Hippie commune mother daughter movie

This movie was about a daughter who was joining an environmentally based hippie type commune or cult. The hippie people made their own clothing and ate out of the garbage etc. The mother was raising her by herself and joins also with the hope of saving her daughter. One scene there was a young boy that was with them and they were all literally dumpster diving and the kid is thrown against some glass, cuts his neck and bleeds out right there. The group eventually goes to their “land” and is growing things etc to live apart from society and the daughter finally leaves. The mother stays because she is sucked into the life and having a sexual relationship with the leader. I cannot recall the name but I saw this in the late 1990’s or the early 2000’s.

Couple’s home is haunted by dangerous otherworldly “men” who collect lost things from people

I saw this on tv between 1999 and 2004(?), it’s probably a movie, but it might also have been an episode of some kind of anthology series, and I don’t know the run-time — at least half an hour. Language was english, but it might have been dubbed. I only remember a few scenes. Based on the look, it likely dates after 1990, but before digital was widespread; it appeared to have made-for-TV quality. I could also be wrong about that, because it’s been so long.


A white man and woman live in a home where things seem weird and not-right. Also there’s a door that’s messed up.

The man works in tv – he’s an actor, and several of his scenes involve him at work, being filmed for what is probably a soap opera.

Scene: The woman is concerned about the weird things in their home, and a different man comes over to check it out. He points out that somebody had added a door to the home after it was built, and says that created a major imbalance, and it means that the added door sometimes opens to other planes of existence, or maybe it was just the spirit world. He demonstrates by jiggling the handle of the door, then opening it — revealing a glowing otherworldly void. “See?” he says, but then it sucks him in and he’s gone.

Apart from this scene, the couple start seeing strange figures in their home and lives. These look just like, if I remember correctly, men are painted blue — just painted that color, they looked similar to the Blue Man Group in that sense, though these characters speak — and when they open their mouths, they have cartoonishly sharp teeth. They are dangerous and malevolent, and have something to do with lost things people have forgotten about. Somehow, possibly just by moving in, the couple have gotten the attention of these otherworldly monsters, and is now in trouble.

Scene: The woman has somehow entered the space where lost and forgotten things are collected. It’s a room full of tables, and on the tables are all kinds of items, pieces of people’s lives that they have forgotten ever existed. The woman has only one chance to escape, and that’s to find something of hers that was taken. One of the creatures is stalking her through the room while she looks, and it’s the man who was sucked into the vortex earlier in the story; he now is blue like the others, and doesn’t even remember his own name. The woman finds the lost item at last, and is released; she’s beaten the creatures.

Last scene/twist ending: The actor is on-set, filming a scene where he’s been stranded at sea in an inflatable life raft, one of those with a built-in canopy. He is shocked to discover that some of the creatures are in the life raft too, they say something like “surprise!” and grab and drag him into the raft, their mouths open with fangs showing. That’s the end of the story.

Romantic comedy, time loops

So this is a movie that I watched quite some time ago with my friends and for the life of us, we can’t seem to remember the name.

It features a woman who is proposed to by her doctor(?) of a boyfriend and they go this is family’s estate to have the wedding.

On the day she meets the family, she bumps into the brother (not knowing he was the brother) while running.

The sister (younger) has doubts about the relationship between the MC and the fiance because she feels as if none of them are actually in love with each other.

She goes through with the wedding anyway. They go to bed together (nothing happens) but the next day, she realises that the day is being repeated again and again and again.

She grows closer to the brother during this time loop (nobody is aware of it but her) and falls in love with him.

Then she chooses him and the time loop breaks.

The wedding is in the morning but she breaks up with the fiance, freeing him from the burden of unwanted marriage.

The mother is annoyed but the husband tells her to sit down (first time he’s being assertive) .

Something about “when you fall in love it should feel like getting into a warm bath” was said in Italian.

The ex-fiance’s family is Italian we believe.

We are really desperate to find out the name of this movie.

Thank you very much,

Amadia and friends

A movie where an animal sings a simple melody and a lot of animals come to it (possibly to help fight against humans)?

Hi there! I don’t know much about this movie (hell,I don’t even know if i remember this correctly). But what I do remember is the melody that is sang by wwhat I think is an animal calling other animals to aid it. It is really simple and it souns like ” o ooooooooooooooooo o ooooooooooooooo” in a high tone. The animal might be voiced by a kid and that’s why this tone is so high. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Asian cinema, set in the mountains. Couple seeks to gain immortality by stealing a power, one dies they find each other in another life, only…

… for one to die immediately by getting hit by a car

I saw this movie a few years ago, perhaps 2013 and I think it was older than that, on a recommendation for a unique, spiritual romance. Soulmates/Twinflames/Reincarnation theme. In color. The film was Asian, not sure if subtitled or not. Set in mountains. A couple falls in love and seeks to be together forever. The woman encourages the man to steal a power he was not supposed to. There is a scene where the couple is levitating/floating in the air while kissing/lovemaking. This scene stands out in my mind because it was beautifully done, the backdrop of mountains and perhaps the woman had on a flowy dress at some point, they are so absorbed in each other they may not realize/care they are floating in the air. Their immortal plan backfires, not sure of details, but one or maybe both ends up dying. They find each other a long time later, maybe hundreds of years later. It’s the end of the movie. As soon as they remember each other, one gets hit by a car.

Old B&W movie, ingenious murder framing


Watched part of a movie years ago and there was such an ingenious framing of murder it always stuck with me, IIRC the movie was black and white and I’d guess something from 40s – 50s, it was set in the times where rich people still had “staff” and bell pulls to ring for the staff.

This man wanted to kill himself and frame someone for murder, he placed a knife into the bell pull so the handle of the knife was the handle you pull to ring for the staff, he had the person come round to his home, he asked them to ring for the staff to get their finger prints onto the knife handle, then he took the knife and inserted it into the frame of his door, pushed himself onto the knife to kill himself then as he fell letting the door open the knife was released and he ended up on the floor dead with the knife in his body and the framed guy’s fingerprints on it!


If anyone recognises this movie I’d love to know the name so I can watch it again!


Thanks in advance 🙂

DNA at crime scene

I recently started watching a movie or tv show that I think had a scene where cops found DNA at a crime scene that belonged to someone that was supposedly dead for over like 20 years. I thought it was found at the scene of a fire, but the details are so fuzzy…

Can’t remember

I watched this one movie on syfy and there was a group of friends went to go to like a motel or hotel and it was like in the wilderness so they were having fun swimming and stuff but I can’t remember but all I remember is that there were twin brothers with long I think blond hair killing them 1 by 1

strange old sci fi movie

Back in the 70’s there was a movie on television where a group of people were abducted by aliens, building (lab and all). They were taken into space but I don’t remember if they arrived at a destination. Along the way, they found several black boxes with a funnel in one side into which they plugged headphones to listen to recordings in the boxes. At another point, several of the people entered another room where an alien came around a corner at them. I remember its mouth was on its stomach area. One woman get the alien some food and it disappeared. Some sort of fear test they assumed.

Movie/documentary about surviving in the wilderness

A few years back, I saw a movie (or a documentary, I’m not quite sure) that told the story of three or four men alone in the wilderness. One was in the rainforest, the other in the desert, the third on top of some cold mountain, and I can’t remember where the fourth one was (if there even was a fourth one). They were all lost or injured, and struggling to survive, and in the end only one of them did (the one in the desert). The stories of the four men didn’t interact or have anything to do with each other. 

Does anyone know the name of this movie or documentary? I’ve been looking for it for the past two years, and it’s driving me crazy!

A teen murder investigation movie

So, I remember this movie from a childhood midnight watch at my aunt’s place.

It started with a teen boy and his group of teen friends befriending with a group of trouble makers in thr park

Later you find they were murdered and the polive is investigating

I don’t remember much but I remember a scene where the coffins are led out of a buildibg one by one, and that close to the movie’s finale, the cop visits an old lady which appears to be a psychic or a fortune teller of some sort, that sees in her head what happened to the kids and helps the cop eventually solve the case. The movie ends with the opening scene in the park, now completed to see the murder itself

I’ve been looking for this movie for years. It was full colour and was probably released around early 2000’s ish.

Girl tied up in tree and her captor strips down her pants

It’s not actually a movie that I don’t remember. I saw a short clip and I want to know which movie or tv show it’s from.

The clips shows a girl with her hands tied up in a tree and then her captor who resembles a redneck with two hunting rifles with him said that the doctor is taking his time and he wants the girl to scream. The girl refuses, the captor then decides to strip down her pants and do something with her (I think he fingered her) to make her scream. The girl still didn’t scream. At the end something spooked the captor and said “we’re going out there”. He then untied the girl and dragged her along with her pants still half way down.

The girl is wearing a blue shirt and grayish pants and kinda looks like Amy Adams at first glance but she’s not.

Judging from the clip. I Think the movie is kinda recent maybe around 2010 above. And I also think the clip has cuts on it.



Movie about teacher student relationship and a french spy

The movie is about a teacher and a student going away for a weekend retreat to a cottage in countryside France. The girl is pregnant but hasn’t yet told the man. The two find a handsome French man in the bathroom with a gun and a lot of coins, they assume he’s dead and plan to bury him in the garden. The girl hides the coins in the bin. The French man wakes up and starts attacking them. The teacher explains to the French man how he brought the girl here to kill her and the French man agrees to help but in the end kills the teacher instead. The girl gives the french man the money back. At one point she hides the French man in the fridge and he guessed that she’s pregnant and offers to let her run away with him but she refuses.

A crew of robots or armoured people with helmets, on a damaged rusty and oily cockpit or room

  • A Sci-fi picture
  • I watch it in a big theatre between 1977-1986.
  • It could be a trailer
  • Coloured, don’t recall any dialogue. Don’t know the language
  • The scenarios and props were very well done, very realistic as I recall them. Oily, rusted, dirty.
  • The tone was more of the 70s, introspective with a strong sense of decadence.

There’s a spaceship’s cockpit or a locked room, old or badly damaged, with an oily and rusty environment (like the interior of Star Wars Sandcrawler) as if it was attacked or has been adrift for a long while.

All of the crew is composed by robots, or armoured guys (helmets hiding their faces, all of them). There’s one which is probably the captain, a character in metal silver with a sort of skull/samurai type helmet, covered with oil resembling dark blood. He lies on a chair either shut down or resting. The rest of the crew have golden metal armours (like C-3PO with a knight’s helmet) with more rounded helmets.

The best analogy I can make for the captain’s helmet is Flash Gordon’s Ming guard’s mask types or Klytus mask. It was angular and it resembled a skull and a samurai helmet.


The movie I am trying to find starts in a house, in the country, with a hill that leads to a forest. There are 2 children, siblings, boy and girl, that run away into the forest. They meet a creature, either troll, goblin or leprechaun, who says he will help them but he is really bringing them to a witch. I think there was a doorway to another dimension/world where the witch is. At some point a band of Sprites show up and talk to the troll/goblin/leprechaun about kidnapping the children.

Movie with a boy helped an escaped prisoner and got his favor returned

The movie begins with a boy drawing something like starfish on a beach. Then he met an escaped prisoner who asked him for help by finding a synergy pliers. The boy agreed to help and the prisoner got his handcuff removed.

The boy later knew a girl who lived in a castle, with a smell of cats. They played together and somehow developed emotion for each other.

[And then I dont remember how the girl had to move away/abroad]

The boy was heartbroken but kept on drawing. One day there’s a strange man came and bought all of his paintings at a show.  The man turned out to be the old prisoner that he helped. The boy then had enough money to go and look for the girl…

[At least that’s what I remember…]

Who can tell me the title of this TV movie?

I remember seeing an 80s horror TV movie (I think it was part of a series but I’m not sure) that really stuck on my mind and would like to see again. It was about a couple that buy a house and start having visions about an older man killing his wife in that same building. They realised the older couple used to live there so the house is haunted. Finally they sell the house and just as they go they see the new buyers. They are the ones on the visions. Thanks.