Older Movie About Young Love

This is an older movie I saw around the year 2006 on TCMc the classic movie channel so it is definitely at least pre-1990s I think. It was in color, but had the pastel colors of a movie from the era of Grease. I was younger and don’t remember all the details. This was an English-language movie that might have taken place in California from the looks of it.

I apologize for the hazy details but this is basically what I remember first seeing:

A young man and young woman, maybe in their 20s meet at a beach. He walks up to her at the public showers. I remember very distinctly that she was topless, and he was embarrassed and turned around not realizing she was naked. She insisted that it was okay and insisted that he look at her. I don’t quite remember what happened immediately afterward but they established and continued their relationship.

Now the girl, (for some reason I always imagine her as Sofia Coppola or at least she looks similar but this could be a conflation) is a bit mischievous and pushes the guy to do increasingly edgy or daring things. The biggest dare was to buy a hobo some alcohol and get him drunk. They then took him to an isolated place and she dared the boyfriend to shoot him.

This is where things get irritating, my parents felt it was past my bedtime and turned off the movie. That movie and it’s ending has been on my mind for at least the past 10 years. Whenever I think about it, it’s obsessive and I am desperate for answers. ANY help or hints are much appreciated.

Factual Details:

Color Film

Pre 1990s, maybe 1970s Era

American, if not at least English-language

Nudity and Alcohol (Narrows the Rating)

Early or even opening scenes are on a beach

Two major protagonists

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