Old sci fi movie

Back in the 90’s I saw a movie on late night TV. Sci fi, a  base in the side of a red mountain. The people inside were doing experiments, then needed to get out. The AI I think or another person turned on them and would t let them leave. I remember one guy climbing a ladder and red lasers being shot at him.

I also remember a room of plants and them talking about the irrigation.

I did find it about 10 years ago, almost certain it had a year as the title. But it hasn’t helped me find it again so I maybe wrong.

2 thoughts on “Old sci fi movie

  1. Maybe the “The Andromeda Strain” (1971)?

    In this one scientists investigate a virus in an underground base and the movie ends as you describe. One of the scientists tries to switch off the self-destruction mechanism of the base, there is a countdown and he climbs a ladder and the AI shoots laser beams at him.

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