Need to find a film about Father and son

+ I saw it around 2006-2010, so it must be made before 2010.

+ It likely from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

+ Plot: The father was impulsive and idling without doing any work, he destroyed the family. His wife married to another man and his son, who was with him, is forced to live a life to shun from the creditors. The father raised the son in the way he thought was the best for him, yet when the two was helpless, the son stole a watch from his classmate’s home for tempura resolution – and this marked the beginning of his life as a theft. When the son was finally caught, the father left him alone. The reunion was in the jail cell, where the son loosed his temper, bit the father’s ear while crying. This was when the father realized how much his son had suffered, the pain, despair, and resentment. The son grew up deciding not to be anyone like his father. He went back to return the first watch he’d stolen, at the same time thinking of the good old times with his father. Knowing his father was still alive, he looked from afar at the old man who once bought him endless suffer, but also the childhood memory, when they were both on the same bike, and he leaned against his father’s back, singing along the way and picking wild flowers.

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