2 girls tie out a guy

Okay, so I have this memory about a film. One scene in specific. It was in a western setting and the genre was comedy (I think). There were two girls who found a guy in a towel. They aimed their guns at him and told him to put his hands up. The guy did as they ordered, making his towel fall off. One of the girls told him to cover his penis, but the other said not to then they arued about it. The next thing I remembered is that the guy was tied to the bed and a photographer appeared out of nowhere and he started taking pictures of the girls posing with the guy. (This is NOT a porno) I’m sorry but that’s all I remember. (Also sorry for my bad English)


I watched a movie few years ago, it was psyhological thriller, the main actress had a nickname Scar and in the movie and she was blonde. the plot goes this way:  boyfriend and girfriend (Scar) in the car, travelling, she suddenly feel sick and puckes. They stop at a Hotel to spend a night, she tells him after a few shoots she molested her cousin in a wheelchair. Next day they decide to go on, and she has headache when she want to leave the town. On the TV is always show about the Priest talking in chruch with a red cross. Later she finds out he is her father. And then she is kidnapped from a man that has a big scar on his face. ….

It’s so complicated and i search this movie since i’ve watched it. It woud be awesome if someone knew the name

Movie about a man losing his mind

So all I remember is a guy visiting a couple at their home (flat) and he is being followed by monsters of some sort but only if the lights are on or off, one or the other I cant remember which… at one point someone goes to the woman who lives upstairs who is pregnant and I’m pretty sure she gruesomely gives birth to a mutant looking baby. In the end I think it turns out he is actually losing his mind I’m not 1oo% sure… I know it’s not much to go on but its driving me mental.. I watched it on DVD at a friends about 5 years ago.


Girl convicted of murder, on the runaway

Its about a girl in her twenties. There was a river and a bridge, a dead body, an investigation, i think she killed that persom. Film is ABOUT this girl, she was on a runaway..a detective was after her. It was about her way of feeling freedom. There was a scene of her in a club. And she died at the end coz of a stab or a shot.. A drama. Proper. Thats all i remember. I searched internet for 3h using all kinds of keywords etc etc but nothing. Dont remember language either. Thanks! X

Movie: guy burned at stake, while elite is holding baby (the bastard son) and is enjoying the burning

Looking for a movie, I think from the seventies/eighties, where a guy is burned at the stake, while the ‘elite’ is enjoying this burning….
1 guy holds a baby, saying ‘watch bastard, see how your dad is burn to death’, while the other laugh and enjoy whine.
The guy burned shouts ‘look, look at your city’..

(I have a clip of it from an old recording , only this part.. ) http://photobucket.com/gallery/user/femmefury/media/cGF0aDovYnVybmVkX2F0X3N0YWtlLmpwZw==/?ref=

Serie: police serie, young couple goes on rampage

I’ve seen a episode of a serie, I think a police or detective serie in the eighties, where a sort of ‘Bonny and Clyde’ couple are on the run…
They rob a store, and the guys just shoots the employee. The girls just keeps eating a candybar, looks over the counter at the death guy, with a smile on her face.
They later drive over the highway, in a pickup truck where the guy just shoots at cars, while the girl screams in delight.

Later the ‘police detectives’ (where the serie is about), catch up with them, kill the guy, but release the girl who’s now acting as a victim.

Alien Stowaway Horror Movie

About 10 years ago my brother and I were flipping channels and we came across a movie that we have been looking for ever since. All we really remember is that some kind of slimy alien was stowed away on some spacecraft that humans brough back to earth (possibly the lunar lander) and no one notices it until it starts to kill them all. It took place at NASA headquarters or something and I specifically remember a scene where the alien is hiding in the ceiling of a bathroom and kills someone in a stall – does anyone have any idea of what movie this might be?

An 18 century era movie i think

The movie is about a girl that  sleep with a rich man so he can have a child in exchange for money, she gives birth to a girl and leave then after a few years she comes back as the little  girl’s nanny and a love story began with her and her daughter’s father. Also the man has a wife who is really sick and who dies at the end after he leaves the windows to her room open the whole night in the cold that’s all i remember. The movie is in the 17th or 18th century era

Funny Mechanical Monster behind the main door

Hello there All,

Need your help:

I’m looking for a comedy Hollywood movie of the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

I remember a specific scene: the bad guys, who are after the main characters, break into the protagonist house and as they open the main door a very funny mechanical monster connected to it starts moving and growling, the bad guys get scared and shoot at the funny mechanical monster which then stops working. Please do help me. thanks in advance.

The gramophone gets stuck on I love you

Okay so I know that this movie is kinda old, it’s black and white but it also has a new remake. I just remember the ending where the girl who is now in an asylum I think finds a record player, that her boyfriend made her but on the tape it says that he actually hates her. So when she finds it she starts to play and because it’s damaged she only hears the “I love you” part. And she thinks that he actually loved her.

Japanese High School Horror

Hi, I really want to find this movie that I actually watched 2 times but never memorised it’s name.

It’s a japanese horror movie that has I guess 3 stories going on

There’s this group of highschool students who are actually dead and have not realised they’re ghosts (they died from some sort of gas or radiation coming from a bomb or something that was under their classroom and that actually happened a long time ago).

There’s this girl who’s sad and looking through her mom’s old things (also the ghosts find out they’re ghosts because she goes to the school to and talks on the speaker about the accident that killed them), also her mom looked like Nanno from ‘Girl From Nowhere’ on Netflix and was one of the highschool students.

And there’s this other group of young adults who are trying to film a horror movie IN the school that is haunted. (Don’t remember that much about this one, but there was a scene where they were recording their movie in the bathroom stalls [one of them dressed up as a ghost] and there was an actual ghost there)

I actually know a bunch of small details but i can never find anything about it when I browse it and I don’t want to make this too confusing.

This movie was available on the brazilian netflix for a while since that’s where I watched it.

I would be really thankful if anyone has any clues on it. Thank you.

boy dies to a creature

Hello ,
There is an movie which is likely released in late 90’s or early 2000’s
The movie is most likely based on the US
As far as i can remember there was an girl gone with some guys near the woods
in a house or hut she stripped and danced in a bikini mostly in front of the guys
as i can remember she was a wearing red bikini
and after that she gone to her boyfriend
and gone with him to a room and was readying for sex with him but suddenly he died some creature or something killed her boyfriend
she took her cloths and ran to the woods but the creature eventually kills her

can you guys tell me the name
it’s all i can remember


Can’t find anywhere can you guys help ?


Hi everyone,
I don’t remember this movie quite well but it is about a little girl living in a castle or a very big house. There is a psychologist who follows her and she is faking to be a psychopath, she is very intelligent and have read a lot of books. It is only at the end of the movie that the psychologist realizes the trickery.
Sorry if my english is not very good

teenage boy pretends to be monkey to freak out bullies?

english, probably american but maybe canadian. 2000s-2010s. colour. teen movie or tv show, the kind of thing that might play on mtv. don’t remember any notable actors.

what i remember is a scene that goes like this:

a teenage girl (the protag?) is at an outdoor party- a park, i believe, with some kind of small amphitheatre. her younger, uncool brother is also at the party. the girl meets up with two guys. one, the leader/alpha, is into the girl and wants to impress her. his buddy is more laid back, maybe a stoner vibe?

elsewhere at the party, the younger brother is getting pushed around/bullied and the girl notices and is upset. the alpha guy says something like hes ‘got this’ and then gives some kind of signal to his buddy, who nods knowingly.

the buddy then drops to his haunches and starts moving across the party as a monkey, picking at bugs and tiltling his head just so. this is what i remember most clearly: this kid’s spot-on impression of a monkey. in my memory at least, it was kind of incredible.

the alpha guy follows behind his friend, pretending to be his handler or owner. when they get to the little brother (possibly on the stage of the amphitheatre?), the monkey dude starts pawing at and crawling all over the bullies. they get annoyed and then, understandably, creeped out. they take off and monkey dude comes to sit by his “owner” who pats him on the head or maybe mimes giving him a treat or something, and then they go back to normal. maybe people clap?

i feel like whatever this is from is unremarkable, but i would kill to see this scene again (and know its not just something i dreamt, which my friends are pretty sure of). if anyone can help me out id be extremely grateful!

a wildlife adventure movie based either in Africa or a desert island

I had already written this once, but do not understand how everything was simply wiped away from your memory.

Anyways a bunch of tourists, mainly Americans including a boy of 10-11 years of African origin and a European priest are abandoned by plane on a desert island or anywhere deep inside Africa by vicious head-hunters or smugglers. The boy in search of a safehouse, enters a deserted mansion but finds it filled with lion prides, elephants and other wildlife; but when they all enter it later, they find it empty.

A gruff (American) truck driver, called (something like) Butch becomes their only hope of rescue along with a jungle lass in scanty garb who cannot speak human and rides elephants. In the end, the animals return and help the brave tourists to fight off the smugglers/head-hunters who for some reason have returned to loot/slaughter the former. Butch and small boy opt to remain on the island with jungle lass even after getting a free air ticket.

Finally I saw this movie in the 90s and the movie had an 80s quality picture and shooting technique.

Now kindly save my post and help me find the movie name!

80’s/90’s movie teenagers chasing and lost virginity

I think it’s in the 80’s but it could also be in the early 90’s movie. All I can remember is there are gang of teenagers or grownups chasing a boy and a girl. The boy and a girl entered a house/building to hide from the gang. While inside, they decided to have sex and lost virginity. I think they didn’t finish having sex because the gang is approaching the house/building. They run again. That’s all I can remember. Please help!

Need help finding an anime movie

I’m looking for a movie but can only remember a handful of details about it:

  • The protagonist was a young boy with a disabled younger sister.
  • The protagonist really wanted to go to some sort of vacation, Disney Land or Universal Studios maybe?
  • The Protagonist was unable to go because his sister got sick I think
  • The Protagonist threw had a tantrum and was later found around a tree that was probably blossoming
  • The protagonist played baseball in school and I think his sister came to watch one day which I think embarrassed him
  • His sister I believe died at the end
  • I think it was an old anime

Opening Scene is a girl smoking a cig and putting on lipstick

This is another long shot because All i remember is The opening scene while the credits are showing there is a woman shown from her chin to her nose (black or dark room, maybe there a mirror) Putting on lipstick and smoking a cig While music plays. This is almost like the opening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Next Gen but more seductive and sexy. I dont remember much about the movie other than i saw it a couple times and would watch it whenever it happened to be on. I want to say its heavy on sexual content and like devious action if that makes sense?? I would say i saw it anywhere from 89-92. English/Color/Movie….The lady may have been a killer or getting revenge…. But if anybody know movies where the opening scene is what i described (aside from TCM:NG) Please let me know!!