Fantastic creature tells the boy a story

It was in color .

In the beginning of the movie, a fantastic creature (tree or giant) tells a little boy a story or a fairy tale about what was the King, who had a wife and son, his wife died, the king married another. The princess fell in love with the girl, but the parents were against it, and he fled with her. Then the prince kills his beloved, an uprising takes place and he becomes a very good king for his subjects. And then the boy asks who is good, and who is bad and the creature answers that there are no good and bad heroes.

Live action children/family movie

I don’t remember the exact release date but it’s between 1997 (as the first Harry Potter book was published that year; in the DVD cover it mentions it in the tagline/“review”) and 2010 (year I watched).

It’s children or family drama/fantasy oriented film about kids going to a haunted place. I don’t remember exactly what place was but it was a dark building in the middle of a forest. Inside the building it lived a couple of vampires, which sorry not sorry, they were kind of Addams family knockoff, and likely lived other creatures too.

I recall the children going by bus and the destination tag changing from school/whatever town to the spooky place.

There was a girl who befriends a boy and makes a blood pact with him, which later they use the gesture of the hands as symbol of trust. The cut was made on the hand and the gesture resembles of a butterfly/bird.

About the third act the girl was in danger and the blood pact boy saves her, which turns out he’s a werewolf.

I’m not sure, but maybe it was a direct-to-DVD movie. I can’t say it’s a “hidden gem”, even my child self felt it was mediocre. However, I don’t know objectively as I never searched for reviews for this movie.

It was an old b movie I think

ok so here’s the deal, when I was little (somewhere between 7 and 12 and I’m 21 as of 2018 for reference) I was watching television and hey were showing ghost movies. It was daytime tv so horror buffs, I don’t think this is your format. It wasn’t gorey or scary really, more creepy.

Couple moves into house next to forest- can’t remember if their on their honeymoon or not but they are recently married- and the driver or a guy from town warns them they shouldn’t stay there. Turns out a woman was murdered by her husband in that house and never moved on. I don’t remember the bulk of the movie but I do remember he walks in at the end to his wife floating, eyes all glassy (and I think white) with her blond hair in a bun (why do I remember this particular scene so well I’m not sure) but he looks down to see her wedding ring falling off and ducks to his knees at her hand to put it back on as it falls to the floor and kiss her hand, there by sending the ghost out of her body and they finally take the dudes advice to get the hell out of there. Also ghost was apparently poisoned by aforementioned murderer husband who if I remember correctly had one snazzy mustache but I probably am not.

Can someone tell me the name of the movie please? It’s been driving me crazy for over five years and because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a blockbuster hit movie, it’s really bloody hard to find.

Electric piano player loses both hands on accident caused by his bully

Well, this is all I remember from the movie:

Movie is from late 80’s. So it has sort of a synthwave look, also the music.

A guy in the last year of highschool is heavily bullied, but it doesn’t stops him to get a nice girlfriend that cares about him.

Bully threatens him of not participating on the high school talent show and beats him.

Main character is driving home when he stomps with a bulldozer, it’s his bully with another friends messing with him. The gang crashes him causing the main character to lose both hands and disabling him to play the piano again.

In this part of the movie he becomes frustrated and gives everybody an attitude. He separates from the band he played in, and with his girlfriend (I remember clearly him being rude offering her to “feel” his stump in a sexual way).

Ultimately, he makes a pair of robotic hands to play his Casio piano and make techno music for the show…

That’s it, I hope someone can help me on this serach that I’ve been doing since I watched it on tv in the late 90’s!

New Tom and Jerry show episodes recently released

I wanna know the names of these 3 new Tom & Jerry show episodes.

One with the witch sisters where they change Tom’s mood and at one point, the lizard says: “Too Disney.” since he is given a Mickey Mouse look.

One with the 2 as detectives where they have to solve a crime involving a theft of a ruby stolen by two rival dogs: 1 male and 1 female who are descendants of dogs belonging to rival pirate captains and eventually become lovers that get married in the end.

One with a cat drinking a Hyde potion that turns Jerry and his nephew, Nibbles into monsters at the very end of the episode.

Romantic Movie

Hello, it is a romantic comedy movie.

it starts with a wealthy man who declared his engagement to a woman in some fancy party. But one day this man lost all his money and his fiance damped him because he was broke.

Although, this man is deeply in love with this women even after she dumped him when he was broke. He find that his girlfriend has a sister that she doesn’t talk to her because she knows what her sister is really is (a gold digger).

So the man goes to his girlfriend’s sister and ask her to help him win back her sister.

the sister agrees to help him based on some rules, for example the man should never fall in love with her and some other rules.

in the process of helping the man, this man accidentally falls in love with her but keeps it a secret. after teaching him what her sister loves in mans, who man is ready to meet back his ex-girlfriend, where he wears a nice suit and rent a limo and takes her to a fancy dinner.

Although, in the middle of the middle of the dinner he realize that he doesn’t love her anymore and runs back to her sister who helped him, and finds her if im not mistaken in a restaurant or a bar alone, through a window, and tells her what he feels about her.

The movie is an american movie i think it is an Brooklyn or Manhattan or New-York or something like this, between i think 1998 and 2007, and i think that the sister use to love painting arts in some underground subway, it is NOT white and black movie, and i seen it on TV.


1990s(?) comedy

Unfortunately I remember just this one scene from a movie.  It was a comedy packed with A-List actors, but I can’t remember any of them.  Two of the main protagonists  broke into an office building, that one of them works in, to return something before the office opens for business the next day…I think.  They get into this office that has all glass walls.  They hear a security guard coming their way so they hide behind desks.  Except one of them accidentally turns on a radio (??).  They think they’re blown, but the security guard – a young doofus doesn’t seem to be too worried about why dance music is playing all of a sudden, he grabs his flashlight and starts to dance around while turning the flashlight onto himself – like he’s in the spotlight on some dance stage.  The 2 guys don’t get caught.  I’m thinking one of the actors is usually in action films, but for some reason, is in a comedy.  It may have been a Christmas movie.  Thanks!

Looking for the title of a legal, possibly political thriller

I have been searching every site possible and even reading movie scripts trying to find this movie.  I think it was released in the 1990s but might have been early 2000s.  It is in English and the only scene I can really remember is where a woman (I thought it was Holly Hunter but the only one she was in that does not have this scene is The Firm) is stealing a file(s) from an office and pretending she is getting it for the person who works in that office.  A security guard and his Doberman are there and while she is kneeling down to either open a safe or a file cabinet the dog is popping his jaws right next to her face.  She asks the guard to put the dog up and he puts the dog in an adjoining room and closes the door.  While she is removing the file(s) the phone rings and it is the man she is stealing from.  The guard says something to the effect of “she is getting the files for you now” and she realizes the jig is up.  She hits the guard and runs and the dog goes beserk in the room.  She does get away with what she came for.  This movie is either a legal or a political thriller.  WHAT IS THE TITLE?????????  Thank you to anyone who can provide the answer.

Martial arts movie set in a desert and involves a possession, made in English

First off the movie is made in English and was filmed in colour,probably made before 2008 but definitely not before 1985 or so.

The movie begins with a guy practising his martial arts by watching tapes and copying the moves performed by other fighters next to his caravan. He runs a fuel station though he is very poor as he lives in the desert with his friend who is obsessed with discovering aliens.

One night his best friend goes out and tries to find evidence of aliens in a sandstorm using a metal detector. He eventually stumbles across something that drives the detector crazy and starts digging. He gets possessed by a red demon spirit and he kinda like recruits other people by possessing them.

At that point an Asian girl is dispatched from Asia to go to him and fight him.

Skipping forward I also remember that this Asian girl talks about this specific sword or grip thing that is suppose enhances her power and can kill the demon, which turns out to be on the main characters guitar that his father used to own. Apparently the father picked it out of a meteorite

Anyhow, would greatly appreciate if someone told me what movie it is

Movie that Ends In A Fight where a Woman Survives and Kills the Man trying to Kill Her

So this movie memory popped into my head in the middle of the night and now I can’t get to sleep.
I remember watching a movie, no more than 5 years ago (I would guess maybe 3 years ago) where near the end of the film (possibly the last or one of the last scenes) a woman ends up (she’s running away from someone who’s trying to kill her) near a pool during the night. I believe the pool is outside and in (outside) someone’s house (i.e. not a public swimming pool) but I don’t think it is the woman’s house/pool (i.e. I think it’s just some stranger’s house/pool).
I think the film is fairly new, i.e. 2000s, and if not, no earlier than the 90’s.
The woman and the killer (who might be masked? I think the killer was a man) end up in a tossle/fight for probably a minute or a few minutes. I don’t think there were any guns- the fight was close counter (with a knive(s), maybe?).
Somehow or rather, they both end up in the swimming pool trying to kill each other. And I believe at the end of it all, the woman is the victor and manages to kill her killer (I believe there are shots- birds eye view shots of the after math with the body floating in the pool). I believe the woman is slim and otherwise generally attractive, white, and probably in her 20’s (or 30’s?).
What I vividly remember about the experience was really liking the happy/strange music playing loudly over the two trying to kill each other. It was some kind of rather upbeat-ish? old-ish (70’s, 80’s or 90’s?) song, maybe something like Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper?
There’s a good chance the film was a horror film (or thriller?) and that the whole film was dark in mood/maybe the whole film is about this woman trying to survive from this killer trying to kill her.
Now, I’m not 100% confident that all the details I provided are true, in fact, I’m not even 70% confident.
What I know for sure, is this movie had this scene near the end, it was a fight during the night, between only two people (no one else was there), the fight started beside the pool and ended in the pool, someone gets killed and ends up floating in the pool, there was an old-ish sounding happy-ish (somewhat ill-fitting, but eerily so, for a murder scene) song playing over the scene while the murder is happening, I watched this no more than 5 years ago, the film was made no earlier than the 90’s.
THANKS in advance to anyone who offers any help! xD

Animated movie with gates of fire, some green liquid and knives or swords

I’ve been having trouble finding this movie for a while now.

It’s animated movie. I only remember a small portion of it.

The hero is kind of in a dungeon with a sword and two keys. He climbs up the mountain like surface and there is heat. At the top, a door/gate of fire exists, the hero throws the key and the gate opens. Next, again the hero walks up the surface and this time it’s smelly. When he reaches the top, a gate made of green liquid exists. He throws another key into it and the gate opens. Now, the hero reaches the third gate which is made of swords or knives which are constantly moving, more like attacking. The hero doesn’t have the third key, he uses his sword to fight the gate but his sword breaks.

That is all I remember. I watched it somewhere between 2005 and 2010.

Thanks in advance!

Sigourney Weaver was that you?

The main character was a woman in her fifties who looked like sigourney weaver, she had 2 kids, a boy and a girl in their 20s or 30s. She was a divorced mother and I remember her daughter wanted to get married or something like that. It was a romantic comedy.

I think it was maybe 2009 when I saw the movie on tv. I actually saw just a few scenes. The one I remember the most was the one in which the kids where in their mom’s bedroom, the girl was criyng, I feel like she was the younger kid and a little spoiled too. She was criyng because of something that had to do with her wedding. Her brother was saiyng to their mom something like his sister was overreacting as usual and their mom just couldn’t stand them anymore and like went to another room. I think she wasn’t used to have her kids at her house anymore. Probably because they came back for reasons I don’t know but untill then, they lived in their own apartements.


Vague memory

So I’ve been remembering this a long time but cannot find any help on the internet. I think its a mob type movie… but a man and woman are on a first date. He is speeding, driving like crazy in his car to take her home, turns out he needs to make a bowel movement, maybe he does in the car or in an alley?? Then for their second date she gifts him a cork,  to be funny.  Any ideas?

New Tom and Jerry show episodes

I wanna know the names of these 3 new Tom & Jerry show episodes.

One with the witch sisters where they change Tom’s mood and at one point, the lizard says: “Too Disney.” since he is given a Mickey Mouse look.

One with the 2 as detectives where they have to solve a crime involving a theft of a ruby stolen by two rival dogs: 1 male and 1 female who are descendants of dogs belonging to rival pirate captains and eventually become lovers that get married in the end.

One with a cat drinking a Hyde potion that turns Jerry and his nephew, Nibbles into monsters at the very end of the episode.

Movie with chilli eating in a bar and gets tricked

old man in bar gets tricked in chilli contest and loses switcheroo toiletHi, i was hoping some one could help me with this movie i saw where an old man in bar gets tricked in chilli contest and loses because there was two twins who could eat more chilli and would do a switcheroo act. I think it was a western but dont recall

Hopefully this could help, thats

what i remember

Old movie about a mom that loses custody of child

I saw this old movie on late night TV, sometime in the 60s, I think it was black and white. In the beginning of the movie a married women is in a car with a man and gets into a car accident. The man turns out NOT to be her husband and while she was in the hospital, the husband divorces her and gets full custody of their child. At the end of the movie, the woman is so desperate to see her child that she gets hired to be a clown in disguise at her child’s birthday party.

man and woman are put off train in snowy countryside to freeze to death-end of movie

It has been so long ago, many years – all I remember is: english language but taking place in a foreign country, a movie shown on TV and it is in color.

The scene shows the punishment meted out to two lovers by a mob boss. It is the closing scene of the movie showing the kindest form of killing I could imagine – going to sleep at night in a freezing snow field, in the country and never waking up. It may seem harsh at first glance, but days later, I had this feeling.