Obscure independant movie about a struggling songwriter/pianist.

I saw this movie on TV once when I was very young, I have no idea what the title was, I don’t think I knew it to begin with.

None of the info I have yeided anything on Google or Whatismymovie.com, I think this will be a challenge for you.

Here’s what I have:

It was an idependant movie I think, definatly not mainstream, it was animated and I think done in pencil. It would have come out in the late 80s or early 90s and it was featured on the TV show “Rolf’s cartoon club.”

I only remember fragments of the film, here’s what I remember.

It’s about a piano player and songwriter, with red hair and a blue suit I think. He’s working on this new song while struggling under some kind of pressure from his boss, a fat dark haired man who wears a green suit I think. And also he’s trying to win the heart of the girl he loves.

He visits a diner where the food acts out typical scenes from romance movies, including a french fry until the man sitting next to him eats it. This man then takes him to visit a wise man who lives at the top of a tower that springs from the ground.

Going up the tower steps he meets aman coming down the steps walking on the risers insted of the treads. He meets the wise man but he speaks geberish. our protagonist tells this to he diner friend who explains the wise man is so inteligent, no one else can understand him.

The next scene I remember is that he’s missed some kind of deadline and all is lost. So he checks in to the Heartbroken Hotel (NOT heartbreak, heartbroken) a hotel with rooms equiped for guests to kill themselves. He then jumps out of his room onto a giant bullseye on the ground below.

And then I think it turns out that part was a dream, at least I hope it was. And there a scene where he performs his new song “That’s my love for you” to the girl and his boss while his piano flys around the room.

He thinks his boss likes it becuase he was smiling but it turns out he just trying to get somthing unstuck from his teeth.

That’s the film, any of you recognize it?

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