Old Horror Anthology Movie

I remember our old horror anthology movie from the early 1960s. The last story was about a stranger who wanders to a castle on by a vampire. The vampire corners the victim outside where there’s a full moon. At this point the victim reveals that he’s a Werewolf and it ends with him attacking the vampire.

Does anyone else remember this, and if so what is the name of the movie?

5 thoughts on “Old Horror Anthology Movie

  1. Also known as. “Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horrors”. Here is a paragraph from the plot summary on Wikipedia describing the scene.

    “It also stars Lon Chaney Jr., Rochelle Hudson, Roger Gentry and Vic McGee. The other stories include “King Vampire,” “Monster Raid,” “Spark of Life,” and “Count Alucard,” which is credited as “Count Dracula.[1]” In the latter story, Jonathan Harker (one of several roles played by Gentry) is revealed, in a humorous twist, to be a werewolf.”

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