Netflix movie

I have scene descriptions but I can’t remember the title. Starts with a pregnant lady getting into an elevator and there’s a emo looking girl in it. And she turns out to be a ghost. Pregnant ladies husband’s father died and leaves stuff for him and his brother. Turns out ghost girl is the husband’s adopted sister and the Dad left everything to her but the brothers killed her under a fishing dock and wrapped her in plastic. Pregnant wife figured all of this out and tries to kill her husband.
The husband has a brother who has a slutty young girlfriend. The pregnant lady and girlfriend go swimming together. The brother and slutty girlfriend get killed by the husband with a golf club. Oh pregnant wife is also schizophrenic. And the husband forced her to take too much medicine.

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  1. Do you know when you watched it on Netflix? If so, you can go into your Netflix viewing history and possibly find it there.

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