Old Man/Piano/Dead Girl/Music Box

So the movie came out before 1998 because that is when I saw it and it was on tape already.

If I remember correctly, an older man (perhaps a composer) buys an old house. Some random ghost things happen, all throughout the movie he is tirelessly writing a song on the piano. He finds an attic/room in the house and inside is an anti music box that plays the song he’s been writing! He/someone then has scary visions/apparitions of a girl with dark hair being drowned in a bathtub. I’m not sure but I think that the bathroom this happens in was blocked off in some way, like they had to break tiles. I’ve been wanting to re watch this movie for like 10 years now and have exhausted the thoughts of all of my friends, hopefully someone will be able to figure it out for me. Thanks!

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