Not Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel

So years ago, probably around 1996-1999, I saw this animated movie on TV. I remember the side characters were these three fairies and a loud, obnoxious bird (but this is not Sleeping Beauty).

An old woman shows up, like in a tavern or something, and hires this young man to rescue her daughter who has been kidnapped by an evil king and his knights (I think they have the conversation in her carriage). He and the bird go to the castle to rescue her. When they get into her room she’s overjoyed that someone has come to rescue her and they start to sneak out. Unfortunately they get caught by the King and his knights. The girl gets angry and demands her freedom, but the King reveals he is her real father.

They do a flashback to the king and people in a forest surrounding the baby girl in a basket, when a winged creature, like a bat, swoops down and steals the basket with the princess. The winged creature than transforms into a young girl with blond hair that looks a bit like the princess (the old woman/witch when she was young maybe?)

They luckily believe the king. They guy wants to marry the princess, but he first has to go to some island and get a large blue pearl. The obnoxious bird goes with him. A magical girl on the island tells him she has all the riches he could want. He just wants the pearl. She shows him she has a whole box, but he states he just needs the one.

Unfortunately, just as he gets back and the King starts to take him upstairs to see the princess and give her the good news, they find out the witch has stolen the princess again (she’s trapped in a golden wagon with bars, built like a cage). She makes the princess take a drink and she passes out. Apparently she stole her originally because some spell she wants to cast requires the princess on her 16th or 18th (can’t remember which) birthday.

My memory gets really fuzzy here and I can’t remember how it ends, I just know the good guys win.

This has been driving me nuts for years, so if any of you know what it is, I will be so grateful!

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