Scary butterfly

Movie from early 80s or 70s.  Might have been made-for-TV, American i think.

There’s a guy who suffers from nightmares, something to do with a butterfly.  He hooks up with a woman, and at one point wakes up screaming and breaks a large mirror, referring again to a butterfly.

He goes to an old woman’s house, which may be his mother’s and sees a painting of a butterfly, which he realizes is the cause of his night terrors.

The movie ends with him running out of the old woman’s’ house, breathing heavily and met by his girlfriend as he calms down.  I think one of them may have driven a Volkswagen.

Poor kids…

OK, so this was a film from at least the early 80s, probably the 70s, saw it when I was a kid.  I think it was British-made, it may have been a TV movie, not sure.

Anyway, there’s these 2 kids (can’t remember if it was 2 boys or a boy & a girl) and there’s a guy who is trying to kill them for some reason, and attempts to do so on more than one occasion.  At one point, he takes them up to a cliff overlooking the ocean, and tries to kill them, but they thwart him and send him over the cliff instead.  I seem to remember he was wearing a disguise of some kind, which is why they didn’t recognize him.  I remember there being some kind of car, a roadster I think they figured in a scene.

Ghost lose their castle and save the world

OK folks,

OK folks,

So I’ve been looking for this for five years now… I still regret to this day not going to Blockbuster again and getting it for my sons request… But blockbuster to has vanished into the archives of history. Here’s a plot summary:

There’s these ghosts headed by a British/Scottish/Irish/handsome looking ghost fellow who runs the castle but has no legs, married to a ghost   Female who was drowned in her previous existence. With an ex “human” cannonball China man who is now nothing more but a flaming skull.  Our regular tag group of dispossessed spirits who have lost their castle and if memory serves wind up in the London tower?…  well still trying to remain a family… Despite none of them being physically related… There are human beings and sort of an ectoplasmic machine and  human children playing sonic  The hedgehog video games… While the future of humanity lives in the balance there’s probably no subject this movie didn’t take on it was in general release and Blockbuster video a year before they closed. I will happily send a reward of some sort to the person who can successfully answer my question which remains what is this movie?

I know, it sounds so bad it must be brilliant but what’s the title

What is this movie called?

So I remember this movie I watched when I was younger. I watched this movie in the early 2000s but it could have been from the 80s or 90s. I think this movie could have been a Christmas movie but I could be wrong. I remember this specific scene where there is this little girl but it’s almost like a dream sequence. The tone and mood of the scene is similar to the “Drop dead fred” dream part. Anyways, in the faint memory of the scene I remember is the little girl is being watch out of a glass cabinet by maybe an elf or just a magic guy who use to be her friend but shes growing up. In the scene she might be opening the cabinet but I’m not sure. The scene is very emotional and has blue color tones all around giving it almost a dark icy feel. I also think the girl might be a ballerina but I could also be wrong about that. I watched this movie on tv by the way, and I still cant shake this feeling that it was a Christmas movie.

A scifi horror, alien in human form

I saw it in TV in early 2000s, it was scifi horror, kinda reminds me of Event Horizon, where the aliens take form of humans and deceive their friends. It takes place in another planet, and I think the characters are spaceship crews. I can only remember the last scene, where there were only 2 survivors, a guy and a woman, they’re about to leave the planet, but an alien in the form of the woman punched the real one right through her head, but then the guy survived, and he leaves. In the last scene, the camera pans back and reveals something to hint that the alien is in the spaceship with him. It was in color. I found it on Imdb once but I forgot the title, I think it’s foreign (like European) but I’m not entirely sure, the 2 actors from the last scene are caucasian though. I remember it has sequel. For anyone who happens to know the title please tell me, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Live action, fantasy, Spanish-language

I’ve already asked this on Reddit( and TVTropes(, with no luck. A nice fellow recommended I post it here. More info can be found in the Reddit link.

‘It was a fantasy Spanish film that I suppose was made by the ’50s or ’60s judging by the look and sound. By the time I found it, the movie was half over, so I don’t know what happened before then. The details, or at least what I could remember at the time, are outlined in the Reddit post, but the most prevalent features to me were the shantytown, the angel-like creatures, the oil tycoon whose name was Mr.(Señor) Moby or some variation of it, and the scenes I listed. I especially recall the gag of the citizens paying to have a ‘front row seat’ to the sunset. The film aired on a Spanish channel(if I’m not mistaken, it was a Sony channel), so it wasn’t dubbed or subbed. My knowledge of Spanish at the time was, at best, mediocre, so sorry I wasn’t very exact on here nor Reddit.’

Horror Movie About a Monster Vulnerable to Milk

Hi everyone,

I was talking with friends about movies and TV shows that really scared us as kids and ever since then this as been driving me mad.

The movie starts with a cult chaining up a tree on a stormy night and then the tree starts to shake. Then a group of kids decide to build a tree house on this tree and they awaken an ancient monster and it escapes from the ground and attacks them.

Other than that, all I can remember is the kids fill up squirt guns with milk they stole from the grocery store and they then kill the monster with the milk.

I think the monster itself was the scary part, not the plot or anything. The monster had horns I think.

Thanks everyone for your time and help!

Horror Movie from the late 80´s/early 90´s

Help me out, guys!!

I saw this a looong time ago, I was a kid then and from what I can remember it was like a Thing rip-off with a group of characters in a militar base or something like that.

This creature took the form of your worst fear and transform in it to kill you (yep, just like in Stephen King´s “IT”) like an old scientist with the fear of an old creepy circus freak-like woman and other character who was looking up for a test monkey or something and then she´s killed bye the creature trasnformed into a mutan monkey….WTF

The most prominent part that I remember is the ending with a lady scientist opening some kind of multi-dimensional portal to the creature´s world and looking through it saying “There are millions of them” and getting killled.

There´s also a part with two test subjects (male and female) totally naked in some crionic tubes…..just for fan-service.

Well, that´s it….the only other part that I remember mostly is when the black comic relief guy dies off-screen, like in a “woosh” from the MC perpective at the other side of an elevator.

I hope you can help me!! 😀

Weird people being operated on, a song about “Perfection”

There has been this movie that has been bugging me for YEARS because all I remember is a small bit out of it, and I have never been able to figure out what it was.

There’s a guy, he’s getting wheeling into some sort of institute where they “perfect” people, or something like that. I swear they even started singing a song about “perfection”, or things along those lines. He tries to get out and he runs into two people who have been operated on, one has no face and only two large ears, and I think the other one only has a mouth?

It’s seriously been bugging me for years, I hope someone can help!

All I can remember is a Rabbit’s Foot Necklace

Okay, so I saw this movie when I was about 11 or 12 years old.

It was the beginning of the movie, and all I can remember is two boys, probably around 10 or so, where riding bikes and came across this old factory or warehouse.

They walked around for a little bit, and came across this area that was a big drop off, and the only was across is was to walk on a long board that went across.

Well, one boy made it all the was across it, perfectly fine, even though the music was very intense. He then called his friend over, who I think had glasses on, but anyways, the kid with the glasses didn’t want to walk over.

He finally got talked into it, and started to walk, but once he got to about the middle of it, he fell off and fell a long way down the “chasm”, and the other boy tried to call him and he didn’t answer. There was a silence and then a loud echoed thud once he hit the bottom.

The OTHER kid then went down there, freaked out, took the other’s Rabbit Foot Necklace and took off.
That’s all I saw of it, cause then my dad’s girlfriend changed it and said I didn’t need to watch it, and it has been bugging me ever since. I hope someone can help me, so I can actually look it up or keep an eye out for it so I can watch it and see what it’s all about.

I cannot remember the name to this book!!!

All I remember is it is about a little girl who finds a pendant that takes her to a new world where she is rescued by a stuffed animal and taken to a house in the middle of a dark place with water surrounding a house. inside the house is a dying old man who has created many little things like the living stuffed animal and after meeting him she goes on a big adventure. i can’t remember anything else…

It was in english and it was in color. Was also a movie, not a tv show.

I hope someone has some idea of this movie to help me…

Ok, I would have first seen this movie back quite some time ago (1990’s or before). American film, in color.

I had thought this was a Tom Hanks film, but when I go through his IMDB, none of the titles/images brings it to mind, so I’m thinking in that I’m mistaken.

So, what I do remember is that the main character during part of the film works as a volunteer chemical tester, being exposed to various chemical substances that among other things, destroys his sense of smell, and with it his sense of taste. He ends up working at jobs that most anyone would rather not do, since they are so unpleasant (I think one of those jobs was in a salt factory, as I feel I remember seeing him slipping and tumbling down a huge pile of some grainy/almost powdery stuff), and lives his life on the small wages he can make, and the disability checks he gets for the residual damages from the chemical exposures.

I’m pretty sure it was a dark comedy, as it vacillated between the humor of the things he went through, and the dark, near empty life he led. Even touching on the fact that his limited finances weren’t too bad, as without a sense of taste, he just ate the same meals every day, cause it was cheap and easy (spaghetti).

I can’t remember what else happens, just images of him in a test chamber getting flooded with various gasses/chemicals, and taking off his mask (if he even had one to begin with), and hacking/coughing/sneezing, being treated badly by bosses, and that scene of him trying to move across, or up that huge pile of near sandy stuff, slipping, tumbling and falling, and getting frustrated with it all…

I know, this is pretty vague, but I’m really hoping someone can help me find this one, as I’d like to check it out again, if for no better reason than to give it context, so that isn’t the only parts I can recall about it…

Thanks for any help!

Name of Family Movie where RC Man of War gets destroyed

Hi There –

I’m trying to remember the name of a movie I saw awhile back. It was probably in the 2000s? There is a scene where there is a child in a park (I think it was Central Park?) and he is with his father, or his mother’s boyfriend or fiancee. I can’t remember exactly what happens. It might have been that the Dad has a small sail boat and the boyfriend had a large Man of War, or that it was just the boyfriend and he was being mean to the kid and not letting him play with it… Basically, some how, the man of war ends up going down in flames.

I’ve asked around, It’s definitely not Stuart Little. I think it was a comedy, I keep wanting to guess Run Fat Boy Run or something with an actor like Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore. As you can tell its a fuzzy memory on the movie as a whole, but I can’t get the scene out of my head and it is driving me crazy.

Any and all help would be appreciated.
Thank you.


Animated short about evolution

I remember that the short begings with a cork in the space , the cork turns into a yin yang and then becomes a planet, in the planet the creatures begin to evolve until they reach the modern age, and begin to destroy everything  at the end an excavator reachs the cork pulling it out finishing with the planet, the cork floats in the space and the cicle begins again.


I saw this short when I was I child on TV in the 90’s on a cultural channel in Mexico, I dont think that this short is from that date but it could help , it was in color


Animated Short about metamorphosis

This short is about a tribe that hunt flying giant creatures that looks like a stingray, the tribe kill one creature and eat it, but some of the hunters after eat the flesh of the creature, turns into zombies and begins to walk until arriving a temple, in that place there is a line of hunters zombie who throw themselves to a pit in the temple, while they are falling, their body begins to turn into a cocoon, and when they reach the end of the pit they out like the flying creatures that hunt.


I remember that this short is in colour, I saw it in the 90’s but I doubt that the short was from that date.


Movie that was sometimes on Disney Channel or Disney XD

The movie was on Disney Channel and/or Disney XD and it was about kids trying to solve a mystery in a mansion and at one point they have to use a blanket and some liquid to walk through a fire unharmed and by the end of the film the kids barely make it out of the mansion and when I watched it it was 2008-2010 sometime then. If anyone can even give me another scene or two that would be helpful unless you have the title.

multiple storyline

ok so i watched a movie when i was a kid about multiple stories that all come together. they’re all pretty blurry except for one story that i clearly remember with twin brothers and their moms an alcoholic and i think this story took place in england im not sure its not relevant anyways one day theyre out and one of the brothers pushes the other out of the way and gets hit by a bus. the one that died used to wear this hat all the time and after he died, his brother started wearing it. one day the brother who was alive was going down to the subway about to get on one, when the hat that was his brothers flies off of his head and he misses the subway and seconds later the subway he woulve been on explodes so basically it was the dead brother protecting him? they had dark hair if that helps. idk the rest of the movie very well but i cant find  it on any website

Short film

A thief breaks into a house and starts to rob it. A woman comes home and surprises the thief and drops her groceries. She runs away and gets hit by a car but the thief doesn’t know it. Somehow she locks the thief in the house before she runs away. He tries to get out but he can’t. After a while he resigns himself to staying in the house and getting caught. He even be-friends the dog and cooks dinner. After a while a police man comes and thinks the thief is the woman’s husband. The thief then takes the dog and leaves. I think I saw it on HBO whenever I was little, in the mid 90s. It was in color. Please help!


I thought it was Holiday Romance (1999) but it isn’t. The two are similar though! My version doesn’t have dialogue, I think. Thanks in advance!