy in a bathtub. The bathroom is not modern. Rough wood plank floors and a tub with feet. The scene involves watch sloshing over the edge of the tub. During the drowning, a necklace or rosary gets washed down the drain. I don’t know if this was a flashback or what but the next piece I remember is years later, somehow people find the necklace/rosary in the septic tank. Maybe the building burned down? Not sure.



Movie about bank robbery

I remember a movie about a female white criminal who gets out of jail and she wants to see her son but the dad doesn’t want to let her see him. In one scene she’s talking to somebody on a train and at the end of the movie she’s on a plane with her boyfriend and her son after committing a crime and somebody rushes in and they think they got caught buys it’s actually someone with an organ cooler and they get away.

Movie from late 90s early 00s about fairy or pixie who can turn human

I saw this movie when I was young so it might be late 90s or early 00s. I saw it on TV when we had Dish.  I remember that there was a woman who is a pixie or fairy that can turn into human. When she turns human she is completely naked and goes to a house that belongs to a man with a young daughter. She falls in love with the man who doesn’t believe in magic but has to return to the forest to save her people from the evil man, wizard or something like that. They believe she is dead but she is alive and has decided to live as a human and is now a teacher at the girl’s school.  I found the name about a year ago but lost the paper on which I wrote it. I only remember it had a kinda long name.