Old man with young girl/woman in hotel room (single scene not related to main plot)

It was a small scene out of a fairly recent movie, very likely French. The main male character meets up with a very young girl in a hotel room, clearly part of a routine rendez-vous.

She is his young mistress if not outright a prostitute or part of a “sugar daddy” relationship. She is very young and very beautiful, and they engage in a fairly explicit “game” that appears to be part of their ritual. There are some domination elements as I remember.

The scene is not related to the main plot, but mere serves to add a dimension to his character (and to add erotism).

It is not an erotic movie, but a normal drama – but with this fairly explict scene.

7 thoughts on “Old man with young girl/woman in hotel room (single scene not related to main plot)

  1. No, unfortunately it’s not that one, although this whole movie is about the “sugar daddy” theme that the scene, I’m thinking about, depicts. But thank you for chipping in with the bid.

    1. Thank you so much for chipping in. It’s not that movie, though. I am pretty sure that the movie I’m thinking about is French or Italian … although I can’t be sure.

  2. Christiane F: We Children From Bahnhof Zoo?

    There is scene where a man pays a teenage drug addict to whip him with a belt.

    1. Thank you. Could have been ‘Christiane F’, but this scene takes place at a very upscale and expensive hotel room. But thank you for taking the time to help.

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