Old SyFy Horror Comedy

Back in roughly 2007-2010, I stayed up late and had a movie marathon watching SyFy original movies. The movie in question was in colour and in English. It was showing around Halloween.

The movie starts by introducing the main character–a young man; he visits a relative (grandpa, uncle, an older male-something) in a small secluded town. The town sees this older male relative as a nut-job. In reality, this man saves this town (who magically forgets everything each time) every year from a monster.

This monster follows every horror movie trope you can think of. It’s actually a part of the plot! The older man has a list of the horror rules that the monster follows; it also states who dies first every time, etc. The first victims are this teenage couple having sex in this car by the lake.

One of the most emphasized things that this movie states is that, when killed, the monster is only temporarily killed. It will reanimate and begin the process all over again (even going so far as to reconnect tissue if a limb had been severed). Another main point driven home is that the monster can never be killed the same way twice, forcing the older male relative to come up with even more ingenious ways of killing this thing each year.

In the end, the boy ends up helping the man and they eventually lead the monster into a warehouse of sorts. I vaguely remember them freezing/electrifying it or something. They think it’s dead and begin celebrating…until the older man states that he doesn’t hear police/ambulance sirens. One of the rules was that police/help always show up after the monster is dead. With that, the monster rears back up, they freeze it, the monster shatters, and they plan to bury the body parts many miles away from each other in the hopes that it won’t come back and that the curse will be broken. The police finally show up now that the monster’s dead; the movie ends.

I would REALLY appreciate knowing the name of this movie! My fiancee has never seen it and his life will not be complete without being able to do so!  >:

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