Old kids movie I saw in the 70’s


I’m trying to track down this old move or show I saw on TV (a few times) when I was just a kid in the mid 70’s   I remember it being narrated in a British voice (they had an accent at least).  I think it was about a girl and her bicycle.  They kept referring to it as “old Nellie” or “old goat” I am not sure which.  I believe it was in color as I think the bicycle was blue with those giant old fashion headlamps in the front.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I remember loving this but it so faded now.   With memories this old (and me being so young at the time), things do get a bit jumbled up.

I also remember them flying kites in china at the end but I think this may have been me merging memories of the movie “The magic of the kite” (Cerf-volant du bout du monde), which I tracked down the last time I attempted to identify what I saw way back then.  However, since I could never find a version of it online I’m not completely sure it is was the bicycle movie I’m thinking about or jumbled memories.

I always thought it was so strange and mysterious at the time…  I most have been only five or six when I saw it.

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