Non-English space movie

I saw this movie in one of those bootleg DVDs with multiple movies. I think it was about five years ago. It’s some scifi movie, and the language is not english. It has english subtitles, but the english subtitles in the dvd seems to not make sense, like it was translated from Chinese to English.

Anyways, the main character is a blonde caucasian guy. He is traveling in space  in a sci-fi sort of spaceship, not the space shuttle or space station sort. At one point he encounters some planet with a rocky pool of green glowing liquid.

That’s all I remember of it. I got tired of its absurd subtitles, so I stopped watching it. I wanted to watch this movie again with proper subtitles.

2 thoughts on “Non-English space movie

  1. That’s the 1968 movie “The Green Slime” a japanese-italian effort that wins the so bad its good award…stars Richard Jaekel – Scott

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