Old B&W movie, ingenious murder framing


Watched part of a movie years ago and there was such an ingenious framing of murder it always stuck with me, IIRC the movie was black and white and I’d guess something from 40s – 50s, it was set in the times where rich people still had “staff” and bell pulls to ring for the staff.

This man wanted to kill himself and frame someone for murder, he placed a knife into the bell pull so the handle of the knife was the handle you pull to ring for the staff, he had the person come round to his home, he asked them to ring for the staff to get their finger prints onto the knife handle, then he took the knife and inserted it into the frame of his door, pushed himself onto the knife to kill himself then as he fell letting the door open the knife was released and he ended up on the floor dead with the knife in his body and the framed guy’s fingerprints on it!


If anyone recognises this movie I’d love to know the name so I can watch it again!


Thanks in advance 🙂

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