I’m pretty sure it was a romantic comedy, made within the last decade

So I watched this movie the other day (let’s say around April 19th-20th, 2017) it wouldn’t have been on any premium movie channels or anything, just regular television channels. And I know I’ve seen it before, I just cannot think of it.

all I can think of is a scene it cuts to a girl sitting in her room, I believe looking in the mirror, and there is this upbeat indie rock song playing (just the instrumental) for just a few seconds, then it stops when one of her parents comes in and the camera pans over to them, going over the room kinda sitcom style. I don’t know why but that’s all I have right now

70’s movie, man accidentally stabs mother, winds up on boat, winks in storm and drowns

This was a 70’s move (maybe early 80’s) Opens with a young man in a small kitchen with his mother (or maybe wife?). He’s holding a kitchen knife and somehow the mother accidentally gets pushed into the knife and she dies.

The young man runs from the potential manslaughter charge, and somehow winds up on a boat, a storm comes up and the boat sinks and the man drowns or there might have even been a shark.

The other thing about this movie is there was a very distinctive song, a folk style song, with flutes. It was actually a pretty good song.

80’s Movie/Show with Mean Girls

I watched this when I was under 10 yrs old and it was in the 80’s and in English.

All I can remember is one scene. This group of 5 or 6 girls (high school or college age) convince this overweight girl to change into a bikini or skimpy outfit. They tell her to wait in a room. Next thing that happens is a guy that I think the girl likes, walks into the room and she’s mortified and he’s mad and feels bad for her. All the girls start laughing and the girl runs out of the room. Also, this scene was in the daytime. I remember it being very bright in the room from sunlight.

I know it’s not much to go on, but I hope someone knows what this is from. It’s been driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Thanks

Space anime movie

I watched an anime movie in either 2007 or 2008. It took place in space and the characters were fighting a war against aliens. There were 2 men that were the main characters. One of them was named Alex. There was also a woman who hung out with them. There was another character named Ariel. She had very long hair. I think there was a man with her. Later in the movie, Alex dies. His friend gets very upset because he had warned him not to behave so carelessly.

Cartoon about talking mice

I watched a cartoon when I was young. I think it was before 2010. The show had talking mice that wore clothes. In the episode, the mice get a report card at school. There are mice who are brother and sister and the episode focuses on them. I think the sister got an A on her report card. There’s a dumb mouse who thinks she got a Z or an N on her report card. There’s also an older mouse. There’s a human girl who I think also got bad grades and is worried how her dad will react. The sister mouse tries to cheer up the girl.

Affair, murder,

I’m looking for the title of a movie that I jut can’t remember. Murder, affair, mistaken identity, plastic surgery, events that don’t add up.

Some Time in the 199os, 1992-1994 Saw on laser disk. LOL

English Language 99% sure it was an American movie.

Laser Disk/VHS


Twist Ending. This movie opens with an iconic car crash off a coastal cliff. A man wakes up having had lots of reconstructive surgery and having memory loss. Turns out he is very rich, and his wife takes him home.

Nothing adds up, the memories don’t jive. He starts looking for answers.  One of the family a woman indicates he was her lover also and he is not who he thinks he is.

Eventually, he discovers he has asthma and he also finds a body in a ship, that looks like his own body. The ship contained chemicals that preserved the body rather than dissolved it.

The twist was the man was the lover, and the wife had her husband killed and arranged for her lover to take his place.

moving severed hand in a glass box

I only recall a few things from the end of the movie but it is driving me crazy. I remember there was a man and a woman who were traveling to different worlds or dimensions. Her goal was to bring back proof to our world of the weird stuff in these places.

At the end of the movie the guy is left behind and she returns with proof in the form of a severed hand that is alive and moving inside of a glass box. She is sitting before a group of some kind of research scientists. While they are asking her about her experiences and the hand, She gets some sort of message from the guy who was left behind. One of the researchers asks what she is doing now and she says “I’m going back”.

I also vaguely recall the scene before she gets the hand. They are in a castle and there is a guy with a watch with piano wire hidden inside who tries to strangle one of them.

I have tried searching for this movie off and in over the years but no luck. I saw it on local tv one Sunday morning when I was a kid in the 90s if that helps.  Thanks

Medieval movie about a kid who learns to use darts.

So, I saw this as a kid in the 80’s and can’t remember too much from it. It was a kids movie set in medieval times. There’s a boy and a girl both sold at auction. The boy is bought for 2 pennies (pence?) and works for this old dude. Until he discovers a secret room under the house where he has a bunch of stuff. And for whatever reason he teaches the boy how to use tiny blow darts.

Sometime later in the movie he encounters the girl again working as a bar maid and saves her. I’m not sure from what… annnd that’s all I remember!

Help me!

Woman tied to bed and abused – foreign?

Watched via Netflix during college (2007-2011). Not sure if streaming or DVD. Fairly sure it was foreign as I recall reading subtitles. Color. A woman (?) is forced to take refuge in a foreboding-seeming house on a remote cliff side during a sudden rainstorm.

She is tied to a bed in the middle of a room with no other furnishings and the homeowner/villain tortures her. I seem to remember white sheets and a metal bed frame. It was a kind of “artsy” film with controversial content, specifically sexual abuse. There may have been something done to the victim’s eyes? Sorry, that’s all I have! Driving me nuts.


Whats This Movie?

I saw this movie when I was younger (I have no idea when it came out) but it was about this girl who gets trapped in like this picture thing and she has to escape before the sunlight runs out but this other guy ends up there with her and starts taking up her sunlight. Im pretty sure they were at a party in the beginning of the movie. If someone could please help me that would be great! I would love to watch this movie again and cant find the title no matter how I google it.

High School Virus Movie

I’m looking for the name of a movie I saw a few years ago. I believe that it starts off with a high school girl (possibly called Katie?) breaking up with her boyfriend in a book or video game store. It is explained that at the start of high school they both didn’t have many friends and so they befriended each other but Katie(?) became more popular and so didn’t hang around with him as much.

After this the boy and possibly some of his friends spread an illness around the school (may have been to get back at Katies new friends) that I believe is contracted by transfer of saliva.

I remember that there were some scenes in a football locker room, some in the school cafeteria and also some at a house party.

Later on in the movie Katie’s ex-boyfriend kisses her to infect himself with the illness and then goes to some sort of party, possibly prom, at the school and eventually tampers with what I believe was either a chocolate or maybe just alcohol fountain and transfers the illness to it and infects everybody in the room.

I believe that the movie ends with Katies ex-boyfriend being arrested after the party at the school for spreading the illness.

Animated kids movie, alien worms

OK. Me and sister have been trying to solve this for years. I will share what I remember in the hope somebody can help.

It was around the late 80s early 90s

It was about a small kid who lived near the woods or a jungle, and he finds a little group of glowing aliens that looked like jumping beans or worms or something. I can’t remember what the kid looked like or anything else about it. It was a very odd animation style and I remember the audio being very surreal and almost slow motion. I know it’s not much to go on so apologies! I think maybe the kid was ginger and had glasses. Thanks in advance


Runaway Teenage searches for his parents (was put up for adoption)

Hi this has been driving me crazy.

I remember watching it when I was a little boy around 1997, 1998.

It was about a runaway teenager who is a very talented artist (he graffitis) and he witnesses a crime from a crooked cop who begins to start chasing him.

He takes refuge in some kind of store and begins to live in the roof of the mall. One particular scene was he let the birds out of the cages at night to leave the workers baffled when they open the store in the morning.

He also is intrigued by the store next door which is a portrait place in which the lady owner is his mother. (who is dating the crooked cop).

The end of the film is they find out who each other are, when the cop finds him


I know its a rough description, but its almost 20 years haha

Prison, dreams and true love

Seeking a title for a film brought up in recent discussion. The only info I have is that it is a that it may be a B&W fantasy movie about man in prison who has dreams about a woman where they both meet every night and fall in love.

The person who saw this said they caught part of it on TV, so it _could_ be a TV movie(?)

I understand it is vague, but.. if any place can find an answer…


I can’t for the life of me find anything about this one. I caught it on TV when I was younger and it really struck me. What I do remember from it was it was about a blond nerdy boy in his teens who had a younger brother and lived with his mom (?) a few scenes come to mind: -him being beat up until bloody in the face, I believe near a large concrete plumbing pipe? -the boy dressed up as a cactus on-stage in some sort of school play -his younger brother asking some weird question about a Rhino? Jeez this must sound weird. I also remember a scene were the boy is dancing trying to serenade a girl with some funny music at night…  Any help to fill in this strange crack in my memory would be appreciated