Old werewolf movie I watched once when I was younger

For over 2 years now I’ve been searching for this movie , even asked the people I watched it with but they don’t remember I guess it’s because we were a lot younger then.                                                                     It should be a very old movie around 2005 because I remember watching Charlie and the chocolate factory and nanny McPhee the same week and it’s in English .                                                                  So the movie starts with a guy watching a girl riding a bicycle I don’t remember who wore white , then something happens then the guy gets attacked the girl then takes him to her house and in the morning she blends liver and brings it to him but he looks at her in disgust it turns out she’s a werewolf(lycan) , she had something in her basement like a big wolf or something I know they had a fight with another wolf pack or so, then at the end the guy injects himself with something that turns him into a wolf and they fight in a train.                        I really hope someone knows this movie, thank you .

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