Over 6 months still nothing HELP

So unfortunately I only remember this part. No actors. No plot. Just this five seconds scene and it’s killing me and my friend. It goes like this.

A little girl walks into the kitchen and sets something down on the table and says. “Dad said to bring this in here and not say anything.

The mother nods and says “Thank you, sweetie.” Confused.

7 thoughts on “Over 6 months still nothing HELP

  1. It sounds like it could be from the tv show “I’m Sorry.” youtube.com/watch?v=_rZeoAeS0MY

    If not, do you remember the type of kitchen (big/small/new/old) or age or appearance of the girl or mom?

    1. It’s definitely not that. Never heard if that.

      No for some reason I just remembered the location and dialogue. It’s definitely a movie.

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