older lady looking out a window with a younger boy (?)

Okay, PLEASE help me. I’m almost positive this isn’t a dream, but I saw it when I was pretty young so it’s hard to remember exactly what happened. I was probably 6 or 7, so it was around 2005- but I think the movie came out a while before that. SO.
I just have little snippets of scenes, I’m not even really sure of the plot. There’s an old woman who lives in an apartment or a house and she’s friends with a young boy, they frequently look out the window together. I’m also positive there’s a scene where someone gets trapped in an oven or in a room with an oven on. There’s also a scene on a play-set outside, the little boy is swinging on a swing and I think he sees some “bad” men talking about something.
That’s all I can remember! This movie has haunted me for years and it’s always bothered me that I can’t figure out what it is.

One thought on “older lady looking out a window with a younger boy (?)

  1. “Tales From the Darkside: the Movie”(1990)? This was an anthology movie which had three stories linked together by a woman who befriends a boy but is planning on putting him in her oven. He puts it off and stalls for time by telling her stories.

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