Odd science fiction-ish film, somewhat similar to Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”

Hi…just wanted to thank whoever put this site together because I’ve never come across this sort of thing and it’s a very cool concept.

At any rate, the film I’m thinking of was, I believe, aired on PBS in the late 80’s. It’s so weird because I remember I’d just woken up from a long nap and was still somewhat groggy. I wandered out into the living room and the TV set was on. I happened to walk in on one of the most surreal, enchanting scenes I’ve ever seen(also vaguely disturbing): There’s a man who walks through a door or a portal of some sort and on the other side, instead of entering into another room, there’s a vast, weirdly lit hinterland. There’s heavy winds, or so I remember, so heavy that it almost sounds distorted as if a jet were taking off. Anyway, there seemed to be a small group of men but only one has passed through the door/portal and into the hinterland. He makes his way along a rocky path, buffeted by the high winds. Then he comes to another portal and manages to pass through into a chamber that leads to a room. He looks up and hanging from the dome ceiling is a lamp of sorts…or maybe it was a glass object, I can’t quite remember. It’s way above his head, he can’t possibly reach it but he has to have it. So he reaches up as far as he possibly can and I’m thinking to myself “There’s no way he can reach that glass object, it’s got to be a good 30 feet above his head!” But then the camera angle changes and you’re looking directly down at the guy as he’s reaching up. And somehow, unbelievably, he manages to grasp the object. It’s a cool scene because it’s almost as if the guy grows taller, or the object lowers itself from the ceiling, but neither of those things has happened it’s just that the camera angle has switched. Weird. The irony is, I didn’t get to finish watching the show–I was called away to do some chores or go somewhere, I can’t remember. So that’s all I remember seeing. Recently I happened to watch Tarkovsky’s “Stalker,” and I thought, “holy s**t, this must be the film,” but it wasn’t. In “Stalker” there was the secret room/chamber but the group of travelers never actually entered it. Clearly, though, the show I happened to catch on PBS must have been influenced by Tarkovsky’s film. Thank You so much to anyone who can help identify the movie/show/series or whatever it was I may have been watching at the time. Like I said, I’m thinking it had to have been somewhere between ’87 and ’89. Thanks! Jon:)

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2 thoughts on “Odd science fiction-ish film, somewhat similar to Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”

  1. Hmm, well when I read the title my first thought was “perhaps Visitor of a Museum?” and it is from the late eighties so that fits as well. If that is it, it could certainly explain why you would think “this must be the film” when you were watching Stalker as it has a very similar style to Stalker at times. However, I do not think it has a scene quite like what you describe. I still thought it was worth mentioning it though, just in case I am wrong.

    1. Dreamer.

      Thank You for the info! Even if Visitor of a Museum isn’t the film, it definitely looks like a must see! It’s rather funny because I’ve been searching for a copy of the DVD here on the internet and it appears to be out of print big time. Either that or I’m not looking in the right place. It looks as though someone maybe put it up on You Tube, however. I’ll have to check it out when I get the time. Thanks again for your help! Jon:)

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