Now a famous celeb, woman comes back to try to win over the guy who was her boyfriend in college

So I watched this movie 2-3 years back.
I think it might be Spanish or Italian or English, I’m not sure.

Our main female protagonist, a shy girl has a high school crush on a daring guy in college. She was nerdy while he was outgoing.

I remember this scene very clearly — because the teacher says something to the girl, the guy takes the teacher’s car away to some far-off place taking the girl along and burns the car, while the two watch and laugh.
Then he kisses the her,but she is reluctant since this guy already has a live-in girlfriend.
However he convinces her to be in a 3-way relationship with his girlfriend.
She agrees and they live together enjoying many romps and awekening the girl’s sexuality.

Years pass and in the present moment, that guy has become a shy professor.
There’s this hot girl who keeps hitting on the professor and wants to marry him.She’s not into guys her age.

The main girl, the protagonist has become a famous actress/celebrity and wants him back in her life. She thinks he was the one who changed her outlook to life and made her more confident.
She never comes in front of him but orchestrates winning him through some other characters. She plays a lot of mindgames with a lot of people so that gets him back.She tries to keep that hot student who keeps hitting on him, away from him by creating certain situations.

She uses another young smart guy in her ploys. But this guy has a thing for her and keeps calling her out for her mindgames to win the professor over.

In the end all her games turn back on her and she gets depressed and starts breaking things in her house.
But, soon the professor comes to her saying that he loves her and chooses her.

The other smart guy ends up with the hot student and becomes some sort of mayor of the state or something since the hot girl’s dad is into politics.

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